you know what? My partner lost his JOB in the gaming industry for criticizing racism in a AAA game which I can’t name because his NDA is still in effect. The gaming industry does not allow criticism of these games. Criticism HAS to come from outside sources, it HAS to come from people like Anita Sarkeesian because it’s NOT coming from within the gaming industry. Like okay, since you fucktrucks keep bringing up Zoe Quinn EVEN THOUGH MY OP’S HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER, NEWSFLASH WOMEN ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE SORRY - you want to talk about actual corruption in the gaming industry? It’s not some indie game dev getting kickstarter or patreon money from Kotaku staff. It’s the AAA games literally firing people for being too critical of the racist and misogynist content in their games, then wining and dining journalists and shelling out tons of cash to gaming websites in exchange for positive reviews. THAT is corruption, and if you oppose that you should be THANKING Anita Sarkeesian on bended knee for expressing even the most BASIC of critical analysis of these games at a level that they might actually listen to. Not saying that she “does it to herself” when she gets driven out of her home by death and rape threats. 

And THAT is my final say on the matter. 


The morning after Stiles’s sixteenth birthday, he woke from his first honest-to-god wet dream about Hollywood heartthrob Derek Hale. It was the beginning of a bright and long-lasting obsession— one he would insist, repeatedly, does not exist, thanks, now can I get three copies of that Men’s Fitness— no, man, I didn’t even see him on the cover there, I just care a lot about kale and leg presses, okay?

And maybe he was a handful of years too late, because Derek Hale hadn’t been exactly relevant outside of his devastating good looks and magazine physique since 2008 when Diamond Interchange III came out, but after he had one measly little dream about Derek Hale’s jaw muscles flexing and eyelashes fluttering as he sucked down Stiles’s cock, he just couldn’t stop.

By the time he was nineteen, Stiles could quote all of the atrocious dialogue from the first two DI movies from memory, had turned down the handful of dates he’d been asked out on, and spent a truly unholy amount of time fantasizing about licking the cleft of Derek Hale’s chin.

At twenty, after the fifth installment in the DI franchise came out and had a shocking amount of success (especially considering the fourth one had gone straight to DVD/Blu-ray), Stiles went grocery shopping, had a minor breakdown in the middle of the magazine aisle, and left with no fewer than six magazines featuring spreads or covers or interviews of a glowering Derek Hale.

At twenty-one, he leaned across the bartop and said, “Hey,” with a sloppy slur, “can I tell you something sad?” The bartender raised her perfectly-shaped eyebrows at him and waited. “I’m a virgin. I’m a twenty-one-year-old virgin because I’m hung up on a shitty celebrity with nice eyes. I hate myself.”

hey so i made a horrible thing for an awesome fic, one of the very brightest stars in fandom for me right now, so satisfying in a way that is exactly the opposite of this shitty movie poster for a shitty movie. go, go now, go do it. you won’t regret it.

Non-sad headcanon #5: Hiccup got the idea for the swiss army leg from Gobber, with is interchangeable hands. Of course, being Hiccup, he didn’t want to have to screw and unscrew his leg every time he wanted to change it. Plus he’s a bit of a show-off, and so he wanted something flashier. It took him several months and lots of time drawing and prototyping before he finally managed to come up with something that would enable him to switch between prosthetic legs with ease.

anonymous said:

how much hawaiian do you actually speak on a daily basis, like what words are commonly used interchangeably in conversation with english words, if any??

im not sure if these are all daily language but it’s words that i would naturally use the hawaiian over the english: keiki (like if we’re at a restaurant i would say keiki menu not kids), pupu (snack) body parts (piko is belly button, okole is ass), wana (sea urchin) haole (a foreigner like a tourist) lolo (crazy) lanai (porch or balcony) mauka/makai (towards the mountains/ocean), pau (done) and probably more stuff that i don’t even remember is hawaiian

Screaming @ how all the people who have reblogged that post with anger all have things like 'breasts', 'porn', 'women' (bc they are all interchangeable, am i right) in their bio. they objectification is LITERALLY what makes them tick! no wonder they dont like being reminded how sick they are

How to Style Short Hair Like Jen
Growing out a pixie cut can be one of the most hair-stressful experiences ever. Here are a few hairstyle ideas that you can borrow from Jen to make your hair look good even at awkward lenghts.

