Honestly, after this three minute video, I have realized that I should be whoever I want to be and I shouldn’t take people opinions about me to heart.  Someone as amazing as Thomas Sanders is a theater kid, a nerd and was bullied, just like me.  And look at where he is now!  Now, I’m not saying that I’m completely confident about myself because, come on, that’s not gonna happen after only three minutes.  Stuff like that takes time.  But, just watching his videos and seeing how happy he is, I realize that maybe I should just be happy too.  

I am more than a 15 minute shag on a dingy couch.
I am more than the boy I fell for and am used by.
I am more than staying friends with the people I can’t stand.
I am more than all the drugs I try and the cigarette’s I smoke.
I am more than the hatred I feel towards myself.
I am more than the ache in my stomach and the hurt in my head.
I am more than the shit that ever questioned my worth.
I am more than all of it and let me tell you honey, so are you.
—  a new point of view, free from you.