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i feel like im the main character in the movie He's Just Not That Into You. like i feel like im always trying to convince myself that he likes me when he probably doesnt. i dont know what to do. im scared im never going to find the right guy:(

You’re talking to the right person, babe, because I feel like I’m forever alone. But you know what? I read in Cosmo that there’s over 50,000,000 single boys over the age of 18 right this second. That’s so many! 

The right guy will come along. You just have to keep waiting… I’ve been single for three years, and I just keep hoping that the right guy will find me at the right time. But it’s all about waiting for the perfect one.

On the note about He’s Just Not That Into You: Are there clear signs that he doesn’t like you? Or are you reading too far into it? Some guys don’t notice that they’re coming off that way… Like the guy I like right now, I feel like he doesn’t like me because he never really talks to me. Well, maybe he’s shy or he’s waiting for me to talk to him.

Don’t read into the signs like I do… But try to notice some things. Pay attention to non verbal cues. Does he direct his body toward you when you talk? Does he gesture with his hands? These are all subconscious things guys do when they talk to girls they like…

Just remember: 50,000,000 and all you need is that one perfect one xx

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