When I finally find my love, we’ll prosper, and when we prosper, we’ll find each other. The realization will strike like a whip to the back of the stag that’ll drag our carriage out to that special place where the stars and the land meet. You’ll see in both of our eyes that we’re finally ready, after not having been for so long, to go to that special place where many have ventured but rarely return from. All I ask of her upon our arrival is one thing: that on the sweetest nights where the moon is bright and round, we dance the tango and drink rum until we can’t hold ourselves upright, and our smiles outshine the moonlight. That when we stumble and fall after many dances and many drinks, we can retreat to our modest palace without a care and spend the nighttime interlocked in an abstract embrace that holds nothing but love. That when the morning sun creeps through our windows and tickles her cheeks so fair, we can both awake to the same message we saw in the same eyes not only nine hours ago. That we may stay in that castle ever so modest, and watch the world plummet as we smile, not forgetting to toast our drinks to the nights we took from them and the days they’re never getting back. We’ll toast to the sunshine, the rain and the jealous passers-by, to those seconds we get to cherish for eternity, just her and I.
—  Noah Geffroyd

One thing that I really want to do that I never go to do is take a girl to prom/grad like that would be so much fun.

Like figuring out what colour they were going to wear and dressing up so that I compliment them perfectly and then showing up at their house in a limo with a corsage for my date with either her favourite flower or one that works for her dress and a bouquet of her Moms favourite flowers for her mom obviously and then interlocking arms and opening the limo door for her and getting there and making sure the whole night is for her and to show off how gorgeous she is and i’d just be there to compliment her look perfectly and it would be so much fun and so cliche and corny and wah I never got to do that


"Zombies and monsters, isolation and terror—Resident Evil’s certainly got them, but they’re hardly the series’ strengths. With the exception of the very first game,Resident Evil is more often unnerving and stressful than outright scary. Interlocking, densely detailed spaces are the skeletons that prop up Resident Evil’s best bodies, and memorable character pairings are the heart. From strangers trying to survive in a siege-ravaged police station to a special agent protecting his ward in a madman’s Spanish villa, this is the Resident Evil secret sauce. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has half of the formula in place for its first episode, but it’s missing the foundation provided by the other.”

An episodic Resident Evil premieres with great characters and gray rooms

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Garrus looked at crassus as they laid in bed together, hand sliding over the giant invictian’s waist and interlocking their fingers. “You ok?”

Accustomed to You

You become accustomed to fingers
And how they lay on your skin
The way they interlock with yours
And the signs that they’re longing for you
The way lips tingle every inch of you
So refreshing, yet unfulfilling
They can never give enough
The strength of having arms wrapped around you
The safety you feel
As if nothing can touch you
The sound of their breath
As they breathe down your neck
Sending chills to your spine
And warmth all around
The way it feels to wake up next to them
Clothes on the ground
Hand in hand
Nothing else mattering in the world
Do you go into an eternal sunshine?
Or do you writhe in pain,
Hoping it will soon be over?

Rondout Tower to Close

————— Forwarded message —————

Date: Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 3:18 PM

Subject: [MILW] Former Milw Road Rondout Interlocking Tower To Close


One of the last two remaining open Milwaukee Road Interlocking Towers
is set to close as the interlocker will be remotely operated by the CP
Dispatcher  in Minneapolis.  The Rondout plant controls the former
EJ&E (now CN) crossing as well as the junction of Metra’s Milw
North Line suburban line to Fox Lake, Illinois,  its terminal.

Reports are that the Tower will close at the end of the 2nd shift next
Saturday, March 7, 2015. Metra owns the tower and no reports on
the future use of the structure.

There has been an interlocking tower at Rondout at least since the
early 1890’s.  The current Tower dates to about 1916 or 1917. Is of
composite construction ( brick base & wooden upper story ). Used
armstrong levers until 1963, when it had US&S electric interlocking
board installed.

Rondout seems to have been named after the Hudson River port of
Rondout, New York.  First settled as a Dutch fur trading post about
1630.  Now part of the city of Kingston, New York.

Rondout was 1 & 1/2 miles from where the famous Rondout Mail Train
robbery occurred in 1924 ( Buckley Road ). Also had a neat Milw Road depot
kitty corner across the EJ&E double diamonds that lasted until about
1965. Second set of diamonds for the EJ&E siding were removed in
1986 by the Soo Line & EJ&E.  Rondout was also where the North
Shore’s Mundelein  branch crossed over the Milw Road mainline &
the EJ&E on a long fill until abandonment in 1963. Rondout was one of
the North Shore’s most important freight interchanges, and was where
after burning and being cut up, 3/4 mile east, all the North Shore’s
scrapped interurbans were I/C to either the EJ&E or Milw Road for
shipment to the steel mills.

Tower will be certainly missed by its employees, both current &
retired, as well as all the T&E crews that passed by.

Cheers & 73’s.
Bob Brown
Retired Control Operator
Rondout Tower


@JackAllTimeLow Alex just grabbed my butt and whispered “if the kids don’t believe, make them believe”. I have no idea what he’s talking about 


So today I basically fell in love with a loctitian at my dad’s barbershop who interlocked one of my twists and I fell IN LOVE with the interlocking too ^.^ . It was so beautiful I wanted her to do my whole head L0L but she’s expensive even with a discount so I decided to just teach myself how to do it ! And 6 hours later BAM I’m all interlocked ! I’m sooo happy, I finally feel set in my journey, like my indecisiveness has come to an end (lmao prolly not) and I can now palm roll and train my babies into maturity ^.^ . I’m so in love with my hair, even more than before . Oh and that’s a lil doodle from work chus yeah work was boring today L0L ..