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➤ Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Storyline
A twisted new tale of terror begins for a teenage girl and her family, predating the haunting of the Lambert family in the earlier movies and revealing more mysteries of the otherworldly realm The Further.

⇨ Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-06-05
Casts : Leigh Whannell, Stefanie Scott, Angus Sampson, Dermot Mulroney, Lin Shaye
Duration : 0 minutes runtime
Rating : 8.3

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Tell me a Piece of Your History

It’s back again.

That dark haze, hanging over your head, insidiously wriggling into your very bloodstream. Its all-consuming, slow burn numbs you, and you slowly curl yourself into a tighter ball, hiding your face in the pillow.

You hate when this happens, when it attacks you and catches you blindsided, ruining a what was a great time, up until that point. And the most you can do is excuse yourself and lock yourself away in your room. The silence probably hurts you even more, but just the thought of being anywhere remotely sociable–yes, including the Great Downstairs–has you feeling queasy.

You lift your head to squint at the clock. 23:00. Huh.

Sighing, you squint at your phone screen, silently debating. You really shouldn’t, especially on a school night, but on the other hand…

You bring up the messaging app, typing in two simple words and sending it to your best friend.

Danger Night.

You wait for a moment, chewing your lip, before your phone buzzes with an answer.

Gimme 5 minutes.

You squeeze your eyes shut and curl back into bed, silently counting the seconds until you hear a slight tapping on the window. Blinking your eyes back open, you slowly stretch out and stand up, shuffling to the window and pushing in open. Kyle enters without a sound, hopping into your room and wrapping you in a tight hug. You cling on, suddenly grateful that he came.

“Did you do it?”

You shake you head silently, no. You promised you wouldn’t to him.

Kyle pulls away, though he gently tugs on your wrists to lead you back to your bed. And like many nights before, you snuggle right next to him, placing your head on his chest as his arm supports and wraps around you, his thumb aimlessly rubbing your arm.

“Want to talk about it?”

You exhale in a small huff, burying your nose in Kyle’s shirt. His scent has always filled you with a sense of familiarity and security. He’s always been there for you, even when you rejected all others.

“What am I doing with my life?” you finally whisper out. “What will I do with my life?”

“I don’t know,” Kyle responds cautiously. “Only you can decide that.”

You shake your head, the first tears pricking at your eyes. “I used to be great at everything, remember?” you give a mirthless laugh. “I used to be the one in a million activities. I used to be the one that talked to everyone. I used to know what I wanted and I used to do anything to get it.”

“I remember,” Kyle says with a huff of laughter. “I could barely keep up with you.”

“What happened to me?” You close your eyes, the slow burn crawling into your chest. “I’m at a loss for words now. I grew up, and everyone got better than me at everything. I’m nothing. I don’t–”

“–Follow your dreams.”

You look back up at Kyle to find him gazing steadily back at you, his dark eyes unreadable. “You don’t follow what you want. You know what happened to that girl? People started shoving her around. Told her what to do with her life. So tell me: what do you like to do?”

You frown. Yes, what do you like? You have so many things you like, but none that you love. Not like the way Kyle loves music. Quite honestly, you’re quite jealous of your friend for such a passion that you severely lack in any field. Well, any except…

“What about writing?”

You laugh bitterly, shaking your head. “And go into the liberal arts? What will my father say?”

Kyle doesn’t laugh back. Instead, he lets go of you, much to your disappointment, and shifts until he’s sitting cross-legged across from you. “He’ll bitch, and moan, and tell you you are making the worst decision of your life. He’ll tell you that most writers and artists and musicians will never make it big, and that ‘science and maths is the most suitable route for such a bright mind like yours.’”

You laugh softly as Kyle adopts a deep voice in a heavy caricature of your father’s at the last part. Kyle flashes a quick grin before dropping it for a more serious look. He takes your hand, soft and warm.

“But he can’t do anything, because it’s your life. Tell me your stories, because no one else will. This… this rut you’re in, it’ll all get better. I promise.

