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beingpumpkinsucks said:

Yeah, so there is this cool new banner on the main Tapastic page named "Adventure Time" with great adventure comics including Treehouse and that's awesome and all, but... whY IS MAX COLORED WHAT IS HAPPENING

There is no special reason, other than it had to be in colour to be included in the banner  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Colouring isn’t exactly my strongest suit, and it was done in a fresh install of GIMP, so it also kinda served as an experiment for me I guess


Its something I’m gonna practise more eventually, maybe even do some chapter covers in colours (the comic itself will stay monochrome though)

I’ve heard that XSplit limits your stream quality unless you pay for it, so I’ll go over how to set up OBS for livestreaming as there’s no quality restraints on there!

OBS is a completely free and open source program, so no need to worry about paying for stuff.

First off you’ll wanna visit OBSProject so you can download the program. (I’m using OBS Beta)

Once you’ve installed it and you open it up, you should see a window like this


Right click in the Scenes box and hit add scene


then right click in sources and choose window capture


You’ll then see this window:


Select the window you want to stream


then you can then check the sub-region box and choose how much of the window you wish to stream, or you can just hit OK.

That is now all set up. If when you press preview stream it’s off centre or the wrong size, hit CTRL+F and that will centre it.

You now need to add a server!! Sites like Picarto or Twitch are the easiest to set up.

On Picarto, and believe it’s the same on Twitch, if you go to your dashboard and scroll to the bottom you will find the server and your stream key:


(Make sure to keep your stream key secret cause anyone can stream to your channel if they know it!)

go to Settings > Settings, then click Broadcast Settings and you’ll see this window


Paste in the server and streamkey, and you can now stream to the server!! There are some preset servers too if you click on the streaming service drop-down.

You can also change the quality settings on this window, I’d visit OBS’s estimator for an idea on what to set things to. (select low motion)


You can use BBC’s iPlayer to watch the season premiere, even if you live out of the country. You’ve just got to install Zenmate for Google Chrome or Proxmate for Firefox. I personally use Chrome so I’m not quite sure how to use ProxMate, but to use Zenmate, just click the little Zenmate icon in the top right corner of your browser after you install it, then click change location and set your location to London.




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I feel the need to give a trick I learned! One of my friends told me about hola unblocker. It's a small tool you install in your menu bar and with that you can move your computers ip adress to england or america and watch bbc one online or the american netflix or other american telly. i use it to watch grimm on nbc homepage and other stuff since I live in europe. just google for hola unblocker and have fun. and the symbol is a small happy firehead. and you can turn it of when you don't us it!

That’s what I use too :D It’s a lot more reliable than any stream.
If you guys want to give it a try (which I recommend), you can download it here!

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The Path of Pins.

Third and final instalment of the Bitten triptych; a work that uses the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fable as a rough framework to explore werewolfism as a metaphor for female puberty. Like the lupine transformation, adolescence leads to the development of androgenic hair and visible bodily change. Fertility is heralded by the menstrual cycle; whose pattern is traditionally linked with the phases of the moon. Of course, the latter is also associated with so-called ‘madness’ (anger and antisocial moods). The works investigate the development and maturation of young girls and raise questions of choice and consent, moratorium and foreclosure; but delve into the mind of the wolf as well as the ‘curse’ takes hold.

This book investigates the act of restricting oneself. During development children go through a period of free experimentation known as moratorium in order to ‘find themselves.’ By opening themselves to new experiences they are able to shift and change into the people they will one day solidify into, replete with views and opinions that might be quite contrary to those they had before this period.

If the child chooses not to undergo moratorium, feeling that they would not like to change or experience anything new, this is known as foreclosure.

The girl in this book is fixed and immobile, ignoring the wolves as they creep in, page by page, eventually surrounding her.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Friendly note: watching LPs of FNaF is fine. It won’t give you nightmares.

However, if you wake up to go to work in the dark and you are only semi-conscious as you stumble out of your room, your dog-beast running up to greet you from the hallway WILL make your heart stop.

On a related note, if you watch LPs of FNaF, your place of employment WILL choose to install a mannequin that night, so when you come to open the restaurant in the dark the next morning, there WILL be an ominous humanoid shadow waiting for you just inside the door.

Have you ever wanted a mini Nezumi running around your screen?Of course you have.

I was too lazy to clean it properly so it might be a bit….wonky but I hope you guys enjoy!


Shout out to nuclearpandaz for inspiring me to make this ^^

Feel free to ask any questions etc. 

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I wish I had this system in my country. Here we pay shit loads for our living facilities at the university and we still have to share the room with 3 people. No privacy at all and what's more my roommates are crazy beyond words.

Yeah, my accommodation is £5000ish for the first year, about £120 a week, and £9000 a year for tuition, but it’s all government funded and I just pay them back at the end in small and fuss free instalments. Our government actually got something right for once!