Useful tools:
- Volume & Texture Sprays (ex. Blowpro ‘beach blow’ texturizing mist - $21.00 // OSCAR BLANDI ‘Pronto’ Texture & Volume Spray - $11.00).
- Curling Iron (ex. Drybar The 3-Day Bender 1.25” Curling Iron - $125.00 // Amika 4P Interchangeable Barrel Curler Set - $175.00).
- Hair Straightener (ex. Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra Slim Straightening Iron - $279.98 // SEPHORA COLLECTION Smooth: Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron 1/2” - $80.00).
- Gel (ex. Free and Clear Hair Styling Gel - $10.40 // Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel - $3.99).
- Hairspray (ex. DevaCurl ‘Set it Free’ Moisture Lock Spray - $8.95).

1. Tidy Slicked Back
Comb your hair back when still damp and add lots of hairspray, until it’s almost ‘wet’ with it. Add some gel and comb until you are happy with the result and you feel like everything will “stay in place”.
Useful tutorial.

2. Side Sweep With Curls
Dry your hair and curl it with a curling iron or with a straightener. Use a paddle brush to brush the hair on the side you want the sweep to be and hold firmly in place while spraying generously with hairspray. You can add some bobby pins if you feel like they will help set everything into place.
Useful tutorial.

3. Bouncy curls.
Use a small curling iron or a straightener to add some wave to your hair (use a brush if you want more loose curls). Use a texturizing spray to add volume and texture, and set everything with hairspray.
Useful tutorial.

4. Messy Slicked Back
Same as #1, but you can comb your hair to add more volume and texture and use less hairspray and gel to achieve an “effortless” (ahahahah AS IF) look.

some ppl don’t understand that latino and hispanic aren’t interchangeable terms and it pisses me off

Someone said that Brian May is overrated, and behold - here’s a list of reasons why.

Secondly, look at his hair. The poodle look might have been great in 1973, but not today. Or yesterday. It appears he and his squeeze, Anita Dobson, have interchangeable heads, a bit like Worzel fucking Gummidge. 

Third, he wears wooden clogs. What a bell-end. I remember James Whale wearing red clogs on TV once and I instantly developed a deep and bitter loathing for the man. (Perhaps Anita was complaining he “needed a few more inches” and he misunderstood?) 

Fourth, he’s an astronomer. The only heavenly bodies a rock musician should know about are the legions of groupies he’s fucked. Which obviously, Brian hasn’t. I can imagine him knocking on the dressing room wall about the noise when he’s trying to watch the Sky at Night. The tedious cunt. I like my rock stars to be larger than life, witty and charismatic (Ray Davies and Pete Townshend for example) not posh twats who went back to finish their degrees after they became successful. Just “for something to fall back on if it all ends tomorrow”, no doubt. What a shame Queen DIDN’T grind to a halt before the whole sorry bandwagon got started, I know someone who saw them supporting Mott the Hoople circa 1973 and he reckoned they were “just a very poor Led Zeppelin imitation”. 

Also, Brian is no name for a cunting rock star. Say Brian to anyone in England and they either think of the snail from the Magic Roundabout or Brian of Nazareth, who wasn’t the messiah. Playing a guitar made out of bits of fireplace? OK, so his Dad and him made it themselves, which no doubt helped them ‘bond’ or whatever, but he’s a cunt for not retiring it quietly as soon as he could buy a REAL guitar. I refuse to believe that he and his pa are better luthiers than Gibson or Fender’s finest, and I’m sure the old boy wouldn’t have been offended if Bri had used it to get started then ditched it, so really there was no need to cart it round the world for years on tour. I bet his guitar tech hates the fucking thing, he knows if anything falls off it, he’s going to get the blame, and where will he find a replacement 1938 fireplace piece? He doesn’t use a plectrum, he uses a coin, a sixpence. Not a 10p piece, no, a fucking sixpence, a coin out of circulation for 40 years. Cunt. Make that PRETENTIOUS cunt. 

The first bit is just so funny. Don’t even get me started on his guitar playing because he’s my favourite guitar played. And I’m not just saying it because Queen is my favourite band. Musically, as a bloody guitarist, he’s my favourite guitarist. So don’t get me started. And why the fuck would you throw away a guitar you’re attached to? 

Also, don’t get me started on this “Led Zeppelin imitation” bullshit. 

This is the last post I'm going to make about Kanaya because frankly I'm tired of it.

I think my problem here is that I’ve been using “sexuality” and “romance” interchangeably. 

Kanaya has shown romantic interest in both male and female trolls (and also Rose) according to troll romance. However, she’s only shown red (and therefore sexual) interest towards females.

