Rosângela Rennó - Vulgo (Alias) (1998)

"These photographs originated from glass negatives in the Sao Paulo Penitentiary Archive, Brazil, which were identification photographs of prisoners, taken between 1920 and 1940.

Archives particularly interest Rennó because they are stored testimonies and traces of a past that is kept locked and forgotten most of the time, as are prisoners. 

Rennó’s photographs are recovered fragments from a decaying prison archive which highlights the gaps in memory and the history of those prisoners.”


Studded Denim Shirt for Women

Back with another piece of cc, this time a nice little denim shirt with studs for the ladies.



To install this package, go to the directory: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods and place the package there.


To uninstall this package, just delete the package from the mods folder.

Notice: Please do not re-upload this package or claim it as yours ✖

Watch on ms-dos5.tumblr.com

gameoeuvre submitted: This is pretty neat, installing Windows version by version.

I’ve been thinking about doing this, but so far I only have up to 95 and I’ll only be able to go up to either 2000 or ME with what I have now.


download it here

men do not have standalone face and body textures, with the exception of harkon who has textures by urshi. (to match him with his body get urshi’s fine textures for the body on the nexus.) in my pictures i am using urshi’s fine face textures for men. some eye textures are standalone, some aren’t. they will use the ones you have in your game. 

all women with the exception of vex and elisif use standalone textures. vex and elisif will use what you have installed on your game. everyone’s hair is standalone.

required masters:

  • skyrim.esm
  • update.esm
  • unofficial skyrim patch.esp (i think that changes a few npc’s stats?? anyway, if you REALLY don’t want it, it can easily be removed in the CK but i have no idea why would you opt not to use it in general because it fixes so much)
  • dawnguard.esm
  • dragonborn.esm

i am going to do a vanilla skyrim, dlc-free version sometime for someone who requested it.

credits and more info in the read me. 

bonus cool stuff:

because i am clever!! (?) serana and harkon also have fangs yay!

i have also included a modded outfit by atomec for mjoll because i personally hate iron armor on her. if you don’t like that… well, give her other armor~

if you have any visual bugs, i will endeavour to fix or advise. this will totally clash with any other NPC makeovers that touch the same NPCs. (if they previously change the weight of the npc like seranaholic for example can, then it may cause neck gap issues. all npcs in this are vanilla weight.)

strictly (like so hella strict) do not upload anywhere else. it stays on my tumblr.

i no longer accept anons, but i am very happy to help anyone with problems provided they are at least cordial. 

this mod is to my taste. if you do not like it, that’s cool, move along. if you do like it, thanks! send me (tag me!!!! #mrsalenko) pictures of them in your game! 

steve rogers

sooo i decided (partially in response to theappleppielifestyle's recent fic) that i wanted to do a series of drawings of the avengers in cute underwear and jeans because that’s a thing i’m into—i really like clothes ok

anyway, so this is a sketch of the first installation in the series—steve in navy blue and white polkadot undies with a red bow


all underpants should be cute

I honestly don’t know how Tumblr is going to survive Mockingjay because, not only is it the final installment of an amazing series that just so happens to be girl-power heavy… it’s also going to have Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer in a movie together. Like, two of our queens in the same movie. We practically worship them. And just imagine the two of them hanging out on set together… *CRIES* I’m pretty sure Mockingjay will end us all.

Here are 15 iOS 8 apps Apple thinks you should try

Whether you’ve bought you a new iPhone 6 or have installed iOS 8 on your old iPhone, Apple has listed some apps on its App Storethat it thinks you should try to take advantage of some key features such as support for third-party keyboards, widgets and extensions. Below we’ve listed 15 of the apps on Apple’s list along with links to their pages on the App Store and brief descriptions.

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A Shimeji is a little desktop buddy that roams your screen. The original site actually calls it “the world’s most useless mascot”

Windows | Mac

Elecman is a bit random.  Sometimes he’ll be everywhere at once, multiplying at an incredible rate.  However at other times he’ll calmly wander your screen without multiplying.  Be careful if you want to pick him up and throw him around, though, hold him too long and he’ll shock you.

How to Use:

1. Just download and unzip the .ZIP file

2. Run Shimeji-ee.EXE or Shimeji-ee.JAR

3. Enjoy


- Make sure you have the latest verion of Java installed

-If you have a 64-bit computer and are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 the .EXE application file will NOT run; you have to run the .JAR or .VBS file

- This version does not work on Mac computers, sorry

- There is a bug in the program (for ALL shimejis) that causes them to enter and infinate loop when they are sitting; to fix just pick them up and the program will return to normal

Master Download List

Other Megaman Battle Network shimejis I’ve done can be found here

Snippets - A For the First Time in Never Sidestory

Previous installments here.

Chapter Ten: Letters

My dear Elsa,

It has only been a week since I left you, and every minute away from your side feels like an hour, every hour a day, and every day a month, every week a year…

Ha, I can see you raising an eyebrow at me with your lips pursed in that “I am not impressed” expression you do so well whenever I tease you. You never were one for exaggeration and ostentatious displays, which I think I should remedy once I get back—yes, I can see you narrowing your eyes at me now. That makes me even more determined for you to get used to it.

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