Harakiri by Kago Shintaro

A world where cutting your stomach to see your intestines is the newest fashionable trend among schoolgirls.

* Kago Shintaro is one of the creepiest manga artists I’ve read. His manga, though disgusting, says so much about Japanese society. Take this manga for example; what does this say about fashion trends, bullying, and social pressures? 

Warning: Graphic depictions

anonymous said:

One month-ish ago I had a very light period (pink, used one tampon, lasted 1-1.5 days) and now it is a month later, a) do you think it was implantation bleeding, and b) what symptoms would I be experiencing around now if it was? The past few nights I have been unable to sleep at night despite being very tired and sleeping pills, and last night I noticed a ridiculously heightened sense of smell. I only found out what implantation bleeding was yesterday. Thanks for your input!

Unfortunately, all pregnancies are different, and some women experience no symptoms at all during one or more pregnancies.

Sleeplessness can be a symptom, and heightened sense of smell is definitely a symptom. 

You could also look out for: tender breasts, stuffy nose, gastro-intenstinal gas, metallic taste in the mouth, or headache. 

Of course there’s also morning sickness, which is associated with the increased sensitivity to odors.

I have this article on how to tell if you’re pregnant, if you haven’t read through that yet, but it essentially reiterates what I’ve said here.

If there’s anything else going on with your body that you consider unusual, let me know what it is and I can cross-reference. The article may not be complete, as it was written from memory.