Male gamers will say some of the nasty, ugliest, cruelest and dehumanizing things to each other while playing video games.

If you think just because you are a “grrrl gamer” you should be off limits for being trash talked to then you shouldn’t be a gamer.

Rape Culture has been debunked and also statistics didn’t support the theory in the first place.

And yet Feminists still claim there is “rape culture”

This is not surprising at all since the wage myth has been debunked at least 20 times and yet they still claim, there is a wage gap.

Because Feminism is anti logic.

Feminism is anti science.

Feminism is ANTI equality.

Feminism is Lies.

If you want to start a discussion on the ways in which women might objectify women, why limit it to lesbian and bi women who reblog pictures of women they’re attracted to? Why not discuss the ways in which straight women commodify lesbianism, fetishise lesbian and bi women, and objectify the idealised female body?

What about straight women who watch and reblog porn? What about straight women who obsess over images of thin, half-naked, headless female bodies from fashion photoshoots? What about straight women who have “girl crushes” or “would go gay” for a hyperfeminine straight celebrity who embodies pornified beauty standards? What about straight and bi women who question why lesbians are attracted to butches because they’re used to sexualising the misogynistic, pornified ideal of the female body? What about “bi-curious” women who want to have “a lesbian experience”? What about het-partnered women who fetishise bisexuality because they want to have a threesome? What about straight women who entertain their boyfriends with some pornified fake lesbianism?

There are so many ways in which women can treat each other as less-than-human objects, but I doubt that reblogging ~sexy~ pictures of women you find attractive is a huge problem.

Women’s misogynist behaviour towards each other exposes something deep and dark within women’s relationships. Underneath the popular image of women being good at relationships lies a reality that blocks our ability to support, protect and fight for each other. Something is causing women to hate each other, to feel jealous of each other and to tear each other down. Something is teaching women to use the language and weapons of patriarchy against each other…
It makes sense that women would internalise the language and gender beliefs that taught our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers what ‘good’, ‘nice’ and ‘acceptable’ women look like and behave like. It is very hard not to internalise this sexism because the consequences of rejecting it, especially in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ days, was to be ignored, criticised or rejected as a ‘bad’ woman. For many, internalising the language and beliefs of patriarchy was an economic necessity.

Feminists: *calls everybody who doesn’t agree with them rape apologists*

Feminists: *gets offended by rape jokes*

Feminists: *erases male rape victims*

Feminists: *erases female rapists*

Feminists: *fights against laws to help male rape victims*

Feminists: *fights laws to stop female rapists*

Feminists: *down plays the rape of men*

Feminists: *claims men can not be raped*

Feminists: Feminists care about men’s issues too. The world doesn’t need MRAs.

Feminists: *make prison rape jokes*

Feminism is not for equality.


"I’m not like most other girls…"

Subi has a bit of a rant about girl hate, and how deeply entrenched this awful way of thinking is.

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Anyone notice that the reactions of feminists to womenagainstfeminism all read like a stereotypical neckbeard getting friendzoned?

"Why don’t these bitches want to be a feminist like me?  They must be selfish stupid sluts who are too stupid to realise what a nice feminist i am and how feminists will protect them from those PENIS BEARING JERKS!!!!!!!!!  Feminists lose again because society discriminates against strong, smart women like me with opinions!!!!!!!!  I work so hard for other women and this is how they thank me?!?!?!?  Why do girls go for jerk men who abuse them instead of standing with lovely feminists who do everything for them like me?!?!?!” 

Feminism is so gross and disgusting.

Feminists go on and on about the male ego being fragile. But the minute you criticize feminism. They want you to kill yourself. Or they hope you get raped. They want people to die over a a ideology. They want people to be raped, while claiming to be against rape.

Feminists are  horrible people.

One of the most salient means by which feminists infantalise women is by accusing them of having internalised misogyny: your opinions are actually the patriarchy's opinions; you just don't realise how you're being manipulated because of your internalised misogyny. That makes sense, because surely it's impossible for women to have individual ideas and opinions.

Feminists: Oh my gosh, stop saying “women are our sisters, daughters, mothers, aunts, grandmother, friends, wives,” It’s misogynist, sexist and patriarchal!!!


Only people vile and disgusting as feminists would use the deaths of innocents to justify their hatred and agenda.

May the victims rest in peace. And I hope their families find peace.

Can lesbians have internalised misogyny? Definitely, just like any other women raised in patriarchal societies. But is it internalised misogyny when lesbians express their dissatisfaction with lesbophobic heterosexual women who are privileged above them? Your supposedly radical analysis fails to get to the root if you are unable to understand that when men talk about women and heterosexual sex in derogatory ways, it is an act that is meant to uphold patriarchy by keeping women subordinated and available for male sexuality. This is misogyny. Lesbians’ anger comes from a place of deep frustration with being alienated, not being listened to, and being discriminated against by lesbophobic women who embrace heterosexuality and who, by doing so, yield privilege over lesbians and participate in a system that is central to women’s subordination and lesbian oppression. The difference is crucial, and not acknowledging it is lesbophobic.