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“In a future where eBooks and printed media continue to co-exist we might miss some of the features eBook technology has made familiar.

enlight: Augmented Reading (by Sam Wander, Leroy Tellez & Lucy Knops at The School of Visual Arts, New York) is a smart desk light that enhances the reading experience for researchers, students and book lovers.”

It’s good to see someone pushing some of the smart light ideas we explored with DisplayCabinet a little further.


A clash between two tigers in the Londolozi private game reserve in Pretoria South Africa. And yes, you read that right—tigers in Africa. Their fight began over territory, and one might be left wondering how much space these two actually have there.

The two males fought for 45 minutes, at one point it seemed as if one was dead only to spring back into the brawl after his opponent let his guard down. The younger male won, and both walked away injured, but alive. Both survived.


Kinect Touch 3D

Demo of experiments by programmer Matt Guertin combines the Oculus Rift with a Kinect sensor to interact with various creative virtual interfaces - video embedded below:

This video is the culmination of a year and a half of ‘work’ (playing and having fun would be a better way of describing it…haha). The reason I ordered the Oculus Rift in the first place is to do exactly what you see here. All of the programming is done in TouchDesigner. The live interaction method I developed along with the 3D drawing is done using GLSL Shaders that I wrote which is what allows it to be so fast and responsive as far as not having a noticeable delay. Another thing worth mentioning is that the creation of this video involved a huge file with many components, and a ton of rendering which is the cause for some of the glitches (3D drawing ie.) and the slower frame rate. I will release a couple other videos soon which will focus on each of the individual components so that people can get an actual feel for how fast and responsive this setup actually is. The 3D drawing for instance when stripped down to nothing but it’s necessary parts will run flawlessly at close to 50 fps and is much smoother than what you see in this video.

The experiments were coded using TouchDesigner, and they have covered Matt’s work in much more detail, which you can read more about it here

When I attempt to interact with people, I feel like I’m blindly stumbling along in absolute darkness. I have no idea what I’m doing and I feel like I need to hold the other person’s hand at all times while they tell me that what I’m doing or saying is okay. I never know if I’m saying too much or not enough. I never know how my words are being received on the other end. I can’t begin to explain how unsure and shaky I feel with other people at all times. Everything is a risk. Every word that I dare to express is a risk. Every move that I make is a risk. One wrong step and the entire relationship blows up in my face.
—  R.M.
Project Interaction

As a quick reflection of the work done this far in terms of the Artist Series video series that I’ve done, I’ve noticed that the work ethic behind the project has been very important for the project and how it has developed.

So I’ve always wanted to do this video series but never wanted to force it, so it was awesome that I could fit it into a brief in uni.

So the main work ethic behind the project is to not plan for anything in the sense of what shots to get, what concept to use, what to say etc. Instead record the interview and shoot visuals that compliment the words being said.

The best example of this was the one I did for the Southern Anchor boys, that video is probably one of the coolest videos that I’ve been apart of and I’ve noticed that’s always the case when I don’t plan what I shoot down to a tee.

This work ethic compliments the interaction with the people that the videos are about as well as people that I talk to about the project and has has a hand in sculpting both the videos and the ideas that I have for the print media side of the project.

I have one more video to shoot and one more to edit together, this will top of the video side of the project and then I will focus on the print media side of this project which offers another level of story telling.

The book that I want to print will detail how the artists that I’ve interviewed, live to create, how they go about creating (creative process) and what ideas, thoughts and advice they want to share.

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You/I – a weird and wonderful animated meditation on users and interfaces

Neanderthals, Humans had ‘Ample Time’ to Mix

Humans and Neanderthals may have coexisted in Europe for more than 5,000 years, providing ample time for the two species to meet and mix, according to new research.

Using new carbon dating techniques and mathematical models, researchers examined about 200 samples found at 40 sites from Spain to Russia, according to a study published in the journal Nature. They concluded with a high probability that pockets of Neanderthal culture survived until between 41,030 and 39,260 years ago.

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