enjolras-mon said: YES PLEASE, more scott graphics :333 me and my friend tend to put anything we talk about scott in the tag because his tag is so sad.


YESSSS I SHALL. I have definitely tagged Scott Fuller, Jacob Fuller, and Freddie on some random meta I’ve done because of their empty tags :(( I’m especially perplexed about Scott being so underrepresented because his story is so incredibly unique and interesting and unsurprisingly uncommon on TV?? also he (has nothing else in common with) but parallels Richie in his Other status so well, so there’s just so much to think about and meta on in regards to Scott and his life: how he sees his family, how he THINKS his family sees him,  how his family actually sees him, how Kate/Jacob BELIEVED they were representing their love towards him, how he wishes they would have in different ways, their “inclusion” of him without perhaps at first acknowledging his exclusion, his own character flaws compared to what is truly missing in his life— how the Fullers, this supposed pinnacle of love and closeness and holy union failed so hard in regards to Scott whereas their foils, the Geckos, have clung so tightly, truly, and supportively to one another through their mutual devil-plagued hardships, and how Seth with no good book to follow and only his own rules to write, his own gut to trust, succeeds in loving Richie in the ways that maybe we’ll see Kate/Jacob/the Fullers have stumbled so bad in supporting Scott