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Mark Tuan and Sunmi Moments Compilation ♥

curiositykilledthecastiel said:

-on the laptop- Dean, what is a blowjob?

Dean swore under his breath at the word, which had made him effectively spit out all of his whiskey back into the bottle. “Oh, gross, backwash…” he murmured, before walking swiftly to Castiel’s position on the couch. Slamming the laptop down, the hunter waved the question off. “You’ll find out later. No way I’m explainin’ a blowjob to you. What in the world were you looking at, anyway?”


What happens when you hurt Matthew?

You get the rage of an American.

And in this case, you get the rage of an angry, grimdark, amnesiac Alfred F. Jones.

He was on a rampage, destroying everything and anything he saw.

I think we need a new hero.

Before there was us.


Feanor: Hah! any guy who’d marry you is the biggest jerk in all of Arda…

Nerdanel: you…repel….me!


c’mon guys, don’t fight Nelyo needs to exist (actually no, considering his pretty bleak future).

I like these two. Before they were married, I reckon they’re like a house on fire. Nerdanel’s line are from Sherlock, it kinda fits hehe :D. I know curufin is suppose to be the one to take after his father in most stuff but I think Maedhros has his fair share on the genes. Why else was he named Maitimo.  

little-miss-freckles said:

angst please {{my muse is Tiffany, Marco's little sis. you may ignore if you so choose}}

put an ‘angst please.’ in my ask and i’ll generate a number 1-10 and see what our muses get! || ultimate angst version

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