Barbara Pym was born 2 June 1913, and died 11 January 1980

Seven Quotes

  1. I get moments of gloom and pessimism when it seems as if nobody could ever like my kind of writing again.
  2. The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things … the trivial pleasure like cooking, one’s home, little poems especially sad ones, solitary walks, funny things seen and overheard.
  3. There are some things too dreadful to be revealed, and it is even more dreadful how, in spite of our better instincts,we long to know about them.
  4. Perhaps all love had something of the ridiculous in it.
  5. Once outside the magic circle the writers became their lonely selves, pondering on poems, observing their fellow men ruthlessly, putting people they knew into novels; no wonder they were without friends.
  6. Inanimate objects were often so much nicer than people.
  7. I pulled myself up and told myself to stop these ridiculous thoughts, wondering why it is that we can never stop trying to analyse the motives of people who have no personal interest in us, in the vain hope of finding that perhaps they may have just a little after all.

Pym was an English novelist. She wrote a series of social comedies, of which the best known are Excellent Women and A Glass of Blessings. Her novel, Quartet in Autumn was nominated for the Booker Prize in 1977.

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by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write

Coming Home

Word Count: 7,953
Pairing: Bechloe

Beca sighed as she looked around her new apartment. The early morning sun illuminated the dust floating through the empty air. Piles of boxes towered over her small frame. Unsure of where to start, she glanced at the clock sitting on the floor. 9:17 am. Chloe left to arrange a pickup for their new couch over an hour ago. What was taking so long? Frustrated, she picked up her phone and instinctively dialed Chloe’s number— straight to voicemail.

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So today my little sister came downstairs and goes “I think Caitlyn Jenner is so gorgeous. She needs to tell me how she does her hair, because I want to know how to do big curls like that”. My little 7th grade sister, who doesn’t even know what transgender means, used the right pronouns and showed support. To say I was proud is an understatement.

who to fight: rick and morty edition
  • Rick Sanchez:while the urge to fight him may be there, DO NOT FIGHT HIM. this man creates killer robots for fun. he has no morals. he is the rickest rick, and once fought a group of himself and won. DO NOT FIGHT RICK SANCHEZ
  • Morty Smith:don't fight morty smith. he may be small, but he has a survival instinct like you wouldnt believe. all he needs is a burst of adrenaline and he will win. plus, whether you win or lose, you have to deal with rick afterwards. DO NOT FIGHT MORTY SMITH
  • Jerry Smith:you could fight him, but what would be the point? he's already an insecure and sad man. there's not much lower you can bring him. of course, if you fight him, you gain rick's favor. fight jerry smith
  • Beth Smith:while she's probably not that strong of a fighter, she is a (horse) surgeon and has the knowledge of anatomy on her side. plus she seems like she would fight dirty. fight beth smith, but prepare well first
  • Summer Smith:You can fight her and win, but she will come back. and she will come back strong. she will come back so strong and will hurt you. do not fight summer smith
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He smiled the instant he found them with his eyes, his boy bouncing excitedly upon the cushioned seat of the booth whilst Regina smiled affectionately up at him, a steadying hand at his back just in case he were to fall backwards and it still astounded Robin just how instinctively maternal she was no matter he relation to the child. He was going to ask her soon, going to plan a nice meal for them both and tell her of his want for her to formally adopt his son, to officially make him their own because, though she could never replace Marian as Roland’s mother (had said so herself the first time he’d asked her if she was his Mama now), she loved his son fiercely and there was nothing more that he wanted in life.

The closer he got to their table, the wider his smile grew for he hadn’t noticed it, not from his place at the door but being closer now he could see the smudges of ice-cream painted at the ends of Regina’s, Henry’s and Roland’s nose, all three grinning wildly at him as he slid into the booth beside Henry, giving him a playful shove with his shoulder which was returned amusedly before he was turning to take Regina’s hand in his own, his eyes finding hers for a lingering moment before he was looking up to find Roland already immersed in his story about his first time trying the confection.

“…and there’s chocolate and strawberry and bumpy road!” his voice grew louder at that, Regina reminding Roland to use his ‘inside voice’ even as she laughed at something that had gone completely over Robin’s head but not Henry’s if the shaking of the boy’s shoulders beside him was anything to go by. “Bumpy road is my favorite Papa!”

“I see,” he smiled at the enthusiasm his boy was showing, the expression only matched by Regina as she looked from Roland to him with her thumb rubbing affectionate lines across the back of his hand. She had been an absolute saint in these past few weeks since he’d begun working at the Sheriff’s station with Emma, had been an absolute godsend and had only had him falling even deeper in love with her, though he hadn’t believed that possible. “You’ve got a little something on your nose my love,” he smirked at her, watching as her expression morphed into a mock confusion that had him laughing all the more.

