"It always seems impossible until its done."

That , my fellow studyblrs , is a pile of toil and dedication for mathematics specifically differential equations. -To be specific 40+ sheets of assorted kinds of paper back to back in a span of 5 days.-

I have never been fond of solving or putting effort for basic math subjects such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and the like . (Except for geometry though, I’ve always loved that subject) As a result, the schedules for solving their problems were just the day before an exam , on that day, or none at all.

For our Christmas break, our instructor had us answer a problem set as a requirement for an exam. I found it mournfully draining as I could not solve many of them.

As a 2015 new year’s resolution, I wanted that to change and thought that I should put an effort for it if I wanted to lose the uncertainty and uncomfortable feeling of being unready; -that’s a lot of (un-)s- consequently, I dedicated a week of my Christmas break on solving as much as possible all of our textbook tackled problems as an attempt on gradually removing those uns by following all of you studyblrs’ advices.

In this experience, I learned that : it is true..
As our instructor once said
“You can gain confidence by experience.”

May this be a reminder too to all students out there of the saying:
“It always seems impossible until its done.”

God bless us all in our studies. Happy Studying / Solving !


Concern for man himself and his fate 
must always form the
chief interest of all technical endeavors
in order that the creations of our mind
shall be a blessing 
not a curse to mankind. 
Never forget this amid your diagrams and equations. 

Albert Einstein

Both photos are Public Domain — Albert Einstein with wife Elsa /  Wall quote, interior, Penn State University’s Materials Research Laboratory, University Park, PA.

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I restarted the paper mache saddle function last night and it was a good move because the first one was a hot mess because I tried using printer paper in order to conserve what little I had left of my public bathroom-type brown paper towel roll (which is, like, the best shit EVER for paper mache).

Yeah, don’t… don’t try and paper mache with printer paper cuz your shit turns out like shit.

But, anyway, MAD shouts to the manager of the Fellini Kroger for giving me a brand new phat roll of dem brown paper towels FO /FREE/ since they switched their paper towel dingers and can’t use the brown ones any more! (And ty universe for letting them conveniently have a spare, unusable brown one left over.)

Anyway, attention span shot, point is, saddle fxn paper mache take 2 is perfect. Smoother’n lil baby babby tabby cat Niels’s bunny rabbit-soft fur, y’all.

A+ 10/10 I learned important paper mache-life lessons from this experience.

ALSO, Spring Break 2015: The Week of Solitude ends tonight, but this spring break was a surprisingly good one? (LOL minus that part where I didn’t do my matrix hw due tomorrow and ain’t about to but, hey, HEY, credit/no credit, and it was a sacrifice I made for my DE2 hw due tomorrow. And, goddamnit, do I want an A in DE2.)