"Since I was 4, Belle has been my favourite princess, because she connected to me the most. We were both avid readers- bookworms- and were both isolated from people. Even though I had friends, no one understood why I loved reading. Belle taught me that having a personality and intellect is far more precious than the looks. It hurts me when others say she just had Stockholm Syndrome; it makes me feel that reading is stupid and just makes you wishful of a happily-ever-after"

Olicity Wasted Shag Opportunities - The Secret of the Salmon Ladder

Part 4 is for you, Vas (ah-maa-zing).  It’s been on my mind all morning so I bumped it to the top of my list!

We all thought the salmon ladder was merely another tool for Oliver to be shirtless in the lair in front of Felicity.  After all, who doesn’t like to feel all hot and bothered while watching an incredible set of abs glisten with sweat as they ripple each and every time Oliver swings and pulls himself up the ladder?  Mmmmm…wait, sorry, I was distracted. 

Thanks to callistawolf, we now know Oliver was actually taking some time for his own *cough* self-gratification.


I completely agree.  I’m seeing Oliver’s time on the salmon ladder in a completely new light.  Felicity’s intellect is a huge (pardon the pun….oh, who am I kidding? I did that on purpose.) turn on for Oliver and what better way to release all that delicious tension than to jump on the salmon ladder since he won’t jump Felicity?  After all, the salmon ladder equals no shirt and that, my friends, is truly a public service.  The way he looks at her when he’s done, well…..



Yeah, that’s what we heard, but what he really said?

Oliver: Dammit Felicity, I just spent myself on the salmon ladder and now you go and do something so hot that I have to turn around and jump back on.



The look in her eyes betrays what she really said:

Felicity: Hey, I’m here, ready and willing.  And I mean ready.  Really, really, ready.  Like ready all the time. Like right now.


Oliver: Oh, I know. And so am I. But, in true hero fashion, I prefer to torture myself and our fans with longing looks and outrageous levels of sexual tension



Felicity: Torturing them is torturing us….Not to mention it must be getting awfully difficult to walk in the arrow pants…or any pants for that matter. 


I have friends who go on and on about how ‘he was so cute’ and ‘he was so flirty and touchy’ and ‘he kept saying we’d look good together’ 

and i’m over here gagging because douchebag confidence and flirtiness are not authenticity or integrity or intellect or strength of character. you have boys running around pretending to be men because they can get into girls’ pants, and make them feel momentarily valuable with whatever fleeting attention they offer 

im sorry but ‘cute and flirty and touchy’ are not integrity or honesty or strength of character or intellect. show me a man who - at the very least -  sees me as a person before he sees sex, a man who sees my value before he sees me as an opportunity to inflate his own ego. im exhausted with boys who are ‘flirty and touchy and cute,’ and girls who who find this ever so attractive

i have no patience for your stupid flirt-with-a-goal attitude and your fleeting attention. keep your hands to yourself and be a real human being damnit. what the hell happened to having real conversations and appreciating the company of a fellow human being why the hell you gotta be so gross and touchy and how the hell do girls fall for this

this may mean im going to be single forever but id rather be single forever than stoop to dating a boy who’s tricked himself into thinking he’s a man because he knows where a penis goes 

But we who are of a mixed nature, sometimes aglow with fire and sometimes chilled by intellect, we want to kneel down before justice, as the only goddess whom we recognise above us. Usually the fire in us makes us unjust, and in the sense of that goddess, impure; never may we touch her hand in this condition…ashamed, we offer her our pain as a penance and a sacrifice, when the fire burns us and tries to consume us. It is the intellect that saves us from turning utterly to burnt-out coals; here and there it pulls us away from justice’s sacrificial altar… Redeemed from the fire, we then stride on, driven by the intellect, from opinion to opinion, through the change of sides, as noble traitors to all things that can ever be betrayed—and yet with no feeling of guilt.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human


no but i’m just making myself really sad because i’m sat here thinking of how lonely hermione granger is & how NO ONE in the fandom or anything ever picks up on that. i don’t think we truly get to see her potential in the wizarding world in what we, as in the scientific muggle society that we are, define as genius or brilliant, etc. she displays a level of intellect that would yes, befit a genius. she does not forget things; this has led me to believe she has an eidetic or semi-eidetic memory. she’s proven on several accounts that her intellect really does not have a limit: she’s good at everything regarding logic & she’s calm under pressure. no one knows how to act when they’re under attack as well as hermione granger…

so with all of that in mind… think about how she must have struggled before finding out she was a witch. imagine how bored she must have been with ordinary lessons and ordinary friends & people probably constantly judging her, most likely avoiding her at all. imagine this: the reason she loves reading so much is because no one will talk to her. she’ll start speaking & people won’t be interested. girls her age are not interested in science. they don’t care about mathematical problems or why this is the way it is. 

she’s lonely. she has no friends. even if magic is illogical & technically speaking impossible, it’s an ESCAPE. possibly, finally, a world where she fits in. where she no longer has to hide in the library. cry herself to sleep. no one really understands her because no one is nowhere near the same wave length as her. she knows the answer to every question in her classes, reads every book in this desperate search for something new — something she doesn’t know, some problem she hasn’t figured out. her thirst for knowledge is really this desperate search for mysteries. because everyone else is so MUNDANE

when you’re that smart, the world is so small. you start looking to the stars, hoping there’s aliens out there, planets. things better & bigger than this. 

