Day 81 | 3.14.2015 | Orange County

Getting back into it! Things have settled now so I decided to bust out a pack of 3000B from a stash I have been sitting on and snapped a couple frames off.  This is my first time shooting 3000B actually and I fucking love it. Super fucked that they aren't making it anymore and the price has hit the roof. 

Kirsten Wiig.

Of the hundreds of Polaroids I shot at Sundance this is definitely my favorite. I wasn’t even supposed to photograph Kristen this year and at the end of the day I walked into my studio to start packing up and there she was looking at the wall of polaroids. “These are cool”. “Thanks, I’m mike. Can I shoot one of you?” “Sure”. I shot two frames and then she disapeared out the backdoor into an SUV. 

The Importance Of Polaroid - Why I Still Love To Shoot With Instant Film

My fashion photography is grounded in art. I love the old, painterly feel that a Polaroid gives and the excitement of seeing how it will turn out, and never really knowing. Polaroid film is old, and often that makes it imperfect and each frame is unique - I love that. I also love the instantaneous nature of seeing something coming to life on print.

(Image Source: Emily Soto)