On every girl I stare straight at her collarbones.
With every girl, I feel I need to see
If she has a thigh gap.
Every girl make me feel fat.
Is this a problem?
Is this just me?
Am I the only one who do this?
Am I the only one that
counts the calories hysterically?
Am I the only one that
see what others eat,
and eat less to feel a little less fat?
A little less guilty.
…Is this just…me?
—  {♡}

「♡ 30 Days Anime Challenge!

Day 6: Anime you want to see but you haven’t yet ~~ Soul Eater

(‘Cause, shit man, look at that art, loook at itttt, feeeeel ittttt, look at that variety of hair, and at that shinigami who knocked the fuck out of that red-haired-guy, and these two at the bridge! I know they both secretly love each other, I knowwww itttt…AND THAT WHITE DANCING THING WITH THE GIANT NOSE, I heard most of people hate Excalibur, but even though I haven’t watched this anime, I’m pretty sure you can’t hate at all a cute dancing-thing, with a top hat that give a shit about gravity respect!….But it has too many episodes…so..:/)

And DON'T FORGET IT: MARCH 5, IS THE ‘TUMBLR DAY’; Draw a "T" on a place where people can see it [Skin, Shirt], and if you see someone with this “T” anywhere, you go up to them, and hug them, exchange your URLs, and become friends! [It's for everyone and every type of blog!] Mark it on your calendar, TUMBLR DAAAAY!! ----------------------------------- Y NO LO OLVIDES: MARZO 5, ES EL ‘DÍA TUMBLR’; Escribe una “T” en algún lugar donde la gente pueda verlo [Piel, Camisa], y si ves a alguien con ésta “T” en cualquier lugar, vas con ellos, los abrazas, intercambian sus URLs, y se hacen amigos! [Es para todos, y para cada tipo de blog!] Anótalo en agenda, TUMBLR DAAAAY!!

Vamos, México! Espero ver muchas “T” En Guadalajara!! :DDD