“Really, where?” she gasped playfully, ignoring the eye roll her son sent towards the pair of them before he was climbing from the booth and taking Roland with him to look at the other flavours that the diner offered, leaving both his mother and Robin to make ‘kissy-eyes’ at each other as much as they want. It was an expression he had also decided to teach Roland, much to their absolute dismay and amusement.

Robin had moved to let Henry out of the booth but had dropped down to sit on the side same as Regina now, his arm resting upon the back of the seat with his fingers instantly finding and twiddling at the ends of her hair as she watched him with so much love in those dark eyes as her head tilted. He simply looked at her for a long while before he was moving forward to press his lips to the tip of her nose, smiling as she laughed a breathy chuckle before he pulled back enough to lick the ice cream from his lips.

“Mmm…” he hummed lowly, his eyes dropping to her lips as he whispered “delicious.”

“Oh you think so hm?” she asked with her voice just as low, just as dangerously seductive. It had him leaning in again although he was aiming for somewhere completely different this time. Just as he was about to claim her lips, he shot back at the feel of something cold moving across the skin of his cheek. He gasped as his hand instantly came up, stopped only by her own and when he looked to her he found her eyes had darkened somewhat as she looked from him to the ice cream on her cheek and, with a quick glance around to ensure the children were preoccupied talking to Ruby at the counter, she grasped his chin between her thumb and index finger and turned his head in order to lick the melting ice cream from his cheek, making sure to trail on over to the corner of his mouth where she finished with a wet kiss.

His throat bobbed as she let go of his face and sat back once more, her smirk nothing but wry as she watched him attempt to control himself in their public setting. It was a long moment before he spoke but when he did, she couldn’t help but throw her head back and let out a hearty laugh.

“Could we get this to go?”

tbh I really hated that ‘fear is a choice’ bit in After Earth. It sounds so ridiculous and uselessly high-minded. It might have worked better if the movie had done a better job of highlighting the contrast between what we recognize as humanity and how humanity has changed to accommodate that belief (ability?) within the movies universe. The idea that you are above instinct without establishing any fundamental changes in what is considered instinct kinda makes the whole thing sound silly.

[A faint sound comes to your ears.  Distress?  Is that your Mate in distress?  You prowl, senses at the alert, closer to the sounds.  Whimpering, fear.  A second voice, predatory and hungry.]

[You’ve heard enough.  You’re still hungry yourself, and even though you’re pretty sure that’s not your Mate being hunted, you know in your gut and instinct that this Predator is Wrong and Sick.  Getting rid of him would be a service, so he never has a chance to go after your Mate or anyone else.]

[You get as close as you can without being noticed, which is rather close given that all the beast’s attention is on its prey, and then you tense yourself.  You pounce with all the might in your wiry frame, cane dropping to the ground with a clatter.]

[You manage to sink your teeth into the beast’s arm and tear out a large chunk before it processes what’s going on and retaliates.  The Prey screams, and you exchange blows with the beast.  Your teeth are far too dull and your tail is doing a terrible job counterbalancing you, not to mention your pitiful claws, but your hunger has only been whetted.]

[You’re pretty sure your rib is at least cracked and your shoulder is just one throbbing mess of pain, but you lick your bloodied lips and watch the defeated Beast slink away, trailing copious amounts of blood from several deep, torn bites.  You know you can’t stand.  All fours is better, anyway.]

[You can practically hear the hammering heartbeat of the Prey as you approach it.  You sniff and look it over with hazy and unfocusing eyes, but it seems unharmed.  Satisfied, you flop down at its feet and whine in pain.  The last thing you hear before passing out is the sweet nonsense of the Prey’s voice.]

“Hello, 911?  Yes, I’m at…”

anonymous asked:

What could be a skins hang out with friends? I mean i'm tired of doing always the same and i wanna have fun with friends tonight

I like to smoke and drink in the park. You know, sit in those play structures while waiting for the night to start. Go to some dingy bars. Get all dolled up and walk around town. Take a roadtrip somewhere. Drinking makes any situation more fun so that might be a main factor of entertainment (unless you’re underage). I always found that the best plans are ones that weren’t planned before. Go by instinct, take risks, and have fun.

I instinctively raised my hand today in class to answer a question and the whole class turned their heads around like Reagan from the damn exorcist and I totally lost my train of thought and froze.

So damn embarrassing.

As a Nine, surprisingly, you are least developed in the real qualities of the Instinctive Center (reality, substance, and confidence). Instead, you operate in “daydream” mode–driven by a combination of the Thinking and Feeling Centers. See if you can notice this subtle pattern in yourself today.
—  Understanding the Enneagram, p. 270