10 Things to Give Up

1. Trying to please, and be acceptable, to others
2. The fear of making a mistake
3. The fear of change
4. The fear of the future
5. Guilt or shame that’s tied to your past
6. Beating yourself up or putting yourself down
7. Over-thinking
8. Living by your feelings
9. The desire to get even with others
10. The tendency to procrastinate.

Now more than ever.

What I never expected was that it’d be so hard down the track when losing people so close to me.

When my mother and best friend passed away I had so much going on. I had to comfort other people, sort out finances, plan funerals, be with my family and keep my life afloat at the same time. Now that the dust has settled, it’s harder than ever.

I’ve recently come in to some amazing news that I can’t wait to share with you all. The second I found out about this news I wanted to call my mother. The extreme excitement I felt was completely turned around into anguish. My heart dropped into my stomach. I miss calling her. I miss just chatting to him. I miss sharing my life with the two closest people to me, and now they’re not here.

I suppose this message is for all you out there. If you have any friends or family going through a rough patch or dealing with a death (or two) like me, don’t think just because the storm is over that it isn’t still flooding. Let me tell you, some days it feels like I’m drowning and no one would even know.

When it seems like everything is okay is when they might need you most. Like I do, right now.