“Besides.” He gives a smirk. “Worse comes to worst, we can be starving artists together.”

You smile back, looking down as your head delves into the possibilities. Writing has always been your one constant in life, other than Kyle. There’s something almost magical about the way stories can come to life with the right words. You used to swim in those stories, before you grew up into this mess of a person. And to even imagine working like that again…

You lean forward and wrap your arms around Kyle’s neck, feeling your friend return the embrace automatically.

“Thanks, Kyle,” you say softly. Kyle nods back silently.

“Do you want me to stay?”

When you don’t protest at the question, Kyle pulls you into his arms again, resuming the previous position as you close your eyes tiredly.

And it’s not until you’re drifting off, secure in Kyle’s arms, that you realize.

The dark shadow in your veins is gone.

~~~~~ The Silence ~~~~~

anonymous asked:

but my parents raised me as a child that should be accepting of everyone, only caring about whether the person has done good or bad (based on the values I've been given of bad like bullying, killing, raping, just anything that hurts other people in any way) and I have been a very active advocate for trans/gay people/equal rights for all (getting myself into a shitton of trouble because indeed, many people are so fucking ignorant about the topic). I just don't like the idea of revenge

its cool that your parents raised you that way, but what you dont realize is how insidious transphobia is, and how it is ingrained in almost everyone. i am trans and i am constantly evaluating myself and eliminating harmful opinions and behaviours. nobody is exempt from this. its good that you’re an advocate but you still need to be doing this if you really want to help trans people. 

i cant really think of it seriously as revenge when all it really is is cis people getting their feelings hurt on the internet. 

And another thing...

Social media is going to be my downfall. Facebook, the ultimate way to offend family and friends and argue your political stances so your loved ones stop inviting you to Thanksgiving dinner. Then, there’s tumblr, where you meet people who aren’t who you think they are, and they break your heart and eat your soul, and leave you mean anonymous hatemail–or they just live too far to actually meet them.

But Pinterest is the the most insidious. Pinterest convinces you that you need a recipe for salad-in-a-jar, and that you can perfectly execute painting a gingham check paint pattern on the most prominent wall in your house based on an anonymous comment that says, “this was sooo much easier than it looks.”

That kind of fuckup leaves a visible scar.

(Maybe it should be the Friday 15—I have a lot of thoughts today.)
(Btw, I love my tumblr friends and wish you could all be my neighbors!!)


Germanophobia—anti-German sentiment, especially that during WWI.

 A wave of anti-German sentiment in England and the U.S. during World War I, replaced long-standing admiration of German culture, science and literature.

Americans impressions of Germans and Germany prior to World War I were overwhelmingly positive.  Germany was the land of universities and of academic and religious freedom. The German was seen as, “unpractical, dreamy, sentimental being, looking out with mild blue eyes into a cloud of music and metaphysics and tobacco smoke.”  

in 1914, with the beginning of World War I this changed abruptly. A spectacular revision of history took place.  History was revised to show that Germany had always been our enemy. Attitudes toward Germans and Americans of German descent became fanatically hostile.

How did this come about?  Why this abrupt change?  Here are some events that fed the anti-German hysteria:

  • The 1904 Publication of The Invasion of 1910 a fictional account of the insidious invasion of England by Germany.
  • The 1914 disappearance of honest, unbiased news about the war in American papers with false stories of German villainy and atrocities.
  • The 1915 sinking of the British liner Lusitania by a German submarine.
  • The 1916 “Black Tom” explosion on July 30, 1916, in Jersey City, New Jersey, an act of sabotage by German agents blowing up two kilotons of American-made munitions that were to be supplied to the Allies.  

Some result of Germanophobia:  Schools stopped teaching German language.  Books published in German were removed from libraries.  Vocabulary changed: Sauerkraut became “liberty cabbage”, German measles became “liberty measles,” hamburgers became “liberty sandwiches,” frankfurters became “liberty sausages,” Germans were called “Huns,” and dachshunds became “liberty pups.”

