Bucky’s role in this movie is the point where Marvel nerd and non-nerd audiences part ways. Going by the reactions I’ve seen from film critics and my non-fan friends, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was an entertaining superhero movie that probably should’ve had more dialogue and fewer action sequences. But if you go by Marvel/Captain America fandom, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FILM WAS AGONY AND LIFE IS A WORTHLESS HELLSCAPE UNTIL STEVE AND BUCKY CAN BE TOGETHER AGAIN.

You’ve been warned (about the wall of text). :3

Lyra’s question of ponies singing may sound strange, if it involved only singing. But when somepony starts singing (at least in this universe), it gets an instrumental backup, often without any visible band. (I declare that to be a pony thing, just like the “lyrics-empathy” or something like that.) So why do you need to hire a real band when you get it anyway? Tavi explains why. :3

i see n o imporvement in my art any more

my art sdoesnt have any interesti ng. .. feature it just looks dumb and stupid and i hate i t 

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I'm really scared of talking to any people at school (I'm pansexual) and I feel like the last person around who just doesn't have a partner or a love life. Any advice on how to "man up" and meet someone?

its okay if you dont have a partner or a love life!! its different for everyone.  you can go up to someone and be like hey and basically just start with small questions maybe school related? and yeah i know that sounds like your a counsilar but its an easier way to talk to someone. or try to find their interesti like tv shows or movies or hobbies you know the deal! :D