Frost flowers are a stunning phenomena which occur when the air around plants is at a subzero temperature but the ground hasn’t frozen yet. The sap inside the plant stems expands due to the cold and this causes cracks in the stems - the sap seeps out and once it comes into contact with the freezing air curling, thin layers of ice (or ‘petals’) are formed, and frost flowers are created.

"Rabbits are herbivorous animals, which means that they have evolved over the eons to obtain nutrition from plants. Grasses, leaves and other plants are very tough, therefore rabbit teeth have to be very hard to break down the plant fibers. Because of this constant wear, rabbit teeth grow continuously throughout their entire life. When rabbits are fed a diet deficient in tough, fibrous plant matter (like hay, grass and vegetables), their teeth are not worn down properly. The individual teeth wear down at different rates, so the teeth cannot meet normally, and the teeth grow in an abnormal pattern. Malocclusion is the term for teeth that do not meet normally.

Some rabbits are born with bad teeth; either an underbite, an overbite, or other malformation. These rabbits need frequent dental care, and depending upon the problem, may never have a normal life. Other rabbits are born with normal teeth, but the do not develop normally. Occasionally, malocclusion can be caused by trauma, for example, being bitten on the head, or falling and breaking a tooth. But most frequently, malocclusions are the result of too little fiber in the diet.”

Additionally rabbit teeth grow throughout their lives, it is important to care for this need in domestic rabbits. Without proper care and the ability to grind down their teeth severe and life altering deformities can occur.

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After the Republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire, Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader had a somewhat tense relationship with one another. Tarkin, who believed that Vader had once been Skywalker, suspected that the strain in their relationship was influenced by Tarkin’s prosecution of Tano for the Jedi Temple bombing.
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Waka Flocka reads Fifty Shades of Grey