Instamash from today at @woodwardcopper #instamash #woodward #progressing #deityblood


  • holy fuck can silas GET A BREAK NO HE CANT, HE’S SCROUNGING FOR FOOD LIKE A GODDAMN VAGRANT GIMME CHIPS, hold onto ur instamash boxes and fancy lads like its ur first child
  • also he can’t sleep. hasnt slept in like 3 days, will definitely suffer psychological trauma if not in the process of it because sierra madre is a goddamn hellhole and everyone hates you
  • barely any stimpaks left haha only one are you serious in the middle of a ghost infested zone yes i am
  • hiding behind a counter while ghosts search for him, whoops one found him STAB IT WITH A KNIFE 10000 TIMES FEEL THE BLOOD ON YOUR FACE WHILE YOU SCREAM AND CRY SILAS YOUR HUMANITY IS GONE
  • why does everyone treat you like trash (except for christine) act 1 scene 1
  • fuck that god guy he’s an asshole