the signs' best "truths"
  • aries:can approach anything with enthusiasm
  • taurus:showers people with random acts of love at any random time
  • gemini:always expresses their feelings and are very upfront about if they like you or not
  • cancer:are like a puppy, are very loyal and love to snuggle
  • leo:is very bouncy and happy most of the time, and their happiness is usually quite contagious
  • virgo:is very good at always gathering different insights
  • libra:values people loads and tries to make things as calm and endearing as possible
  • scorpio:are very loyal to their loved ones and will do anything for them
  • sagittarious:has an amazingly optimistic outlook on everything
  • capricorn:are very warm and nurturing
  • aquarius:is always willing to put aside their own shit and help others
  • pisces:is a very open and vulnerable person
X/1999 Something End?

Where this might be the last bit of X/1999 that exists? 

I have no idea how this is going to go but LET’S FIND OUT. 


Preferably without any death, if you have it. 

Probable Trigger Warnings for violence, gore, and death. 

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