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[Text:] Come over now. I went shopping.

Thor glanced down at his phone and pondered for a brief moment if it was worth sneaking out when his father was home- and was running out the back door for his bike before deciding it probably was.

Oh well, he’d pay hell later, but he’d have found an excuse to hit him anyway.

[text; Sir] on my way.

He arrived as fast as he could.

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Insomnia cooed and tilted his head back, nosing at Legolas' neck. "Baby, will you go get the straight razor for me?"

“Of course,” Legolas replied, pressing a kiss to Inso’s hair before standing and grabbing the razor. “It is still odd to me that you need this…” He murmured as he set it in front of him.

The idea of Horrific Thoughts started in 2011, from day one a good friend Jesus I. Carrillo, also known as Inzoe/Insoe, supported and encouraged me. Unfortunately he tragically passed away in 2012 leaving good art and good ideas behind. Here at Horrific Thoughts we decided to pay homage to Zoe by placing his infamous ghost on the right sleeve, representing him as the right hand man of Horrific Thoughts. You left us too soon but you will never be forgotten. Forever in our hearts.

The Rebirth of Jesus Christ

Jesus died for your sins. He was wrongly persecuted for some unknown crime, possibly blasphemy. Mary was involved so it could have been pre-marital sex and they just called her prostitute as an insult. No one believed him. They failed to use The Scientific Method in their investigation. That or they were just bigoted towards whatever victimless taboo he committed. Since they were wrathful and decided to punish a victimless criminal, it made them the the bad guys. But they were ignorant so Jesus forgave them. He believed in a more universal philosophy. He believed that everyone has the right to live their life as they choose inso as long as they do not violate the right of another to live their life as they choose. He saw how the ignorant and bigoted people were actually innocent, victims in their own right, victims of their culture. He saw how they were all just products of their past experiences, mostly dictated by their families and cultures. He realized that people exist on a bell curve, from emotional reasoners dominated by social acceptance and cultural belief systems to logical reasoners, dominated by logical consistency and universal concepts. He didn’t hate the emotional reasoners, he understood them. He just wanted to change their culture, to progress it, make it more tolerant. Really, Jesus was a lot like MLK. He was one with God. He opened himself, made himself transparent so they could see right through him to God. He wanted them to see God so they could find God within themselves, below the surfaces they existed upon. He tried really hard to explain his understandings, became an expert communicator but when people had epiphanies they thought he was possessed by a demon to have such powers to affect them. Pure unadulterated logic, said in such as way no one could misunderstand or misinterpret and it resonated with their own experience, it just clicked, like a light bulb going on. Jesus was a cool guy, don’t make fun of him. He died for your sins but you were ignorant of how your participation in culture and The System enabled it to hurt so many innocent people so he forgave you. lol

Imagine all the people that agreed with him, the guilt after he died, for letting it happen, for being accessories to murder by culture.. Thats when he was reborn, metaphorically, his death was the spark in a cultural revolution.

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I di
I did
I didn
I didn’t
I didn’t n
I didn’t ne
I didn’t nee
I didn’t need
I didn’t need s
I didn’t need sl
I didn’t need sle
I didn’t need slee
I didn’t need sleep
I didn’t need sleep a
I didn’t need sleep an
I didn’t need sleep any
I didn’t need sleep anyw
I didn’t need sleep anywa
I didn’t need sleep anyway
I didn’t need sleep anyways

Meet my two lovable friends @erialcydnic @nhellzz . Sila yung unang araw or unang week palang ng class kabonding ko na kaagad. 1st day of class si cindy una kong naging kakilala tapos 1st day of class din may nakasakay ako sa jeep na sobrang daldal tas nasabi ko sa sarili ko “feeling ko magiging kaklase ko ‘to,” kaklase ko nga, sya si nelo (my inso). Oo, di ko pa man tlga sya kakilala nakita ko na pagiging jolly nya. And as time goes by, mas naging close kami at nakilala pa yung mga treasured friends namin ngayon. The “BE&TN” as we call ourselves and all of us have the same goal of becoming a CPA. Congrats and God bless us to our next journey. :) keep believing and always have faith!