Paper Bridge and With No Glue… 

This red paperbridge is a work done by a British artist Steve Messam. It is a self-supporting arch, tightly packed with paper only. They leans onto one another on its own and no glue was used. Paper is not a conventional material to work with when it comes to bridge construction. However, the artist states that the process is completely ordinary.

The first step for making this bridge was to create a skeletal structure with wood. The second step is to just add the 1,000 sheets of paper at a time on top. After the paper is tightly packed, the skeletal structure is removed. Theoretically, paper supports its own weight: up to 4 tons

The bridge is to be displayed for 10 days. Surprisingly, the bridge survived rainstorms. (FYI, Messam’s earlier work survived 3 months of rain and snow) There was no protective plastic or whatsoever coated on top of the bridge- which makes it even more surprising. Furthermore, the paper is not waterproofed. Messam states that the water causes the fibres to swell, which increases the compression between the paper. This means that raining only makes the bridge stronger, not weaker. 

The paper used in this bridge was untreated. 20,000 sheets of paper used for this paper is to be pulped into new paper after display.