Anne Boleyn x Taylor Swift

#i got a blank space baby and I’ll write your name


daddy issues? lmao

so at lunch i mentioned to a friend that this 33 y/o was flirting with me on kik and lunch turned into a full on intervention like I guess it’s not ideal for a 15 year old to date a 33 yo but at the same time it’s like ive been so much worse and i dont see it as me being cool or special or anything but i feel like what i see it as is much more innocent than how they see it

like sure i’m no virgin mary but i don’t see it as all that bad. I get to feel special. I get to feel important. I’m not breaking any laws and it’s like a high everytime i get a new guy, like I’ve always wanted to do coke but everytime i get enough $$ i blow it on makeup or whatever 

Is it really all that bad? I don’t see how I’m in danger.

I’m pretty dumb but i feel like everyone knows something I don’t like yeah it’s ‘illegal’ and i guess they’re pedophiles even though I don’t really look like a child and all that jazz

i talked to my therapist about it and she says i like seek approval from men to get the love i never got from my father which is kinda true but i still feel like what i’m doing is 100% normal and I’m surprised that my friends aren’t like this and just wow 

how do i stop?