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What made you like kpop? And what do you like about it?

i don’t know..maybe because everything in the kpop industry is different? and that the boy and girl groups are so hard working and try everything to make their dream to come true?(+ their different Music Videos and how awesome they dance hahah) i mean come on, they work so hard and they always try their best… kpop is veery different than the usual western groups/singers! 

something that also took my attention was their culture! i don’t know how to explain this but i really liked it that they had a so different culture and so interestiing culture! all these kpop groups make me to respect them very much for their hard work etc! 

Kpop is really differnt than the usual (western) singers, it doesn’t has to do only with how well you sing but also with how well you dance, you act and your special talents (?)! so it’s something that it’s hard not to take your attention~

Flocking day

Ive just spent two-and-a-half hours flocking minis using my Heath-Robinson static charger. At one point I crossed the beams, there was a terrific zapping noise, an element flew up into the air, and the distinctive smell of burning hair. I was a little more cautious after that. This evening, once everything is dry, I plan to add tufts and other foliage. This week Ive been working on some army lists for To the Strongest!, notably Franks, with the assistance of Paul Caspell. Its been very interesti… [Read full article]Read more popular articles on

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(( Still Nickname is Yoi yoii man


How oooddly~-interestiing~!! The saaame~ o-o-occuured~ with Fukurou-saaan~, who´s ca-ca-caaalled~ “Chap-pa-pa-maaan~”!!!
Even we doo~ have our own uniiique~ speakiing~manners, we boooth~ prefeer~ to be called by our reeeal~ naames~!!!!