What to do when sadness is gnawing on your soul:

Welcome to Thursday. It’s 6:03, your alarm has been going off for several minutes, and you inexplicably have already been awake for two hours while your brain remembers all the shitty things you did a little over a decade ago.
It’ll be okay. We will get through this. Follow these instructions very closely and you will not use up the rest of your PTO:

1) cuddle on your pet cat (dogs are also basically acceptable) and tell him how everything is bullshit and what a brave handsome man he is. Do this for exactly five minutes then GET OUT OF BED. Do it fast so you’re very suddenly standing up. Balancing will distract you.

2) Put on the same business casual you wore to work yesterday (otherwise you’ll take forever picking clothes) but wear your favorite ridiculous tshirt underneath. Mine has Thor on it.

3) don’t mess around with your hair. The mirror is not your friend today.

3.5) grab headphones and sunglasses so you feel safe.

4) if you have five dollars to your name, screw making breakfast. Take yourself to the coffee shop and get one of those fancy drinks. Not super fatty and high caffeine, pick a happy medium so you don’t feel guilty/nervous. I get chai with a shot of espresso (dirty chai).

5) during your commute listen to something good. Preferably a song you enjoyed at age sixteen. NOT something sad, that’s just foolish. I usually choose Slayer for these occasions so I can practice air guitar in traffic.

6) no matter what you do, people are gonna notice that you look unwell. That is to be expected. Tell them, “I have allergies” because boundaries are a good idea most of the time. That being said, and this IS mandatory, tell someone you love and trust that you are having a hard time. Tell them they can help by going for a walk with you, or by watching cheesy tv with you- it’s important to instruct your helpers, because while they mean well, they often are baffled by strong sadness.

7) Be gentle with yourself. I mean it. Treat yourself the way you’d treat your bff if she was having a hard time. Forgive, go slow.

We’re gonna be ok.

Kiss her when she’s mad. While she’s yelling at the top of her lungs, pull her in by the waist and leave her breathless.

Kiss her when she’s sad. And before you press your lips to hers, look her in the eye so she knows you’ll always be there.

Kiss her when she’s happy. Run your fingers through her hair and comment on how her laugh is the most beautiful song in the world.

Kiss her when she’s stressed. Tap her shoulder as she frantically complains about some seemingly trivial matter and make her forget everything - if only temporarily.

Kiss her when she’s lying in your arms talking about the universe and how small she feels under the stars. Tell her that her thoughts are the most exquisitely unique thoughts you’ve ever heard and that her kisses are even more so.

Kiss her spontaneously, without warning and let her fall for you harder with each one. And when you’re not there to hold her tightly and kiss her forehead to make her feel loved, tell her each and every day how much you wish you could.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #15

Right Heads Up:

Fan Mail - it’s a beautiful thing -
Just want to say and get the word out because people need to get a response and this is tricky as I like to sign and read everything personally. I’m not going to show off and say how popular I am. It was always something that the boys would say to eachother with a big head at school ” yeah mate and I bet you’ve got so much fan mail to get through at home!”
Truth is - i genuinly do though and it’s becoming a problem. Problem can be solved easily though - here’s how

1: send a stamped addressed envelope included with whatever you want signing. And I’ll get it turned round really quickly

Reason being -

I get 3 different variations

Some requests no photos no envelope no stamps?
Some requests no stamp but an envelope and postal orders international included and i don’t have a team of people it’s just me and some friends that help out over pizza night and we’re getting a bit boggled over the plastic bags of genuine requests.
And the last Some with envelope and stamp a photo but then no address on the envelope so some poor buggers almost got it and then all i’m left with is holding an envelope at the post box guessing where you live?

Write to Tom:

United Agents

12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LE

[When you reach the little house, the place your
journey started,
you will recognize it, although it will seem
much smaller than you remember.
Walk up the path, and through the garden gate
you never saw before but once.
And then go home. Or make a home.]
And rest.
—  Neil Gaiman, from “Instructions”

Together with Airali Handmade, I’m making a new book! This book is going to be a Winter themed book with Christmas patterns and winter animals. I’m so excited to show you all the characters Ilaria has been creating, because they’re all sooo super cute! The title will be “Amigurumi Winter Wonderland” and it will go on pre-sale on September 6th.

I'll be showing you the designs that will be in the book in the upcoming weeks. Follow my facebook page to get all the updates!

This hot air balloon with its elf pilot is the very first one and it’s one of my favorites from the book. The hot air balloon carries 24 bags - which makes it into a super fun Advent calendar. Counting down the days to Christmas, each day one of the bags can be opened, unwrapping a piece of candy or a little present.