Just the idea that doctors get to dictate who is “drug-seeking” and who is actually ill goes to show that doctors don’t actually care about addicts and they just want reasons to not treat people. 

And why is it so bad to be drug-seeking anyway? If you’re chronically ill and in pain, chances are you’re going to the doctor because you want some relief, and sometimes that relief can come in the form of drugs. Doctors seem to be so hesitant to prescribe medication until it gets to a medication that they want to push on their patients for whatever reason (more money, probably). 

And then when you find a doctor who wants to help you and can do so without prescribing a bunch of medication, insurance doesn’t cover the treatment.

I just want some pain relief so I can sleep better and to be able to get a proper treatment without it costing $4000+ because insurance doesn’t cover effective treatments for things that are quite common.

Top Surgery Experience Master Post: Keyhole with Dr. Richard Bartlett in Boston, Full Insurance Coverage Under Harvard Pilgrim

Every now and then somebody messages me asking about my top surgery experience with Dr. Richard Bartlett in Boston, and sometimes also my health insurance coverage. So I’m going to put together a master post of all the documentation and stuff that I know about my experience.

Quick background: I had keyhole/peri-aeriolar surgery done in June of 2013 by Dr. Richard Bartlett. My insurance, Harvard Pilgrim, covered the bulk of the costs of the surgery. Full surgery cost was $9500, which isn’t cheap, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for when it comes to surgery. After I got my refund back from insurance, total expense came to about $2300.

As always, feel free to send me an email (dino@dinorowan.com) or message me with any further questions you may have,

Florida Republicans Spend Nearly $1 Million On Obamacare Alternative And Nobody Signs Up

Florida Republicans Spend Nearly $1 Million On Obamacare Alternative And Nobody Signs Up

Florida Republicans were eager to dispel the suggestion that conservatives have no practical alternative to Obamacare, and will be screwing millions of people out of health insurance should their incessant efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act actually come to fruition. So, to prove everybody wrong, the state’s Republican lawmakers designed a rival marketplace that they hoped would dissuade…

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a large chest (last time I checked I was a F or G cup) and am having serious back problems because of it. Do you know if my medical problems would be a reason for insurance to cover top surgery?

Zak: It may be a reason for them to cover a breast reduction, but I’m not sure about top surgery. You would probably have to work with a surgeon willing to code the surgery as a breast reduction. Depending on your insurance and the state where you live you may be able to get top surgery covered regardless. After fighting a bit with his insurance, Adrian was able to get his top surgery covered and it seems as though more and more insurance providers are covering transition related care. It really depends, though. 


So, we just got the papers to sign up for Luke’s insurance, yay! The insurance company works with a popular UT/ID/WY hospital chain, so my hospital of choice and regular doctor both accept that insurance, total bonus. Anyway, we picked our coverage and signed up. Now I have a dilemma though. We already went to the one fertility clinic and had a consultation, but I don’t think that clinic is in our network. If we go to a clinic/doctor in our network, the insurance could potentially cover up to $1,500 of our infertility costs, (50% of costs up to $1,500). The thing is, we already have somewhat of a plan with the place we went to. So do I start all over because insurance MIGHT cover some of the costs? Or do I stick with the place we’ve been to and made a plan with, which was recommended by several friends who’ve gone through the same place, and hope they can talk our insurance company into covering a little?

I don’t know what to do! Any advice? Especially from those of you who’ve dealt with similar things?

Conversation I had with my 8 year old nephew:
Me: Buddy, don’t climb on my walker, it’s not a toy. And it cost a lot of money.
Nephew: Why did it cost money? Your insurance should just pay for that.
Me: It did. But it only pays for one walker every five years, so if it breaks before five years is up, I have to pay for a new one myself.
Nephew: What?! That’s no good. They should just pay for things that you need. Because, I mean, you need it.
Me: This is true. But they don’t. So unless you have $1000 and a broken leg, don’t play on my walker.

tfw you’re on hold with obamacare for 45 minutes trying to get the freaking mandatory health insurance even though you’re a broke fuck, and all you need to do is reset your password because you keep getting error messages when you try to do it yourself, and if you could do this without talking to a human you really would, and while we’re at it you’d have peed before this phone call if you’d known it would be such an ordeal, and for fuck’s sake couldn’t they shell out an extra couple taxpayer dollars for some hold music that doesn’t sound like it was regurgitated by a sickly underwater combination-carousel-and-meat-grinder being possessed by demonic forces with an inexplicable taste for bone fragments and 80s synth?? 

Some Growing Challenges In Finding Vital Issues For Currency Trading

The CRLTO states that tenants do not fall within the D. But our insurance deductible is about $500, 000 to purchase but may only effect their property which they have leased out for private use. avatrade review (http://www.fxtra.info/) It’s a case of demodectic mange so severe that trying to collect 13, 000 euros $17, 900…

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got some really upsetting news

i was really happy that Aetna is among the insurance companies that cover gender reassignment. when i looked into surgery, it seemed really doable, the copay was only $1,500. cool. i can do that no problem. 

well, today that changed. i got a call from my doctor telling me that there were some, ‘complications’. my specific branch of Aetna, through **** ******, whom my mother works for, does not actually cover this. now, because i’ve been going though treatment already, there is a chance they can use this against me and avoid covering anything. :\

i don’t use this tag very often, but does anyone know of an affordable heath care provider that covers top surgery (at the least) for transmen?