WHAT’S ON: Pierre Huyghe @ LACMA. November 23, 2014 - February 22, 2015. LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036.


This exhibition marks the first major retrospective of the work of Pierre Huyghe (b. 1962, Paris). Huyghe creates films, installations, and events that blur fact and fiction, reinvent rituals of social engagement, and use the exhibition model as a site for playful experimentation. Organized thematically, the exhibition covers more than two decades of Huyghe’s career, with a focus on cinema as both model and matrix. By filming staged scenarios, Huyghe probes the capacity of art to distort and ultimately shape reality through methods that are filmic, spatial, or social.



Luz sanitaria/Health-care Light by Luzinterruptus

Luzinterruptus illuminates 200 feeding syringes in protest of health care system…The Spanish health issue has gone from a few years to become a business for a few we can not be duda.Desde that the current government is in power we have suffered in our “patients” multiple meats attempts to privatize some of which have passed the attempt to the most outrageous reality, they have managed to turn Ebola in a national crisis embarrassing consequences, Seats Tide stain the streets of Spanish cities, the health minister resigns for his involvement in the plot Gürtel, a point we have state passed a reform of the abortion law that would set back the rights of women to the age of the caves. In addition, hovering over us free trade agreement with the US and our brand new health minister, has said nice things like this, “” It makes no sense that a person entering irregularly would have to invite the health of other citizens of Spain “….


Literature Versus Traffic by Luzinterruptus

Spanish lighting designers Luzinterruptus scattered 10,000 glowing books across the ground at Federation Square in Melbourne this summer for a lighting festival dedicated to reading.

Entitled Literature Versus Traffic, the installation was designed to resemble a river that winds along the pavements and roads of the busy public square

The designers sourced the discarded books from local libraries and placed LED lights behind the pages of each one to illuminate the printed words.


Adam Niklewicz is a Polish-American sculptor (born in Zamość, Poland) who earned his BFA in graphic communications in 1989 from Washington University in St. Louis, and his MFA in sculpture from SUNY Purchase in 2006. His work has been featured and discussed in ARTnewsSculpture MagazineModern PaintersArt New EnglandThe New York Times, andThe Nation.  via wikipedia


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Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels creates wooden installations inspired by the geometric arrangements of crystal formations. The artist stacks thin pieces of wood into tessellating triangular shapes, using them to create hive-like structures that viewers can enter. Fels’s installations are based on her elaborate blueprints, which she displays as artworks in their own right. The wood she uses is sourced from discarded construction materials. Functional and visually appealing, her works evoke makeshift shelters that viewers can temporarily inhabit. See more on Hi-Fructose.