pro tip: if you’re one of the people who skip zeta society/laferry scenes in hsau, maybe dont do that as much in just chapter 16 cause y’all are gonna get really confused really quick

Birthday Boy

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a fic about Dean and the Reader falling in love. Reader would be all goody two shoes, but with a thing for guys like Dean. He comes to town for a job, and meets Reader. It can be smutty, or wherever you want to take it.

Word Count: 2,828

Warnings: Some *clears throat* making out

Author’s Note: All the Dean Girl feels. I can’t – I just can’t, you guys *sobs in a corner*

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prayin for at least one meaningful jake/amy interaction tonight

Looking For RP Autobots

So Hi everyone! :D

I am currently looking for some TF Prime Autobot Ask/RP Blogs to add to my circle for RP. (We really need Cannon Characters to interact with but also welcome OCs) The premise being after Predacon Rising and KO is currently an Autobot and works with them on Cybertron etc. 

The groups RP style is generally serious storytelling with sometimes elements of Tumblr Magic and Crack thrown in and implemented for the fun of it. We do not RP NSFW.

Our emphasis is examination of Characters personality development and relationships while basically building a type of continuation after Prime ended, but not linked to RID2015.  

It would also require a Skype account for communication. You would predominantly be interacting with Just Knockout and the other Autobots that would like to join. not so much tyrantofthefirmament or phoenixqueenofsilvermoon at this time but there is possibility for some interaction with them in the future too! :)  

We already have a Wheeljack.

and I believe a Ratchet also joining! 

PS: this is just in interacting with us! The others and I do not care what other interaction and RP style your blog gets up to apart from us! its not our intent to sound or be overbearing like that! After all it’s all about fun! We don’t ask you to be exclusive to this circle of RPers we just need help in telling our stories with people to fill Roles of characters and just ask you abide by a few rules when interacting with us! ;) 

Anyone who would be interested Please feel free to send me a note!

How the Scene Really Went
  • <b>Bobbi:</b> So. You and Fitz. How long were you two a thing?<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Wuuuuuuuuuttttttttt!!!!!! Us?! A thing?!?! HAAAAAAHAHAHAAA. Nope. No. Nuh-uh. Never. We're just friends.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> Is that bullshit I smell?<p/><b>Jemma:</b> No. Really. Just friends. We've been bffs forever but I have never...ever... EVER thought of him like... that.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> <p/><b>Bobbi:</b> <p/><b>Bobbi:</b> Mm-hmm?<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Gosh no. Absolutely not. Not even with his adorably pinchable cheeks and his touseled hair and those big blue trusting eyes that seem to melt all my troubles away... And he told me he loves me!!!!<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> Holy shit he said that?!<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Well no. He said "You're more than that."<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> I think I'm having an emotion. What did you say?<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Nothing. I mean, he's my best friend. I've never thought of him like that.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> Oh. This record again.<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Although I can't imagine my life without him.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> Girl, you have got it bad.<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Nonsense!!!!<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> How long was he in a coma?<p/><b>Jemma:</b> THE NINE LONGEST DAYS OF MY MISERABLE PITEOUS LIFE GODDAMMIT I AM NOT OVER IT I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT I JUST WANT MY FITZ BACK AND I WANT HIM NOW AND HOLY CRIPES I CANNOT EVER LIVE WITHOUT HIM AGAINNNN!!!!!! [weeps]<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> <p/><b>Bobbi:</b> <p/><b>Bobbi:</b> <p/><b>Bobbi:</b> Wow.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> <p/><b>Bobbi:</b> You're right.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> You're so not into him.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> You should tell him that. Be, oh, I dunno.... Honest? With Fitz. Maybe with yourself. Just a suggestion.<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Right. Yes. Mm. One day. We're very busy now. Avoiding each other, mostly.<p/><b>Bobbi:</b> Glad we cleared that up.<p/><b>Jemma:</b> Not at all. Now. Where did I leave those dwarves??<p/>