Thank the gods, it’s an update!

Meet Pitney Scolan. Pit, for short. He’s a decorated general, a venerated leader of the human race sprawling across the galaxy. He’s protected his species from hostile alien life, vicious native populations, and insidious marketing campaigns. He’s fiercely introverted, and he’s really excited to be retiring to his personal planet in the very near future.

Only…now he’s a dog.

A daugment, actually. A cybernetically enhanced canine, previously the doting pet of Pit’s biggest rival, General Tristan. And now it’s the only way to escape certain assassination.

Pit grudgingly allies himself with a pair of well-meaning scoundrels and sets sail for seedier space in hopes of escaping Tristan’s clutches. What he finds instead is a galactic conspiracy to force him to make friends.


That’s the short version of Daugment, my latest science fiction novel! It’s based exceedingly loosely on the Irish legends of Bran and Sceolang, the hounds of folk hero Fionn mac Cumhaill. (You can read about them here.) As I often do, I read material outside of the realm of science fiction and found myself asking, What if I set this story in space?!

Daugment is what resulted from jotting that idea down in one of my myriad notes files. Last November, I haphazardly threw together a one-page outline a week before NaNoWriMo started, telling myself this was a throw-away idea. I had incredibly low expectations for the story when I started; in fact, I’d chosen it because I thought it would end up being an easy write and hopefully an easy read. A bargain e-book.

It may still be that, but I did the typical author thing and fell in love with my characters.

Not until February or March of this year (2015), though. I was a little distant from Pitney and Ravenna, especially, up until I’d set the book aside for a couple of months and was forcing myself to come back. Five hundred words a day. A task of an hour, if I really dragged it out. A reasonable amount of time to devote to my craft in the midst of a busy season at my day job.

At one point, I had Rave and Pit bantering about their favorite writer of introversion philosophy, and I realized who those two pups were based on. A couple of my friends had apparently decided they were going to make a starring appearance in my throw-away book, and suddenly I knew exactly how it was all going to go down.

I like these canine versions of my friends. (I like the real ones, too.) I liked seeing how they played out their story. And I’m pretty happy with this figment of my weirdo imagination.

There’s work left to do, integration of my notes and a few other rewriting tasks. Of course. That’s the thing I forgot about as a kid, as a wannabe novelist lifer: the editing phase kinda sucks. But when I really look at it, Daugment makes perfect sense as my first book. Talking animals in space?

Talk about the exact book 12-year-old me needed.

The image above was commissioned on Fiverr.

Watch out for sponsored posts for the new Insidious movie. It’s a series of gifs and it says “this is how you die”. Thought some of you guys might not enjoy that particular message. You are not in danger. This is not how you die. Everything is okay.

And this trope of “You are a terrible person if you block or ban or mute people” is one of the most common forms of Internet harassment — especially for women. It’s extra insidious because, to people who aren’t clued in to the reality of being a feminist woman on the Internet, it can sound very reasonable. The mere fact of having boundaries, the mere fact of making decisions about who we are and aren’t willing to engage with, gets us framed as close-minded, non-skeptical, censorious, fascist bitches. When it’s aimed at women, this “How dare you block or ban or mute!” trope basically means, “You have no right to have boundaries. It is your job to listen, patiently and politely, for as long as people want to talk. Men have the floor, and women are the audience. You are a woman, and that means you’re a public commodity, and you have to give access to yourself to anyone who wants it. Quit whining, and engage with every asshole who wants to engage with you.”


➪ Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Storyline
A twisted new tale of terror begins for a teenage girl and her family, predating the haunting of the Lambert family in the earlier movies and revealing more mysteries of the otherworldly realm The Further.

➪ Insidious Chapter 3 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-06-05
Casts : Angus Sampson, Stefanie Scott, Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannell, Dermot Mulroney
Duration : 0 minutes runtime
Rating : 8.3

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