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Ummm... based on the thing you added to that Hunger Games reblog you seem like you would use #alllivesmatter instead of #blacklivesmatter... just my opinion. Also did you know that people said that they felt less sympathy towards Rue when they learned she'll be portrayed by a little black girl in the movie? The whole post is about how fucked up is that innocent kids die but a lot of people don't care about it if the kid was black. (sorry if I sounded rude, it was not my intention)

i’m gonna be honest, because i’m always honest no matter what.

yes, for me more important is #allivesmatters. 

let me just say it straigh-i don’t want to be rude to anybody but!

i am so tired of posts that are talking ‘next black boy was killed’ etc.

you see, i come to tumblr to relax after some horrible/bored/depressed day and watch some stupid animals or reblog some of my fave fandoms. but from ferguson time half of my dash is about ‘next black boy was killed’.

I would not mind having posts like these on my dash BUT I’M SO TIRED OF THEM. DID PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS? i’m tired of reading the same thing again and again.

the true is that if these dead people were white people will don’t do noise around this. i’m white so it’s pain for me that on tumblr i don’t see posts about violence against white people. i propably never saw post about Maidan in Ukraine. Why? because there are white people? or maybe because it’s Europe and America don’t care about other places?

i’m not racist if you understand this post like this.

i’m just tired. and propably this was time when all this angry about these posts just needed to free.

I’m sorry if I offended someone. but as i said in begging i’m honest.