perhaps if she hadn’t met harry she would still be lonely… but harry, more than ron, more than anyone: harry understood. even if she annoyed him a lot. he still cared for her — and most of that, before they even knew each other that well, he was kind. harry was the first true friend she had. he showed her that hermione could be intelligent & have friends, all at once. before that she was sure that she could only be smart and look at everyone around her like she was some sort of alien for being such a known it all

& her biggest fear is FAILURE. even if she knows so much, she studies, studies, studies. she does other people’s works to study more. she cannot fail anything. ever. because being smart is the only thing she has. it’s the only reason harry and ron are friends with her, right? if she’s not smart — what possibly can she offer them? & she’s so afraid of failing… yet she fails at making friends. at being normal.

& she lives in constant fear. imagine having to face your worst nightmare daily.

without harry & ron, i think she would have grown up to be very aloof, quiet. nowhere near the strong woman that we have come to know and love.

auto-manic asked:

I can't help but be curious as to what you think of an INTP with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Taurus?

a piscean dreamer with both feet planted firmly to the ground, Ti intellect and Ne’s foresight.  could you be more perfect?

I can’t wait to become an uploaded consciousness and shed my physical body to become an electronic being of pure intellect mostly bc I’ve gained like five pounds over Christmas break and I’d rather just get rid of my body altogether than try and do exercise to burn it off


The Blunt King

Not the most expected competitor of the Blood Shifts to rise, but definitely not a surprising candidate, The Blunt King had the brute force and strength to make up for her average intellect and almost literally beat her way to the crown.

Though despite her title as king, she was not dim by any means. A skilled tactician and combatant, she would not let the golems be the only means of enforcing the laws within this shining city. This fact alone caused most assassins to shy away from the opportunity to overthrow her.

With a plated kilt and shingled metal sheets helping enforce her armor beneath her large form, her more striking appearance was her cloak, made entirely out of golem crystals, allowing a weak but eerily glow to highlight her dark skin. Some rumored that the crystals could take to other shapes at her whim, but of course few were brave enough or strong enough to survive a brawl with her for that tactic to become necessary.

The Jester was summoned to The Blunt King’s side, to serve as an adviser as she had for many other kings before. The old asura accepted the request humbly as her allegiance was still held to the crown.

The two both agreed that more regulation in place would aid in controlling the chaos within the city. While working within the four laws developed by The Reticent King before, the two began to craft other positions beneath the king’s own without the implication that this would become another system similar to the failed counsel.


- To begin, it is noted that these other branches of power are optional to upcoming kings -

- Beneath the King, there will be 2-3 others picked by the King him/herself, each appointed to monitor and enforce the King’s rule within specified boundaries. Generals, Wizards, whatever you wish to label them -

- Three is recommended, one for Metrica, one for Brisband, and the final for Rata Sum should the King fall out of commission temporarily -

- These will be different from advisers, which are also an established aid for the King -

- These Generals will be unable to establish new law, only enforce the ones at hand. Their disagreement on a legislation passed means nothing, they must enforce it -


With the quick thinking brutality in balance with a slow, weakened, but wise mind, the two served as a fierce and powerful influence for the Asura race during The Blunt King’s rule.

"I could cut skin with my sharp words. Watch your mouth."

I think it’s suuuuper interesting how a guy can “appreciate my intelligence” and express admiration for my intellect and frequently remark on how, despite an age gap, my cleverness can be very intimidating, right up until we disagree on something and then I’m suddenly the target of a sort of smug pity

"it’s okay, you’re young, you’ll learn"

if I was so goddamn clever ten minutes ago, I’m sure as hell clever enough to see right through your misogynistic, infantilizing bullshit attempt to discredit my opinion by turning a grown-ass woman into a little girl who doesn’t know any better

fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you 

“The seekers of (sacred) knowledge are of three kinds, so recognize them by their specific qualities and characteristics. One kind of them seeks it for the sake of ignorance and dispute. Another kind seeks it for the sake of domination and deceit. Yet another kind seeks it for the sake of (improving) understanding and intellect.

The one who seeks it for ignorance and dispute’s sake is injurious and quarrelsome. He contests opinions in the gatherings of men, speaking of knowledge and describing forbearance. He puts on the garb of humility, though he is devoid of piety. As a result, God crushes his nose and severs his waist.

The one who seeks knowledge for domination and deception is an imposter and a sycophant. He is domineering with those who are his likes but is humble in front of the rich, whose sweetmeats he ingests while he demolishes his own faith. As a result, God blinds his vision and wipes out his traces from the legacy of the learned.

As to him who seeks knowledge for the sake of understanding and intellect, he is grief-stricken and awake at nights. Having tied his cap with the loose end of his turban, he stands up in the dark of nights. He acts and is in trepidation. A caller overawed, engaged in his work, and acquainted with the people of his times, he is apprehensive of his most trusted brother. As a result of it God strengthens his supports and grants him amnesty on the Day of Resurrection.”

—  Imam Jaffar As-Sadiq (a.s)