So. As far as we know, she’s gynosexual (sexually attracted towards women), but that doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian considering her romantic interest towards Eridan. And that’s not even taking in the possibility of anyone whom she knew before the comic.

If anyone else has an argument that’s not been said before, feel free to bring it up, but to be honest I’m really over this whole thing and I’m gonna go back to my homework.


i’m sorry but ‘they’ is not necessarily plural it can be used singularly and if you don’t believe that then you don’t seem to know english grammar very well

”Hey, wasn’t your friend here just a minute ago?”

”Oh, they went home.” 


If you’ve been looking to bind, whether you’re transgender, non-binary, or a cosplayer, you’ve probably come across binders like these on Ebay, Amazon, or AliExpress. Usually they’re called E.V.A, SHO, Whatwears, or Ancient Fish King brands, all of which are apparently, interchangeable with each other. Ross is here to tell you that these chest binders are not much of a step up from ace bandages, which in case you hadn’t known already, are the worst thing you can do to bind your chest. So here’s the run down, from least bad to worst.

First off, the sellers are usually misinformed about why someone would use a chest binder is needed just from how they title them. Why would Lesbians want a chest binder (outside of cosplay?)? I don’t know, but most of these listings have lesbian in the name, suggesting that chest binders are for girls, not men or nonbinary. This right there should be a warning sign of a company that doesn’t know what they are doing.

The strapless binders’ model is wearing the wrong size for their chest. Their breast is popping out over the top of the binder, and I can personally say that with that binder, it is very, very, painful if you have a larger chest. After about 20 minutes, bruising and chaffing will occur, esspecially to those with larger chests or are heavier. In the worst case scenario, the breast will rip or pop as if it were cut with a knife.

Look at the materials used. These chest binders do not have any or enough stretchy material in them. Elastic or spandex is the best. On the ones that do have spandex, they don’t mention how much there is in the binder. This is an enormous, bright, flashing sign that the binder is NOT safe. Just how bad is it? Ace bandages likely have more elastic than these binders do, and the ace bandages can still kill you if they don’t maim you. A binder is supposed to stretch, be easily manipulated, and you must be able to take a full breath in them. I’ve bought and used two different types binders from Ebay not knowing any better, and I could barely take a breath at all. I did get larger and larger sizes, and with the same result. Putting it simply, their binders could be falling off of you because they are too big and still would not be safe. 

Now I can’t show you in a picture about the next part, but what’s probably the worst about these binders is that their ‘binding’ material goes all the way around the binder. Your binder should NOT have this unless it is made to correct back posture. Sports bras can, but that is better for again, correcitng back posture. So not only will you be binding your chest, but you’ll be binding your ribs, back, and shoulders as well. This can warp them and damage the tissue. 

So what does a good binder look like? I’m going to use the binder I’ve had the best experiance with as an example. The Ultimate Chest Binder Tank by underworks. I’ve bought two of these as I’ve needed them, I wore out my old one after a year and a half of use daily including at work.

So, straight off from the site, we know this seller is knowlageable about their target audiance. Chest binders are under the men’s section and you never see the word lesbian on any of them. The only thing marked for women under the chest binder section is a sports bra, put there because transgender men often use them for working out.

YES! Good binder!

The infomation section on the binder isn’t just two or three lines, it’s a whole paragraph. What is this binder made of? Medical grade 70% nylon and 30% spandex knit. It says it right there and is readily available information, you don’t have to dig through the seller’s ads for cheap wholesale jewlery in the description to find it. The listing also tells us how much of each material is used, information you must have when buying a chest binder. My personal rule of thumb? If it’s under 20% spandex or elastic, it’s trash. Our listing also tells us how to put the binder on, rather than making you struggle to figure it out on your own. Size chart and customer reviews are readily availible on the listing and not buried under ads for other unrelated merchandise. 

Also from looking at the binder’s pictures, the front and back of the binder is made differently; the front is thicker and non transparent while the back can bee seen through a bit and is thin in comparison. This is because the front of the binder is made to compress and bind the chest and the back of the binder is not. All the binding is in the front, support in the back. 

Please, know the difference between an unsafe binder and a safe one. Save your money and avoid ones found on ebay. Can’t afford a binder still? There are programs for people who cannot buy one on their own or it is unsafe for them to buy one. One such I know of is the In a Bind program, they have fantastic service if a bit slow delivery time. Remember, this program is only for transgender men and nonbinary, cosplayers will have to go elsewhere or outright buy a binder.