Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra (INSO) perform at the National theatre during International Day Of Peace in central #Baghdad #Iraq

الفرقة السمفونية الوطنية العراقية خلال اداء لها في المسرح الوطني بمناسبة يوم السلام العالمي #بغداد #العراق

#INSO #IDOP #IDP #everydayiraq #everydaymiddleeast #documentary #peace #المسرح_الوطني_العراقي
(at المسرح الوطني)

The idea of Horrific Thoughts started in 2011, from day one a good friend Jesus I. Carrillo, also known as Inzoe/Insoe, supported and encouraged me. Unfortunately he tragically passed away in 2012 leaving good art and good ideas behind. Here at Horrific Thoughts we decided to pay homage to Zoe by placing his infamous ghost on the right sleeve, representing him as the right hand man of Horrific Thoughts. You left us too soon but you will never be forgotten. Forever in our hearts.

insomniacannotsleep said:

"Will you shut up, please?" (for Danny, maybe when he's in an interview and Inso wants kissies uwu)


Danny raised an eyebrow, pausing mid-answer and he rolled his eyes with a soft smile. “Kisses?” He murmured softly, leaning down and nudging a gentle kiss to his lips, Ben promptly taking over answering the question.

insomniacannotsleep said:

*sends my URL and sits down to watch* hello friend

My Opinion on;

Character in general: Inso is wonderful. He’s such a well thought out character and he is precious. I love the idea behind him as well as how his personality is formed through how you see he reacts to certain people. I just.. *keeps him forever*
How they play them: 
I love how they play Inso. He can be such a sweetheart but then he can be rather …well… It’s sorta like looking at Siren. You know he is capable of being nice but you have a chance of getting him being an asshole too. But they play him wonderfully and I adore it. 
The Mun: 
GiVE THEM YOUR MEME URL AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. It’s so nice to know people will actually send things if you just … Gah they are lovely okay. They send in memes and they talk and they are lovely. I just want to shove them in my bra and keep them.

Do I:

RP with them: Siren seems dead set on the fact that he wants Inso so yes …
Want to RP with them:  Yes 8D

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Can’t sleep? Go follow them 8D /distant chuckles over my puns

**Note: Mun’s answers are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

you’re far away butyoure getting close enough for it to hurt and I’m starting to queestionmy memories again and inso scared right now, I’m so fuckinb scared to go to school, I’m scared every time I turn my head that you’ll be there, hearing youtr voice makes me feel so sick. I don’t want to go to school anymore I can’t handle any of this


"know where I can find any men>?"

WTF GABBY’S STOMACH WTF I think this is the first time (lolamost typed ‘fist’) that weve seen her inso little clothing???  yeeaahh gabs take it off woooo=