I'm a lil drunk ok

I just got home and I want to share the love ok bc I love ppl from tumblr sososo much mamebig is for realz like a lil sister to me and I care for her so much! I can tell bamy mamriehelbig and t0tes-ma-g0ats anything n I trust them to the end of the earth my best gays, lovegracehelbig-duh is like the mum if our group and gives the best hugs I love her lots. giachagt is kinda gross but also really cute and we spooned that one time bc paddy is real, itsmacetown is actually hilarious and I miss her alot! Other ppl I love are grace-donttouchme-helbig mamriehartbig thisismypaigee hart-no hart-oh chloe-the-unic0rn and there’s also more I just love everyone especially titsgrace who is also kinda my best friend abd I love rlly quite a lot ya feel. Obv I would know any of these assholes if it weren’t for mamrie mydrunkkitchen and @gracehelbig

  • Me:Talks about thing I like
  • RL friends:I don't really care. Let's talk about things I like. They're a lot better. I mean, the things you like suck.
  • Family:God, you're a geek. Why can't you like normal things? Now shoo, I have more important things to listen to.
  • Internet friends:I know, right? I love that thing too! I'm so excited!
  • Me:Talks about feelings and personal problems
  • RL friends:Oh, okay, but that's not /that/ bad did I ever tell you about the time that this one thing happened to me and it was 3290259059059x worse?? Why don't we talk about my feelings? They're more important.
  • Family:Oh god here you go again with your teenage angst! Please shut up already.
  • Internet friends:Oh my god. I am so, so sorry. Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it? I sort of understand in a way, but this isn't about me, it's about you. Just remember that it gets better. Don't give up, please. I believe in you.
  • Me:Talks to internet friends
  • Family and RL friends:Why do you go online and on your phone so much? God, what are you, antisocial? What's your issue?
  • Internet friends:Don't worry, I'm here for you. I wish I could hug you right now.

I want a friendship where we can talk about ANYTHING. Like text all day everyday and then maybe one day finally meet each other

Reblog if you think the friends you've made on here are just as important as any friends you have in real life

My parents don’t believe me when I say that you guys are honestly the best people I’ve ever talked to and it pisses me off when they say in a year, you guys won’t matter to me anymore. I only have 1 friend outside of the internet and I can’t even talk about the people I have come to love and cherish as if they’re my family all because some of them happen to be gay and the others all associate with gay people.

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a mix for online friends who make your day all the better even though they’re far away

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