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[pm] Yeah, apart from when it’s sunny. Thanks. [pause in typing.] How are you?

[pm] You’re welcome. But it wouldn’t be all the time. It’s usually just for a few minutes. 

Darn it, I was just about to ask that! How are you? Are you feeling better? 

I’m completely and utterly totally fine! Wait no I don’t really want to lie to you

How do I say this casually

I’m about as well as you’d expect from someone who has a vampiric assassin looking into them?

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[pm] Why would a banshee wear sunglasses? Are they sensitive to light?

[pm] Do you know how often people from the ACPD ask me about Banshee? Because it’s really suspiciously often. You mean apart from when it’s sunny? Uh, no, not that I know of. But their eyes sometimes change color? To completely black, which is pretty obvious, so if you don’t want people seeing that then sunglasses would sorta cover that. Also if she got into a fight

There’s something I should probably tell you

Robin lets her hand fall as he disappears. He was right, it was far too early for them to be going in each other’s bedrooms anyways. She steps into her quiet room and sits at her desk. Her fingers feel the worn leather surface of her precious journal. For a moment she was tempted to begin an entry for him but stops herself.

What was he thinking? She wondered if he felt as intensely as she did. Did it scare him like it did her? Robin lets her head rest on the wooden surface and groans. God she really was going to do this again.