KADS New York presents Celebrating Print 2014 Artist: LUKAS FREYTAG

“The presented print features a composition partially abstract, partially realistic, consisting of two faces, a half-circle and other abstract fragments.  One of the faces, looking up, is more realistic, like a study; the other one is abstract and expressive. A hard contour edge connects the two together, creating an organic symbol. When installed with the identical second print upside down, the dark half-circle becomes suddenly the focus of the composed images. One can decide how to view the work, which image seems more “Pretty, Advantageous and Ugly, or Without Sense”, as the title suggests.”

Images from top:

Composition of Faces and Surfaces - Pretty, Advantageous and Ugly, Without Sense, 2013, etching, aquatint and drypoint, 26 x 19 ½ inches (presented as two prints), edition of 4, printed by the artist

Labyrinth and Feet, 2014, aquatint and mezzotint, 27 ½ x 19 1/2 inches, edition of 10, printed by the artist