5-Foot-5 & Size 22: Meet The Unlikely Model Who’s Effing Up Your Beauty Standards

"The story of our current model obsession reads like an origin tale for a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, something crafted by a team of writers who know exactly the kind of heartwarming schmaltz that really gets America going. But, this happened without Hollywood’s help: Tess Holliday was born in a small town in Mississippi and dreamt of being a model. She was told that her fantasies were just that and was bullied so badly that she dropped out of school. She continued to pursue her goals, though, and is now a bona fide model with a big-deal contract, and she’s paving the way for girls like her.

Taking that story at face value would be reductive, though; Holliday’s tale is even more interesting. While the average model towers over 5-foot-9 and wears a size 2, she stands four inches shorter, wears a size 22, and is adorned with tattoos. And, she’s just been signed to MiLk Model Management as the first model of her height and size to be picked up by a major agency.

For an industry that prizes thinness in its models over most anything, this move is a controversial but game-changing one. For every person who has suffered from body-image issues, who has doubted her self-worth for not fitting into a certain physical ideal, this is a step forward that proves that beauty doesn’t have a singular definition.

Holliday doesn’t just dispel body-type ideals simply by existing in the fashion industry: she actively promotes acceptance with the hashtag #effyourbeautystandards that she started in 2013. She encouraged people of all shapes and sizes to utilize the hashtag on their selfies, and as the movement grew, she created T-shirts that proudly proclaimed this positive slogan.”

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would you be willing to make tee shirts with the quotes bc i would buy so many if you did

oh!! that’s something i hadn’t considered!! i would be totally willing to make shirts if there was a large enough interest!!

if you would be at all interested in buying a shirt can you please like or reblog this post?? thank you!!

also if anyone has any recommendations for good websites to utilise (redbubble and zazzle are ones i’m familiar with) please send me a message!!

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You're doing a resume critique, but, praytell, are you interested in doing a game art portfolio critique?

I’m not an artist, but I was planning on asking a few artists I know to give some commentary about constructing a portfolio and suggestions. In addition, today I’m posting some great pointers from Gavin Goulden (lead character artist on Bioshock Infinite) that he gave at GDC last year after doing a bunch of portfolio reviews. Here’s his condensed portfolio advice:

You can read the entire thread by clicking here.

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I enjoy watching your page daily. I have Asperger's and I'm a long-time fan of Sonic. Why do people say that everyone who likes Sonic games are autistic? Where does that stereotype come from? Does it have something to do with the fact that autistic people innocently don't realize no jack shit about what's wrong with Sonic (or don't want to)?

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy it! 

I’m not sure why people say that. I guess they just think they are being funny or clever and have no respect for people who do suffer from it. I personally think it’s very rude and insulting. A medical condition is a serious matter and should never be made fun of. I have friends and family who suffer from these as well and I don’t like how people use it as an insult to make them and others feel stupid about their interests. I hate how people use it as a way to make others feel lower or less important than other people. A person is a person and their worth is the same. 

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Okay not trying to be mean this is a genuine question: I don't understand eremika? Like it's not because they're siblings because 1. They're not and 2. I have shipped siblings before but I just don't see it? Like I respect it and it has some HELLA adorable art but I see it more as Eren sees her as a sister and Mikasa sees eren and someone she loves totally and needs to protect. Opinions?

i would like to thank this anon because honestly this might just be the first anon that actually respects eremika so a heart to u sir <3 that being said i’m going to make a mini-essay out of this because as you may know by now eremika is my ultimate otp and i have quite a lot to say about the two so if you’re interested

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sometimes when i find ppl that r nice to me on snapchat/send me nice snaps/have interesting stories on tumblr i feel so warm in my heart…….. but then i see some creeps that are weird and i have to block and im like yas ur getting blockt here too!! goodbye! my heart is a block of ice!!

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you watch Pushing Daisies, right? Because I'm interested in seeing it (it looks really good) but I don't know how to watch it... it's not on Netflix or anything...

try here :) 

Its really interesting because aang throughout his journey comes about to remind kids that they are still kids despite being in a war. He teaches them to play and laugh again and to remember to preserve their childhood. Zuko on the other hand as much as he also likes kids tends to be on the opposite spectrum because he himself lost his sense of being a child despite being one a long time ago. He teaches lee how to sword fight and gives him a knife to help him survive. Its an interesting dynamic. Its why zuko was the only one not letting aang goof off when the comet was coming. Zuko taught him firebending and encouraged him quite a lot that he could be great at it. I wish we had gotten to see aang teaching zuko to remember he is still a child a little more in the series

A final note

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though as you have probably by now figured out, this ask blog is inactive, as is the AO3 account.

unfortunately, as does happen, real life has caught up with me. i no longer have the drive nor the interest to continue writing homestuck fanfiction. i’m just not into the fandom much anymore. so i’m going to just… leave this blog alone, as it is, no changes, no opening the ask box. you can still go back and read all of the fics. I won’t take them down.

it was a really fun year.

thank you all, i won’t forget it.

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Channel Frederator Needs an Intern in Burbank

Our (twisted) sister division over at Channel Frederator are on the hunt for college students interested in a video-editing internship. There won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness. Here are the details. See you around the office!

Channel Frederator is currently accepting applications from college students for a part-time, unpaid video editing internship in our Burbank office. This position will focus largely on assembling video in FCPX and/or Premiere, editing motion graphics (titles, logos, name cards, etc.), backing up and archiving audio and video files, uploading videos online, hard-drive storage/management/organization and overlaying music. Experience filming video is a plus, but not required. Editing interns will be working on a full slate of Channel Frederator properties and ought to be familiar with all of Channel Frederator’s shows—specifically Cartoon Conspiracy, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Toonsday, and Tooned Up. The internship spans from January—May (end of the school year, though there’s potential Summer availability), about 10-15 hours a week (2 or 3 days).

Interested qualified college students should fill out the form at and submit a resume & cover letter to (Subject: BURBANK- Video Editing Intern).


President Barack Obama visits Saudi Arabia

U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to pay his respects after the death of King Abdullah, a trip that underscores the importance of a U.S.-Saudi alliance that extends beyond oil interests to regional security.

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters Obama wanted to discuss with the new Saudi King Salman the fight against Islamic State, the volatile situation in Yemen and talks on ending a long running dispute about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. (Reuters)

(Photos by REUTERS/Jim Bourg)

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