If you can live stream movies, why not live stream medical care?

Insurance company UnitedHealthcare will start covering visits to the doctor’s office — via video chat. Patients and physicians talk live online — on smartphones, tablets or home computer — to get to a clinical diagnosis. This move to cybermedicine could save insurers a ton of money — or have unintended consequences.

The Doctor Will Video Chat With You Now: Insurer Covers Virtual Visits

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Everything You Need To Know About Domestic Partnerships

Though I often refer to him as my boyfriend — both here and IRL — Marc is technically my Domestic Partner. We did it at the end of last year, and even though we’ve technically been in this new relationship status for several months now, I feel 100 percent the same as I did before: He is just My Person, I call him my boyfriend, and I don’t usually get into the specifics with new people, because it’s hard to explain. “Are you married?” “Is it like a civil union?” “Will you have to divorce?”

The truth is, though, that aside from my mother’s disappointment (she takes it as a deep and personal slight that she wasn’t there to throw a Domestic Partnership Party down at city hall for the two of us), it’s been a great experience. Simply put, when I was leaving my job at the end of last year to go full-time on TFD, I knew that insurance was going to be a big question mark. On top of the other, out-of-pocket medical expenses I had planned for the year (yay Invisalign!), I would need decent coverage that wouldn’t leave me in debt for anything more severe than five stitches’ worth of injury. So it made sense to get on Marc’s relatively robust insurance, which is what we decided to do.

Initially, we thought that this would require being married, but in New York (as well as many other states, which you can find here), all you need is the Domestic Partnership. It’s less binding than even a civil union, and from our perspective, required a few hours at the City Clerk’s office, where we paid the highly manageable sum of 35 dollars and signed a few papers.

To end the Partnership, we’ll just need to head down to the same office and sign a few new papers. (As a bonus, when you go do it, you get to see all the adorable brides and wedding parties there to get their legal marriage done. It’s actually a great way to spend an afternoon, in my opinion.)

But many people balk at these un-marriage options, either because they want to get married outright and feel that this will somehow dissuade or delay the process, or because they are afraid of even the smallest level of state-sponsored commitment. For the latter, I can promise you that Domestic Partnerships are by far the most unobtrusive and simple process you can engage in that is in any way legally binding. It changes literally nothing about your day-to-day life, except making a few logistical things easier, and considering that breakups in general are a super painful and complicated process (usually), the easiest part about it would likely be dropping off some paperwork at an office downtown.

As for people who think it will in some way throw a potential future wedding off the rails, I can assure that this small formality does nothing to dampen the desire you might have to one day wed your loved one ~for real~. We very much still look forward to getting married, at a point in the future when our professional, logistical, and financial situations are in the right place, and we both feel ready as individuals to make that commitment (and ask our families and friends to fly across oceans). It’s still something we think and talk about with excitement and imagination, and the only thing our Partnership has done is make some of the details of daily life easier, so that we might reach that point of readiness even faster. A wedding and marriage is an incredibly special thing — the uniting of families, the celebrating of your love, the promising of a lifetime — and small legal unions are nothing in the face of that. It doesn’t feel like Diet Marriage, it just feels like A Paper That Lets My Insurance Be Affordable.

And if something like that sounds good to you, I encourage you to look into it. Because relationships don’t have to be all or nothing; there are plenty of small steps along the way that can help make life easier, so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. Like your happiness.

Robear is designed to perform tasks such as helping elderly patients stand up, or lifting them from a bed into a wheelchair. The latter task can be severely strenuous for care workers, who do it an average of 40 times a day. It’s no secret that Japan’s aging population is one of the biggest problems facing the country, and researchers are hoping to find solutions in technology.

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Spent today sobbing

Because my insurance pulled out from covering my rehab. They said I don’t need it because I’ve been clean since the 3rd.

Which is such bullshit. How does this fucking dumb cunt woman know if I’m in medical need or not? Over a 5 minute phone call with my therapist? It’s so frustrating. Even the men in my rehab group agreed. It’s just me and 4 middle aged men lol. But yeah, they were all pissed with me 😁

So I sobbed all day because I really want to go to rehab. The past 2 days have been fun, even though everyone else is a man and way older than me. 😅 I was especially looking forward to Monday, since they just do yoga all day 😔

I’ve come so far. I even quit my job to come and be treated and to get clean. And some whore for my I insurance just crushed my dreams, maybe even my life. Just so she can get her fat bonus at the end of the year and buy her knew beach house. Fuck you. Fuck insurance. Fuck capitalism.

So on Monday I call this bitch and I’ll tell her why I’m in medical need. And if she denies me still, then I keep calling. I’ll blow this cunt’s message machine if I have to. She better be ready, I’m putting up a fight. Because I’ve been fighting this fucking battle for too long to have it be torn out from underneath me.

Bitches, beware.

Scanadu, a health tech startup working on devices that can scan and upload medical-grade diagnostic tests to a smartphone, has raised $35 million in Series B financing. The new device called Scanaflo, which is essentially a pee stick that can detect things like blood in urine, pregnancy and STD’s when the information is uploaded to a smartphone.

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Should I take my super as a lump sum or not?

Should I take my super as a lump sum or not?

Should I take my super as a lump sum or not?

When it comes to accessing your super, it’s important you make the right choice.

You’ve spent your working life accumulating super. So when the time comes, are you better off taking a lump sum, regular income or both?

Let’s weigh up the alternatives so you can start to consider what may be best for you.

Taking a lump sum

If your super has been managed…

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And it all went up in flames

And it all went up in flames

Is your computer backed up to the cloudand does your homeowners insurance cover travel losses? Let me tell you a story: You are out of town on business and staying at a local hotel. It’s been a good day; you drop your computer bag off at the room and head to dinner to celebrate with co-workers. In the time you are gone, your hotel burns to the ground with your computer, iPad, passport, suitcase,…

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Morning Agenda: Britain’s Conservatives Get Hedge Funds’ Vote by DEALBOOK

Morning Agenda: Britain’s Conservatives Get Hedge Funds’ Vote by DEALBOOK


—-————– Britain’s Conservatives Get Hedge Funds’ Vote | Private Equity’s Hidden Fees | A Wrap-Up of ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’

Published: May 4, 2015 at 06:00AM

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The importance of getting the engagement ring insured with Q Report

“Don’t you just love staring down at your ‪#‎engagement‬ ‪#‎ring‬ sitting pretty on your finger? Now imagine you looked down and it was GONE! Perhaps lost or stolen. The worst part is that you realise your insurance policy won’t allow you to get the exact same ring from the exact same jeweller, rather a lesser version from an unknown jeweller. This is the case with most insurance policies, which is why we’re big supporters of Q Report Jewellery Insurance. They specialise in covering the important items you love and understand the sentiment and meaning they carry. Will your insurance policy cover you? “

Images: @bosphorusdiamond

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