💡PLEASE read- People are deserving of so much better then they receive. Do not tell someone something that will hurt them. You shouldn’t correct things that don’t NEED to be corrected. You don’t know what they have gone through, that your words can possibly be the knife that strikes through their heart. People have depression and anxiety that can be life threatening. You should understand where people come from. I am to blame with this with people in my life.. But With experience with this plus an overwhelming amount of anger and being rather sensitive I always wanted someone to understand me and calm me down and show me that they could care for me and know me like others wouldn’t be able to. But in all honestly with patience and time, people can have the chance to recognize the real, good person in you. Calling someone racist or homophobic or Crazy or idiotic because you feel they are, DOES NOT mean that that is who they are. You are not at all entitled to an opinion of a false judgement that is criticizing a person with a false claim. By experience this happens to me daily and I react by simply ignoring, because I know who I am, but to others who CANT handle this, that way.. You must NOT do such a horrible thing. I understand people giggle at cruelty with their friends as they sit behind their phones like that but it is not acceptable to anyone in society no matter what they may think. Have respect for your own personal image and the image of your peers. Bullying and false judgment is NOT okay- wether it is with art or life or anything.