You’re a half-baked cookie. Soft and gooey on the inside. That’s why I love you, babe. You like fixing broken toys, right?
—  Danny, talking to Steve (5x12)

You know what I’m probably never going to get around to writing any of these, but some headcanons for The Krew because why didn’t they get screentime together in the show:

  • Asami teaching Bolin how to drive because he’s the only one who doesn’t know and Korra and Mako just cheering him on from the sidelines. Asami keeps scolding Bolin for changing the tracks around with his earthbending but is secretly proud of him regardless.
  • Bolin, Korra, and Mako getting together for a one-off tournament special of Pro-Bending and Asami sponsoring them, to celebrate the city’s new redesign and expansion (again)–and they win. Obviously.
  • The four of them going cruising around the city with Asami as the chauffeur, helping Mako on his rounds as a police officer. Mako speeds them up with fire, Bolin makes ramps, Korra enables them to travel on water, and Asami does insane stunts with the car.
  • The four of them having non-bending sparring matches with Asami. She wins every time.
  • Bolin teaching Korra lavabending. Mako teaching Korra lightning (and redirection). Asami teaching Korra how to cope if her bending is ever blocked for some reason or another. The Krew teaching moves to add into their fighting styles.
  • All four of them doing stakeouts to spy on Tenzin. The airkids eventually join them. They’re shocked to see him regularly attending Pro-Bending tournaments.
  • Can we get Mako to laugh day. 
  • The Krew going on tours around the lands after Kuvira’s regime is deconstructed. Cranky Asami from not having her coffee, Korra is still not a morning person, Mako really needs to learn not to take everything so seriously. Bolin bless his heart tries to make them all laugh. 
  • Asami dragging them all around different mechanical shops to gather new material. They all have to carry her stuff.
  • Korra and Bolin challenge them all to eating contents. Mako wins.
  • Korra and Asami come out about their relationship. It’s predictably awkward at first, until it’s Mako who jokes saying about the situation, “wow. My two ex-girlfriends are now dating. Maybe I should consider a career in matchmaking.” 
  • Just them being friends for godsake.
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