my thoughts on the black magic video:


honestly, okay, the parts with just the girls were really cute and fun

but the narrative bits were gross and it’s 430 in the morning, so i feel like i won’t properly articulate it, but basically there’s a lot of gross stuff.

  • like idk, the really tired trope of already conventionally attractive, but with nerdy aesthetics girl getting a CONVENTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE makeover because that was her (in this case, their) problem the whole time!!!
  • and using NEW FOUND HOTNESS to get back at the other conventionally attractive girl by STEALING HER MAN!!! YEAH GIRL POWER!!! :/
  • oh, but it’s cool, we’ll fix it by making all of these SUPER HOT GIRLS fall for this NERD BOY because no one is EVER TIRED OF THAT TROPE EITHER

like why couldn’t it have just been them being cute and learning magic and helping ppl make the first move or s/t??? why did we have to go the girl hate route??? why are we still prioritizing nerdy men and telling nerdy girls they need to change?????

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y'know, i dont care the boys cheat or whatever but why have i never seen them with a black girl other than Danielle? why cant they have a brown girl? i mean come on. you have colored fans too. whats wrong with us? its 2015 goddammit.


So lemme get this straight. You don’t care if guys are dragged through the mud via fake cheating scandals, but you do care that they don’t use brown and black girls for them? 

You do realize women of color have already been hyper-sexualized in Western culture, right? So it’s no great loss that we aren’t called upon to play the role of whore du jour in a cheap publicity stunt. Respect yourself.    

Also the fact that you don’t care that the guys I presume you’re a fan of have to endure this kind of slanderous crap is disturbing. Just wow. 

if you were previously homophobic but realize you were wrong: that’s ok, u are learning
if you are struggling with internalized misogyny: that’s ok too, keep fighting to overcome the sexism that society perpetuates
if you were accidentally trans phobic but are fixing it: great, we need everyone on our side
if at any point u were wrong and are trying to fix it: we accept you and we were all there. keep working to be a good person

Wtf?! Lmfao?! Kids come before EVERYTHING and if that “King” can’t realize or understand that then he ain’t no real King. Im so tired of this basic ass ideology. Where are y'all learning this crap?! Some times y'all scare me cause y'all have kids or nieces and nephews that you are influencing in the WRONG direction.

Also you can’t make everybody plate at once tho?! Lmao

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Dear Supervillain, There's this girl in my group who loves talking highly of herself, making herself out to be the prettiest, most intelligent, basically little miss perfect. I seriously hate tooting my own horn but everyone in our group knows the rest of the class considers her rude and I'm the one most guys seem to like from our group. And yet she continues to talk about how good she looks in her selfie, how blah hairstyle suits her so well, etc. It's irritating. What do I do about it all?

Nothing. Her feeling good about herself has nothing to do with how many guys like her. Her enjoying her face and fashion isn’t a crime. Her prettiness and intelligence — or her confidence in her prettiness and intelligence — doesn’t take away from yours. There’s not a finite amount of good things to be in the world.

Yes, someone else’s vanity can be irritating. Yes, she might sound arrogant. But why do you care? I keep reading the sentence “I’m the one most guys seem to like from our group.” Darling, literally no one gives a shit, and real confidence comes from internal validation, not the ever-changing and elastic opinion of a bunch of unimaginative adolescent males.

Why does it bother you? Is it because you think she’s wrong? Is it because her confidence makes you insecure? Or is it because she’s actually putting you down? If it’s the latter, feel free to kindly ask her not to, or kindly explain that when she says certain things it makes others feel badly. Otherwise, let it go. Pettiness will get you nowhere in life.

A Supervillain

Remember, kids, the anti-feminism movement is primarily run by men (and their brainwashed girlfriends) who don’t want to have women equal to them. 

So when a woman says,“I don’t need feminism,” she does. Pity her. And then fight harder for equal rights so that someday, women don’t feel like they need to pretend to not want equality to get a guy to like them. 

Posted by my best friend, disappointed that she did this.
i thought we were over this “make up is magic ladies everywhere are lying” thing…it should be 


Sigh. I thought we were over it too. And yeah, we really should be

I just want to add, if this is your best friend, you have an opportunity here to address this with her, in a positive, open way, which can hopefully open her eyes. 

Dear Women against feminism

“Feminist” does not mean you’re not allowed to dress girly or shave your armpits. It does not mean you aren’t allowed to cook and clean for your boyfriend. It not mean you have to be a tomboy or have strong opinions.

To be a feminist, you don’t have to dress like a “slut” or a “dyke”, you don’t have to constantly compete with men, and you don’t have to attend any meetings or hold up any protest signs.

“Feminist” simply means you think women’s choices, opinions, and bodies should be respected just as much as men’s. So there is no reason to be against it.
Common Sense

I hate how antifeminist men use the argument “A lot of women are against feminism too!” to validate themselves. Because tbh the woman antifeminists are the most hateful ones.

Seriously, woman antifeminists will
-slut shame other women to no end
-belittle and blame female victims of sexual abuse
-say “I’m not like other girls” and spend all their time putting down other girls
-think that insulting other girls makes them better than other girls
-be extremely aggressive in enforcing gender roles
-insult trans and lesbian and bisexual girls
-insult trans men too
-call girls whores for no reason
-send death threats to women who have had abortions
-body shame and otherwise bully other girls
-etc, etc, etc

Seriously, the people who pushed me into feminism were the woman antifeminists. Their hatred was what made me realize how much I needed feminism. And you people claim that internalized misogyny doesn’t exist