‘Living On A Dollar A Day’ wins IPA’s best documentary book for 2014

One in six people in the world live at or below the poverty threshold of one dollar a day. At a time of great social and economic disruption in the world, people on the brink of survival can be easily pushed over the edge, or just as easily pulled back to safety. The people who generously shared their stories in Living On A Dollar A Day inspire us to change lives for the better.

Living On A Dollar A Day, (Text by Thomas A. Nazario, Photographs by Renée C. Byer and Foreword by the 14th Dalai Lama), is a passionate call to action, presenting 348 pages filled with over 200 color photographs, profiles, explanatory charts and graphics that deliver an unprecedented and thought-provoking examination of global poverty, and how it impacts the poor and the rest of the world community. Most striking, the book offers innovative ways to transform lives through individual action large or small. Grassroots organizations are profiled as potential models and at the end of each chapter A Way To Help lists nonprofit organizations that focus on problems such as child labor and lack of access to healthcare, among other issues. We are shown how change is possible.

To create her work for Living On A Dollar A Day (The Quantuck Lane Press; 2014), one of the most powerful and important photo books of the year, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Renée C. Byer traveled to ten countries on four continents to illuminate the human faces of poverty. With support from The Forgotten International, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco that works to alleviate poverty in the U.S. and worldwide, Byer sought out people who live on the brink of survival – on a dollar a day. Her searing and tender photographs along with the personal stories Byer gathered, give a voice to those who would not otherwise be heard. (The Quantuck Lane Press; 2014)

Byer was recently named the 1st place recipient for her photographic work in Living On A Dollar A Day for The 2014 International Photography Award for Best Documentary Book.

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This stunningly stylish video, shot on March 16, 2015 at the annual Hamdan International Photography Award show in Dubai, shows an awesome projection-mapped multimedia performance by French contemporary dance company Compagnie Hybride. A dancer engages in a dramatic battle with and then alongside his own shadow. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction, using light and shadow as weapons; it’s a dazzling and innovative performance.

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Featured Curator: Liam Graham [cannery-row]

New York based photographer Rodney Smith has been painting charming, whimsical scenes onto film for the past four decades. His photographs are of the fanciful and often surreal, filled with men in bespoke suits and all manner of curious and bizarre happenings. He is currently represented by a number of galleries both in the US and internationally and in the past 25 years has received over 50 awards including First Prize for his book “The End” from International Photography Awards.

Rodney Smith is a modest man. With eclectic sensibilities. He can wear an ascot without appearing pretentious. He proclaims himself to be a closest optimist. He believes Modernism took a wrong turn in the wrong time. He thinks Freud saved his life. He graduated Yale. He lives in a wooded enclave in Snedens Landing, just close enough to Manhattan to meet an editor for lunch at a moment’s notice, but far enough away to mollify his disdain for city living. He loves books. Paper. And printed matter. He wrestles with Big Ideas and references Wittgenstein and Plato as if he saw them just yesterday. He’s tweedy. Never needy. Proud. Not loud. He’s a perfectionist. Workaholic. Worry wart and fuss budget. He won’t stop what he’s doing until he’s satisfied that it couldn’t be done any better. He’s adamantly analog. Only shoots film. Never uses special effects. And knows the darkroom like the back of hand. His work is outside of time. He creates worlds his logic is his own. He’s old school with a twist. A landscape photographer. Who places people in landscapes. A realist who puts dreams onto paper. A man who is kind, generous and humorous. Who has a great wife. A lovely daughter. A successful son who’s made Rodney a proud grandfather. A thinking man’s man in a bespoke suit with an eye that sees the world in a way you or I will only see it if it’s in the form of one of his photographs. 


Maximinimal by Marius Vieth

Oh wow! Within the last few weeks Marius’ stroke of genius Maximinimal attracted a lot of international attention.

It was shortlisted amongst the finalists of Sony World Photographer Award 2015 “Arts & Culture” (Finalist) and the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Awards 2015 (HIPA) (Finalist). 

But nowhere near enough the award committee of HIPA hired another artist to create a live painting of Maximinimal in front of the audience! It’s 3x3m in size. And Sony decided to use Marius’ photo for an advertising campaign for the 
2015 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House in Lodon.

Get your signed and limited museum quality print of Maximinimal >here< exclusively!

                                Last Call for HPA 2015 Submissions

The HPA 2015 entry period will end 3 days later at 12:00pm on April 15th GMT (8:00 am, April 16th Beijing Time) . By then the participants will not be able to sign up, submit, edit information or log in, etc. The entry site will be closed too.

After the first-round judging, the entey site will be open for downloading the commemoration certificate and award certificate and following updates.

Let’s seize the last days and strive for more chances!

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Black & White
The Hamdan International Photography Award

Image awarded at International Photography Awards (IPA) 2014 #gabrielaiancu #ipa #internationalphotographyawards #foodphotography #foodstyling #stilllife #shrimp

Got some good news this week, I received a few photography awards from the International Photography Color Awards. WOOP WOOP. This year I decided to enter a few competitions and see what happens. You might be asking what’s the point of that? Here are a few reasons why I did this.

1. For exposure; My work reaches even more people and potentially more clients. Photography is a numbers game, if nobody sees your work, you are not getting hired.

2. Recognition; Every creator wants their work to be recognised, it is how we are built. Every creator is encouraged and feels a certain amount of validation when the work is recognised, if anybody says otherwise, they are lying.

3. Important people; Entering competitions is exposure to important people like art directors, creative directors, magazine editors, gallery owners who serve on judging panels on most competitions. This is sometimes how I select what competitions to enter, getting my work in front of the right influential industry creatives.

4. Adds to your CV; Winning a competition is a good boost to any CV, however it depends on the competition, not all competitions are worth entering.

5. The prizes; The kinds of prizes in competition are, having your work published in a reputable publication, showcased on online galleries that have a strong online traffic footprint, showcase exhibitions of your work and off course the prize money or gear awarded.

The series ‘The Lost Tribalist’ won best in fashion award, here’s one of the images from the series. My work is inspired by heritage as I am interested in how cultures adorn themselves with fabric, body markings and jewellery. This feeds into what I create.

I am looking to do some collaboration with adornment creators (head piece, jewellery, accessories), I am looking for something out of the ordinary, anybody able to recommend people to me.

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8th Annual International Color Awards Photography Competition:

Four Official Nominations in three categories:

Professional Fashion

Professional Fashion: Abel Munoz shoes

Professional Americana

Professional Fine Art