Anyone up to REAL LIFE SEIYUU Otome Game???

I really want that Zakki Delivery Man Boy route ^^ feels like ordering a lot of unimportant stuff as long as he is the one who deliver them *LOL*

You’ll get a charming smile and extra not too important thingy.

And you get Kamiya Hiroshi and Yasumoto Hiroki as the Boss

Kakki as your Junior

OnoYu and Terashii as (same year) colleague

TsudaKen as Rival Company employee


I WISH WISH WISH they really will make this game with my Morikawa san as the company president (and I want it half otome half BL.

Likes they actually pair up to each other but you also can choose one of them ^////^ maybe more like brothers conflict?

And I want Miki Shinichirou as the company engineer or mechanic or he can be Morikawa san secretary…

If the one above, I think OnoD will be Boss Kamiya not so capable bodyguard, which end up being saved instead of saving Kamiya’s ass.




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