#Notifications is a short inditement of cyber bullying and the rather disturbing mob mentality that can occur via social media.

Starting off rather harmlessly, you simply go about your day, pulling up your phone, checking your messages and sending out the occasional tweet (although the game calls them twiddles).  Things take a turn for the worst though as you send out a tweet that causes a backlash.  Insults range from the rudimentary ‘F**k Off’ to the rather more inventive ‘I Hope You Get Raped By A Group Of Wild Gorillas’, and all of them are directed squarely at you.

It basically gives you a taste of what it’s like to be Phil Fish or any of the other high profile backlashes, and it’s really not a pleasant experience.  Just reading the made up messages in #Notifications is unsettling, sure you can try and ignore them, but you know they’re all there just waiting to be read.  It’s a surprisingly powerful experience, that delivers a simple message – think before you send, there’s a human being on the other end of that tweet, and it could very easily be you.

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Treating the Internet as the enemy in the Middle East 

In much of the Middle East and North Africa, the local press has limited independence and operates within strict red lines, and activists and journalists have turned to social media to provide reporting or commentary on issues of public concern. Blogs and posts on Facebook and Twitter have filled a void created by the predominance of state-run media and the lack of independent journalism in the region before 2011.

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Guys I really want some more internet friends because all of mine just stop talking to me. I live in the uk and I’m 14 turning 15 in a few months. If anyone wants to be friends just message me and we can stalk talking😁😊

Sorry I haven’t been posting as much!! I’m out at Lake Michigan for a few days and Internet is hard to come by. I have been getting some pretty awesome shots and I’ll be sure to post a few later this afternoon! Have an amazing day everyone!

dear Internet,
now, I know how this sounds, and I may be writing to literally nothing but some chips and computer screens. and that’s how some people see you. but you are pretty amazing, and you have changed lives for the better if you ask me. but besides all that, I’ve got something to say to you..
something you very well may have heard a few times before, but in a different manner— thank you. thank you for all you’ve done for me, though they may seem minute to others, you’ve done amazing things for myself.
you’ve opened my eyes, showed me the entire world in the palm of my hands.
you’ve introduced me to people. the amazing ones— I don’t know if I would have found them any other way. the awful ones— I know I would have found them, in some other form elsewhere. without either, though, I’d still be unknowingly close-minded.
you’ve introduced me to lives that live not only to survive but change the world. because they live a life that I’ve only read about in books, a life that could not possibly be real, but sadly has been brought upon far too many people. you’ve introduced me to a reason to change this world for my friends that aren’t as fortunate as me.
you’ve introduced me to maps— not only those that are geographical, but also those of the mind. I’ve seen the work of so many brilliant youth that will sadly go unnoticed for the rest of their lives, but am so glad and honored to see their brilliance early on.
people say you’re corrupting our young minds, but I just think it’s because they didn’t have what I do. they didn’t have the opportunity to meet people thousands of miles away. they didn’t have the chances to share their talents with people, who, even though could not get them famous, were still viewers nonetheless. and there’s nothing more an artist wants, than for someone to share their work with.
so thank you, people may hate you, people may take advantage of you, but thank you for the lives you have allowed me to encounter.
—  The Internet, Alexa Code, Megan Rose