CANT FIGHT AGAINST THE YOUTH☮| » Soundtrack for the boys who grew up polluted by war, dipped in love and driven by friendship, The Marauders.[ listen ]

i. young volcanoes - fall out boy / ii. the reckless and the brave - all time low / iii. laughter lines - bastille / iv. run - daughter / v. we are young - f.u.n / vi. can’t fight against the youth - panic! at the disco / vii. all these things that i’ve done - the killers / viii. teenage icon - the vaccines / ix. when you were young - the killers / x. dickhead - kate nash / xi. young blood - the naked and famous / xii. the forgotten - green day / xiii. the view from the afternoon - panic! at the disco / xiv. strange times - the black keys / xv. smells like teen spirit - nirvana / xvi. team - lorde / xvii. hungry like the wolf - duran duran / xviii. seven nation army (the glitch mob remix) - white stripes / xix. here’s to never growing up - avril lavigne / xx. no.1 party anthem - arctic monkeys / xxi. down - jason walker / xxii. youth - daughter / xxiii. this is why we fight - the decemberists / xxiv. vampire money - my chemical romance / xxv. who we are - imagine dragons / xxvi. pompeii + radioactive - bastille vs imagine dragons (remix) / xxvii. on top of the world - imagine dragons /  xxviii. everybody loves me - one republic

things worth dying for - a sirius black playlist | l i s t e n

i. bad blood (piano) - bastille | ii. blackout - breathe carolina | iii. we are young -fun. ft janelle monáe | iv. hurricane - panic! at the disco | v. runaway - ed sheeran | vi. boulevard of broken dreams - green day | vii. this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race - fall out boy | viiir u mine? - arctic monkeys | ix. demons - imagine dragons | x. things we lost in the fire - bastille | xi. how to save a life - the fray

i’m really close to my huge goal, so i’ve decided to do another tumblr awards (hopefully it will help me reach that goal) // thanks to daria for the amazeballs banner ay


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yippee ki yay!!!!!!!!

ok ok ok but image lily deciding to take james on a date to the cinema

and its like, early 7th year? and lily is going kind of insane bc she’s accepted that she like really, really fancies james, and she doesn’t know if he still likes her back, but all of her friends tell her she’s an idiot and of course he still likes her 

so she decides to ask him to go to the cinema with her, because she might be a witch but she’s a 17 year old muggleborn girl so she knows how cinema dates always end up

(and maybe they’re a bit old for snogging at the back of a cinema but who cares, really)

so she books tickets for a movie at random, except she realises that her date probably isnt going to turn out as planned when she starts walking towards the back row and looks back towards a confused looking james saying, ‘but lils, there’s plenty of seats at the front, we’ll see the screen better wont we?’ 

so she sighs and goes to sit at the front, and james is completely enthralled at the adverts alone, (‘and they do all of this without magic?????’) and when the film first starts its completely infuriating bc he asks a dozen inane questions in the first 3 minutes that lily doesn’t know the answer to, but he sounds so genuinely curious that she cant’t snap at him, and when he gets into it he really gets into it, so he’s gasping in all the right places and roaring at jokes that really aren’t that funny, and lily spends the whole time torn between crying with laughter and dying of embarrassment bc of all the bemused looks theyre getting

and then it ends and james is straight off talking about a million and one different things in that mile-a-minute way that lily just finds so damn endearing, and james being overly enthusiastic and dorky and adorable just does funny things to her heart, so she leans over and shuts him up by kissing him, and for a second he goes into shock, but then he kisses her back and the few people left in the cinema give them a kind of awkward half-hearted round of applause but really theyre just glad that the noisy bloke at the front shut up for a second

I recently reached 1000 followers and I wanted to do something to celebrate so here it is, my first ever tumblr awards! Thank you so much to every one of my followers, I love you and really appreciate all of you ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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