Rumba date! Rumba is a rum bar in cap hill that also serves cuban food! We got a chorizo empanada, coconut prawns, cuban sandwich (so good!), and fried bananas foster (!!!). The cuban sandwich was great, it had pulled pork, ham, bacon, cheese, mustard, and pickles on a baguette (and then pressed all together so the outside was toasty and the cheese was melty!). Our dessert, though, the fried bananas foster, was literally one of the best things I have eaten recently! The bananas were coated with coconut and fried (so they were all crunchy on the outside!!). Such a textural contrast with the sweet sauce it was covered in and the ice cream/nuts! Would definitely go again!

Blurry breakfast picture ☀️ of course another turkey bacon omelette but this time with hashbrowns 👍 I haven’t had hashbrowns in like two weeks so they were much enjoyed. 😍 #breakfast #food #intake

So answering the request yesterday to post my intake. This is a pretty average day, most of them look like this (although sometimes I have a few more treats in there!)

Breakfast - oats/muesli with strawberries and yogurt
Snack - black tea, peanut butter toast
Lunch - chicken, quinoa and vegetable soup, 1 slice of grained bread
Snack - 2 choc chip cookies, 1 carrot, green tea
Dinner - Irish stew (basically steak, potatoes and veggies)
Snack - tea, vanilla ice cream

Saturday’s breakfast was made possible by a group that wish to let themselves be known as “the best friends ever” and they totally did not make me write this into the caption 💐 jokes aside thanks to aforementioned group of angels I now have a waffle machine and a case of nut butter from @the_hunters_kitchenette and above all friendship that I will uphold for the rest of my life ❤️ @organicburst maca banana-coconut bread waffles topped with LSA peanut butter, @loving_earth chocolate, crushed almonds and cacao Nutella drizzle made from @the_hunters_kitchenette hazelnut butter 🙌🍫 Thank you A&A, I, H, V, P, E, D and T 🎅 love you very much

Today’s food log! 2nd full day of the Simply Filling plan. There’s a LOT of fruit on here - but I figured eating raspberries was better than snacking on the peanut butter stuffed pretzels that were calling my name at work today.

Breakfast was a green smoothie and greek yogurt, plus an iced coffee with this new coconut milk creamer I found at Wegmans. It’s listed in the tracker as a power food somehow -  I’ll post a picture of it later!

Lunch was a spinach salad with pork loin, crispy onions, broccoli and a roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette that I made myself. On this plan you’re allowed to have 2 tsp of healthy oils without tracking the points for it, so the olive oil i had in my dressing counted towards that. Dinner was some beef and quinoa chili I made with some sour cream on top, and roasted brussels sprouts. My body already feels better being back on track!

I’m pretty sore from hot yoga last night. My friend who goes regularly said that the class last night was the hardest one she’s ever done there. It was a substitute teacher, and man it was rough. She told me if I could survive last nights class I could survive anything, and normally it wasn’t as difficult as it was last night, so that makes me feel better about going again. My strength is definitely not where it needs to be. I could get into the poses but struggled holding them. I guess the only way to get better at yoga is to do more yoga - so I guess I probably should keep going! Even though I’m sore, this is the first day in like 2 weeks I’ve woken up without any hip pain!

I’m currently planning out tomorrow’s food plan. Today was a rest day, but I still managed to get in my 10,000 steps. I’m either going to hit up the gym tomorrow or Friday after work, I haven’t decided which yet, then I’ll go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday. Feels good to be back in my groove!

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Homemade, Macro-friendly, Chipotle Style Burrito Bowl!
Cauliflower rice, black beans, peas (didn’t have any lettuce) grilled chicken and cheese, all seasoned with chipotle spice. It’s no where near as good as a chipotle burrito but it’s still pretty damn good 😎
I feel like aubernutter and grilledcheese-samwich would appreciate this.
Macros and calories are:
406kcal | 25C | 8F | 58P!


Hello Robin date (+ another friend)! Hello Robin is Molly Moons ice cream and fresh baked cookies. I got an orange snickerdoodle and mackles’more cookie with vanilla ice cream (on the left). I…absolutely LOVE this place! It’s not too busy, the store is super cute, and the cookies were unique and perfectly baked. I will be coming back for sure!