Date night.

Robin checked her appearance for the 10th time in a row. Her hair still looked the way she had fashioned it in a messy bun. Her eyeliner thick and sharp accented by golden eyeshadow. She looked at her outfit in the mirror, A tight black dress hugged her body and drew attention to all her curves. The dress itself she had borrowed from Rosie so she didn’t anticipate how short it would be on her, her long legs on full display. She put stockings on in order to cover up, but it only made her legs  more shapely.

The only thing left was to put her shoes on, shiny black pump she had bought earlier that day. Robin tried to find the smallest heel possible, but even with these it was a little precarious when she tried them on. Thankfully after practicing all day she could manage to walk with out tripping too much. She nodded at herself in approval, hopefully he would like it.

curiositykilledthecastiel said:

-on the laptop- Dean, what is a blowjob?

Dean swore under his breath at the word, which had made him effectively spit out all of his whiskey back into the bottle. “Oh, gross, backwash…” he murmured, before walking swiftly to Castiel’s position on the couch. Slamming the laptop down, the hunter waved the question off. “You’ll find out later. No way I’m explainin’ a blowjob to you. What in the world were you looking at, anyway?”


Gallavich interactions in Season 4:
  • 4x07:

After discovering Ian’s working at the “Fairytale” club in Boys Town, Mickey finds Ian giving a lap dance to a man, sends the man away, and pays Ian 25$ for a lap dance. That’s when he tells him to go back home because Frank is dying and Fiona almost killed Liam.


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angst please {{my muse is Tiffany, Marco's little sis. you may ignore if you so choose}}

put an ‘angst please.’ in my ask and i’ll generate a number 1-10 and see what our muses get! || ultimate angst version

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        Alec waited outside with her hands tucked into her pocket. Her head titled back to look up at the cloudy sky. The shop was closed and there wasn’t much to do but wait for Bolin outside. Though she had only waited five minutes the girl was jumpy from excitement. She wasn’t sure how long she was going to have to wait but it wasn’t long before she saw the green cladded teenager from the corner of her eye."Hey! You made it!"