carbon3D’s CLIP technology enables fast, layerless printing

introducing the new ‘continuous liquid interface production technology’ (CLIP) at a TED conference, carbon3D demonstrates a 3D printing development that harnesses light and oxygen to rapidly and continuously fabricate objects from a pool of resin. instead of producing models layer-by-layer in a 2D pattern, the process balances the interaction of UV which triggers photo polymerization, and oxygen that inhibits the reaction. this makes it able to produce with consistent mechanical properties, using a broad range of materials, and does so, at a fast speed that is 25-100 times quicker than conventional 3D printing methods.


Quantum Space

Interactive installation by Sodazot fills entire room, allowing all participants presence to become colourful particles:

Entering this room you are disintegrating into quantums of light and communicating with universe.
This is a digital meditation.
Walls in this room are full covered by interactive projections.
Abstract visualizations generated realtime from all movements of participants and from some automated parameters.

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This Level From Rayman Legends Is An Interactive Rock Opera


On the Wings of Freedom by Aether & Hemera

Aether & Hemera on their project:

Butterflies are the symbol of change, creativity, soul freedom, joy and colour. Their power is transformation, shape shifting and evolution.

Butterflies represent transformation and freedom across all cultures; ‘Bright Cities’ are places where people can grow culturally, socially and broaden their mind; our glowing butterflies are symbols of this potential change and  cultural evolution.

The swarm of butterflies creates an array of RGB LEDs which are individually addressable and are choreographed for rich lighting effects based on the audience interaction.

More information about the process and technology on our blog page.


Storytelling through playful interactions

Installation by agency Dalziel + Pow demonstrates how experiences with interaction and projection can work well with screenprinted illustrations made with conductive ink:

As part of our presence at the inaugural Retail Design Expo, we have created a space to stand out from the crowd, a conversation starter: experimental, innovative, playful, integrated, exploratory and, to many visitors, surprising. 

… Screen-printed illustrations spring to life when touched, as conductive ink triggers a host of playful digital animations – a mix of informative and charming content, from product information to brand stories to chasing ducks.

Pushing the boundaries of storytelling within a space, making it fun and engaging, putting ideas before hardware.

A total of 48 interactions and over 100 unique animations make up the broad spectrum of content on the stand, from simple sound toys to more complex exchanges that layer projection mapping and movement around a physical space.


Daziel + Pow have a Tumblr blog (dalziel-pow-inspiration​) here

Hear Me Roar (DeanxReader)

Name: Hear Me Roar

Request: Can you please write a one shot where the reader gets turned into a fierce animal, such as a tiger, while hunting a witch and the winchesters have to deal with the reader in the bunker, constantly knocking things over and lying on their laps, even though the reader is quite big as a animal?

Author: Micia

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1.892

Warnings: Mild Swearing

More One-Shots: (x)

This Story on AO3

Disclaimer: Despite the Title, there are no connections to GoT.


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Feature Friday - Quench Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have an exclusive Feature Friday this week dedicated to Quench!

“Quench” is a marvelous game by Axon Interactive Inc. which relies on Hexels for it’s art. It’s a story-driven puzzle game set in a lo-fi, geometric landscape. You play as Shepherd, an avatar of nature, with the power to control the weather to guide herds of animals on a perilous journey. You must provide for your flock, open blocked paths, thwart enemies, and otherwise tend the land to make it lush and green again.

Axon have officially started production since March 1st! They plan to release Quench in Q2 of 2016 on PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) and tablet (iOS/Android), with more platforms to be announced.

If you want to check out the game or learn more:

Keep your eyes peeled next Friday to see some more awesome work done in Hexels!



Interactive installation by Klaus Obermaier produces animated stick characters that mimic your movements:

In psychology the mirror stage describes the formation of the Ego via the process of objectification, the Ego being the result of a conflict between one’s perceived visual appearance and one’s emotional experience. This identification is what psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan called alienation.

The interactive installation EGO re-stages and reverses the process of alienation by enhancing and deforming the mirror image by the movements of the users. Although an abstraction, it quickly becomes the self and reestablishes the tension between the real and the symbolic, the Ego and the It, the subject and the object.

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