Invisible Statues by Rob Mulholland

Scottish sculptor has created a ghostly art installation in the woodland walk at the David Marshall Lodge in Scotland titled Vestige. Originally intended to be temporary, the six mirrored life-size silhouettes (three men and three women) have been so popular that they are now to become a permanent fixture in the previously inhabited woodlands. Mulholland’s idea behind the installation seems twofold:  to create a vestige of the people who once occupied the land until following World War I, when they were re-located while forests were planted to generate timber and; to make people ‘reflect’ upon man’s impact on the nature.

The almost imperceptible sculptures camouflaged by their surroundings have an eerie quality that has been compared by many to the predator in the 1980s film of the same name that seamlessly blends into its surrounding
TWILIGHT IS BACK! BITCHES! -Lion's gate announcement " individual characters will get short films on Facebook"



Two years after Lions Gate released the fifth and supposedly final installment in his series of films “Twilight,” the study has devised an unusual effort reviving the franchise and could provide clues about the future of Facebook in Hollywood. Lions Gate and Stephenie Meyer, creator of the saga of vampires and werewolves, “Twilight”, announced Tuesday plans to select five candidates for directors to make short films based on characters from “Twilight”. The mini-movies, funded by Lions Gate and its producing partners, will be shown exclusively on Facebook next year.


The series of short films called “The Storyteller - New creative voices of” The Twilight Saga, ‘“has the support of  Women in Film , an organization dedicated in part to end the shortage of women directors While not openly promoted by Sheryl Sandberg. Facebook chief operating officer, the initiative could be seen in the context of it “on tilt” efforts to empower women in the workplace.

A group of female panelists, including actress “Twilight” Kristen Stewart and Mrs. Meyer, will select the winning shorts and mentor participants, Lions Gate said. Other panelists included the actresses Kate Winslet, Julie Bowen and Octavia Spencer; Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first film “Twilight”; film producer Cathy Schulman; and Jennifer Lee, who co-directed “Frozen.” To read the rest of the article go to source Via


Richard Shilling's Land Art

Art Blog

richard shilling makes art using only that which he finds in nature - broken twigs, fallen leaves, mud, tree sap, torn bark - and returns it in creations he ‘leaves’ for others to find.

Land artists take naturally occurring materials in the wild and rearrange them into works of art. That’s what Richard Shilling does, using no glue, string, or any other materials. You can see some prime examples of his ingenuity at the link. Shilling makes excellent use of translucent leaves, flexible stems, and stones to make effective sculptures. The wind often sweeps away his works within minutes of completion, but that’s okay with Shilling because it is an affirmation of the transient nature of life.

Thanks to nubbsgalore for this post and thanks for the talent of this Great Sculptor of Nature: richard shilling

Collected Recordings, Mix No. 3 — Infinitefreefall

presenting the third installment of the collected recordings monthly mix series

september 2014’s edition is curated by coffee intern Infinitefreefall

1. Aphex Twin vs. DJ Rashad - Nannou / Pass That Shit
2. Lapalux vs. A Flock of Seagulls - Without You / I Ran
3. Baths vs. Holly Herndon vs. Bruno Mars - Ocean Death / Chorus / Locked Out of Heaven
4. Les Sins vs. Daphni & Owen Pallett - Bother / Julia
5. Mono/Poly vs. Gwen Stefani - Winds of Change / What You Waiting For
6. Mathiasen vs. Phoenix - Missed Call / 1901

also includes samples of:
2a. Ta-ku - Heartbreak (Sinking)
2b. Kings of Convenience - Scars on Land
2c. Moby - 7
2d. Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance
3a. Anthony Naples - Moscato B
4a. Trinidad James - All Gold Everything
4b. David Guetta - Sexy Chick
4c. Zedd - Clarity
5a. Mono/Poly - Transit to the Golden Planet

art done by the wonderful Vondell Swain


The Remixes, Vol. 3 is now available on cd + cassette at
http://store.infinitefreefall.com/ and http://store.collectedrecordings.com/

Hahaha! Is it weird that I started looking at the like/dislike bar for TWD2’s finale and immediately pictured it like those choice summaries you get at the end of each installment? 65% OF PEOPLE DECIDED TO HATE ON KENNY

Who's that girl ?

By exploring feminity through stereotypes and using them to her advantage, Fafi not only knocked her male colleagues and competitors out their socks, she also locked toy manufacturing deals with Sony and Medicom, countless press stories and illustrations for Commons & Sense, Vogue, Elle or The Face, big market collaborations with Adidas, M.A.C, Hennessy, Swatch, Samsung and Le SportSac, not to mention many solo and prestigious group shows in the most respected galleries around the globe.

Her presence during the last Miami Art Basel at Wynwood walls “Women on the walls” curated by Jeffrey Deitch, brought her back to the art world with two art pieces showcasing her usual Fafinettes and a flower “SALOPE” installation opened to new mediums.

Becoming a mother, her next natural move was animating the ‘Fafinettes’ in music videos like Lily Allen and Mark Ronson’s ‘Oh My God’ or her co-directed ‘Do Do Do’ for Ed Banger act Carte Blanche. She also directed full-kino videos for Mademoiselle Yulia and Azealia Banks, those latters becoming real-flesh characters.

Her last but not least director’s job was to shot live M.I.A for the first Youtube Music Award in New-York in november 2013 along with Spike Jonze’s team.

Her first comic book ‘THE CARMINE VAULT’ released in April 2012 on eminent Rizzoli Books and Alternatives.

Fafi ran for the occasion a Signature world tour in major cities aorund the globe gathering her friends and throwing parties from Mexico city to Tokyo and L.A to London.

Now not only the Fafinettes are fly girls, they also run a whole universe of creatures, homes and vehicles. It’s a dreamy and peculiar place.

Fafi currently lives and work in Paris.

Welcome in!

By @falko1graffiti (http://globalstreetart.com/falko-one). Here’s the story: I spent a week in small town in a town called Prince Afred in an area called the Karoo ( semi -arid desert) in south Africa. dedicated most of time painting the homes of a small `coloured` settlement. like most small towns in south africa- its fucked! high alcohol foetal syndrome, high unemployment, high school drop out rate…but graffiti/street art is what everyone knew. they`ve all seen it on tv and in magazines. For them it was the first time anyone brought art to them. They see it as unattainable and unaffordable…this piece was done on an `outside toilet` that is unused because the plumbing was never installed by the local government…