sciatha asked:

"Corporal, here are some oatmeal apple cookies for you!" ~ Marco


It was rare that people approached him so openly, even more so as… chipper as this young cadet. He eyed the cookies held out for him, and then looked back up at the smiling, freckled face. 

"Thanks, soldier." He didn’t usually go for apple things, but oatmeal was good and so were cookies, if they weren’t too sweet. "You new?" 

nightwatchfarrel asked:

Joseph was not at his post. He was watching the snow falling in silent white sheets. He stood stock still, so as to not anger the animatronics that were undoubtedly searching for him. That's when he heard the voice. Something about it being practically Christmas. Slowly, he drew his flashlight and flicked it on, glancing about the darkened restaurant. "Hello...? Who's there?"

Angela had been startled by the sudden light, and it chased some of the shadows surrounding her shape to fall away and reveal bloodstained light blue fabric. She yelped a little, staring at the man like a deer stuck in headlights - she didn’t think anyone was at the building besides herself and the animatronics at the moment.



Today’s webcomic is a little more personal. Something I’ve been dealing with for a pretty long time but which I’ve always swept under the carpet.

I’ve thought about whether to publish this, then reconsidered, and then reconsidered again. I don’t know what publishing this would do – I certainly know a solution wouldn’t appear just because I published some comic – but I feel that, somehow, bringing this up helps.


I make weekly webcomics. I swear the rest aren’t that dark. 

Don't Hurt Mikey! [closed @ fazbearsecurityguard]

Angie clung, unseen, to Mike’s shoulder and watched the power levels worriedly. If it went out, there wasn’t exactly much to be done. All she could currently do was hope that the 5 turned to a 6 before it hit zero…

Whoop, too late. The building shut down, darkness filling every corner of the pizzeria and office. The six year old didn’t have to worry about being seen anymore, so her shadowy form became visible and Mike would feel a slight tug on his shoulder as she let go and dropped to the floor.

The jolly tune of Les Toreadors started playing as Freddy Fazbear’s eyes appeared in the doorway…


I am not afraid of your naked soul
or your naked hands
I will brush them with my eyes and my skin
shh, I will say as synapses fire in the transaction
of you handing me a cup, a check, a key
when our armor shrinks and overlaps
a single touch, clumsy
shh, you anxious, pretty soul
I see you
I see you and I am not afraid

—bared /.w.m.w.

The child in the Morgue


The ship was practically empty and void of life, no corrupted anywhere like was per the usual for one of the old, abandoned, orokin ships. Whether or not it was because this was a ship that had already been cleared out by other Tenno who had happened upon a key that lead to it, or the sentry turret that would normally spawn them just wasn’t operating on this one.

But that wasn’t important, the Mirage and her Specter controlling Cephalon could care less about why there weren’t any enemies. Why there were here was in search of information in hopes of locating someone. There had to be some kind of console with hackable data left in it somewhere, right? One that had the coordinates as to which tenno were assigned to what ship.

Since there wasn’t any immediate danger, the two decided it would be best to split up and cover more ground quicker. But they kept in contact through the comms link feature that was installed Myra’s audio implants.

Eventually the woman came to a room that she wished she hadn’t come across. She looked in and immediately felt sick to her stomach.

She had come to the morgue.

She was just about to turn on her heels and leave, but something caught her eye and she froze.

There was a child there. A tiny, severely frightened, child.