Descriptive MBTI Personality Acronyms

ISFJ - Information storehouse for journeys; I strongly feel judgments; I seriously fulfill jobs
ISFP - Intense sensory-feeling possibilities; I’m sincerely finding purpose; Interiorly sorting feelings & perceptions; Independent service feels pleasurable
INFJ - I navigate future jeopardies; Intricate nuances form jewels
INFP - Insipid normality frightens pathfinders; Imagination necessarily fuels possibilities; Ideals need faithful pursuit; Inwardly noisy, face peaceful
INTJ - Ideas need translation jockeys; Insight naturally trumps joiners; I never tint judgments; I’m not theatrical. Jealous?
INTP - Intelligence necessitates tolerance & precision; I need to ponder; Intuition notices theoretical possibilities; Independently nixing terrible propositions
ISTJ - I support true justice; It’s safe? Traditional? Jubilation; I sometimes tell jokes; If sensible, take job
ISTP - Insatiable spirit though practical; I’ve strong technical prowess; Idiotic systems trample people! 
ESFP - Enthusiastic, spontaneous, fun-loving performer; Energetic, sensual, friendly peacemaker
ESFJ - Extremely supportive friend juggler; Eagerly satisfied filling jobs; Expressing society’s formal judgments
ENFP - Eccentric nightingale flies passionately; Everybody needs forgiving pals; Each novelty freshens perspective; Eagerly noting fun playgrounds
ENFJ - Extraordinary nurturer finds joy; External needs forestall judgments; Exposure? No! Feeling judged
ESTP - Every story told persuades; Excitable, stylish, take-charge person; Exceptionally smooth, talkative pursuer; Education? Senseless, tedious pain; Eloquent salesman takes point
ESTJ - Environment scanned. Task journeying; Expressive, straight-forward, threat jackhammer; Entertaining, self-confident, traditional jock; Elevated stress tightens jaw
ENTP - Explorer notes teeming potential; Exciting new thoughts parade
ENTJ - Efficient nabob tirelessly jousts

It is said that we live in the age of light, but it would be truer to say that we are living in that of twilight; here and there a luminous ray pierces the mist of darkness, but does not light to full clearness either our reason or our heart. Men are not of one mind, scientists dispute, and where there is discord, truth is not yet apprehended.

Oh! if only natural man, that is, sensuous man, would learn that the principle of his reason and the incentive of his will are only his individuality, and that on this account he is miserable, he would then seek interiorly for a higher principle, and he would thereby approach that source which alone can communicate this principle to all, because it is wisdom in its essential substance. (Karl von Eckartshausen, The Cloud upon the Sanctuary)

Thomas á Kempis once wrote:

The kingdom of God is within you, says the Lord. If you turn to the Lord with your whole heart and forsake this wretched world, your soul will find rest. Learn to despise everything outside you and give yourself to the inner life, and you will see the kingdom of God coming within you. The kingdom of God is living peacefully and joyfully in the Holy Spirit, and this is not granted to the wicked. Christ will come and offer you His consolation if you will only prepare a suitable dwelling place within you. 

Christ’s glory and beauty are interiorly experienced and it is within you that He delights to be. He frequently visits the man who loves the interior life. He gently speaks to him, lovingly comforts him, gives him deep peace, and shares an intimacy beyond words. 

Love has been said to be the greatest of all virtues (1 Cor. 13:13), the greatest of the commandments (Mt. 22:36-37) and even the very nature of God (1 Jn. 4:16). Furthermore, God infuses love in us (as creatures) and thus we have “a foretaste of his glory.”

Paul in his letter to the Romans has even said that Christ “out of love died for us while we were still enemies” (Rom. 5:10). So it is! Christ has died for us. As the Cathechism of the Catholic Church states, “The Lord asks us to love as he does” (CCC 1825). It is within this love that we have true freedom. That is, we are not slaves, “in servile fear, or as a mercenary looking for wages” (CCC 1828), but we are rather like a son who responds to the love of him who first loved us (1 Jn. 4:19).

Faithful soul, prepare your heart for its spouse that He may come and dwell within you. He says: “If a man loves Me, he will keep My word… and We will come to him and make Our home with him.” Make room for Christ and deny entrance to everything else. When you have Christ within you, you are rich and Christ is all you need… 

We ought not to place great trust in man; they are, after all, mortal and all too frail - though at times we find them helpful and dear to us. Nor should we be overly disturbed if they sometimes disagree with us or even act against us. Today our friends, tomorrow our enemies, and vice versa. Men are as changeable as the wind!