Madiha Siraj creates intensely colorful installations that overstimulate the senses. Through the accumulation of cheap, commonplace materials, her works become veritable visual spectacles. “Oyster EB-124,” for instance, invited viewers to enter a room lined floor-to-ceiling with rainbow paint swatches that form pixelated-looking patterns. The patterns become disrupted at certain points in the room where the paint swatches’ shapes lose their regularity. See more on Hi-Fructose.


‘Untitled’ by Paweł Fabjański

Paweł Fabjański is a visual artist and photographer based in Poland. While most of his professional work is commercial, he likes to experiment with more abstract ideas for his personal portfolio. In his series ‘Untitled’ in cooperation with set designer Zuza Słomińska, Paweł uses the temporarily empty facilities of Lodz university as his playground, just moments before they were filled with people trying to push their ideas a step further.
This emptiness is a contrast to the captured objects built of everyday items like cups and pencils. They seem like scribble notes turned into real life objects and are a metaphor for the creative compulsion, that Paweł believes lives in every single one of us.

(via Ignant)

My installation of found objects from old Doha. From my series old Doha, photographs and found objects. An exploration of how a story of a place and people can be narrated through things. Is this considered a culture and history of a place changing at a rapid pace and do we fear losing it?why do we not? #doha #olddoha #qatar #culture #history #installation #foundobjects #art #vcuq


Video of my final sculpture piece. To think this came about after one of those throw away drawings I did at the beginning in my mind map. I think its taught me to keep every drawing because you never know what it could turn into.