Your name is JOSEPH BRUCE, you have many different names such as JAGGED JOE, GOLDEN JELLY, BULLET, MR. DIAMOND, BIG BABY SWEETS… the list goes on and on. You are most commonly known as VIOLENT J. You are a CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLER and aren’t afraid to BUST SOME ASS if you must. You will WALK UP THE HILLS AND BEAT DOWN A RICH BOY just for the hell of it, you really hate rich people… wait, aren’t you rich too? Oh, well nevermind that. You BELIEVE IN EQUALITY and are AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA, RACISM, and BULLYING… but the way you deal with these things are a little TOO VIOLENT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS. Most of your fans don’t seem to understand either. When you’re not GETTING HIGH, DRINKING, or VIOLENTLY TRYING TO PROVE A POINT you’re CHILLIN WITH YOUR HOMEY, SHAGGY.  Speaking of SHAGGY 2 DOPE, where he at?

Your name is JOSEPH UTSLER. Like your homey VIOLENT J, you have many alternate names… FULL CLIP, GOLD D, and your secret not so secret identity, THE SOUTHWEST STRANGLA. Again, like Violent J, you WERE A WRESTLER and still to this day not afraid to BEAT SOME BITCH ASS. You and Violent J are in a RAP GROUP CALLED THE INSANE CLOWN POSSE. You HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR HATERS and view ALL OF YOUR FANS AS FAMILY. Some of them may not get what you’re rapping about, but if they listen close there’s a good message to go along with all those WICKED FANTASIES OF MURDER AND CARNAGE. Honestly.