Susie MacMurray: Cloud

Site Specific Installation, The Great Hall, Winchester 2015

reclaimed military barbed wire, butterfly netting

In the culminating exhibition of Hampshire’s Big Theme ‘1914’, Susie MacMurray responds to conflict, loss, memory and commemoration. With particular reference to the First World War, Cloud is a monumental newly commissioned artwork.

The events of the First World War touched so many lives. No family or life at the time was left unaffected. Cloud reflects the ominous presence of conflict a century ago, but draws parallels with more recent conflicts and the effects of war. It looms dramatically above a drift of 40,000 replica identity tags representing those fallen and those touched by war.

Join us for Ursula Scherrer with Brian Chase and Kato Hideki’safloat on Friday May 29, as part of A Performative Conference in Nine Acts.

 A dark room. Time and space disappear. Movement is imperceptible. In this immersive installation the audience is invited to sit and lie on the floor, and to come and go freely. Ursula Scherrer, Brian Chase, and Kato Hideki will create a space of images and sounds—it will not be about what the viewer sees and hears, but about the feeling the images and sounds provoke, that which is beyond the surface. The space will be a space of pure being, a space where the audience feels comfortable to float, to let themselves go, to lose themselves, and to lose touch with time. Supported by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

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