Two things I will always wonder about the Dragon Age Universe:

1. What is Anders’ real name?

2. How the fuck do Qunari sleep with those giant-ass horns? Like seriously??? I need to know, Bioware!!!


Want the lowdown on the Black Emporium DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition? Here’s everything you need to know about the new Black Emporium content.


May 3rd 2015 News Update:

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Me and grievous-girl were going to make a Cadash in Inquisition last night when we realised we made a Trevelyan with dwarfism instead.

So meet Brooke Trevelyan, who is frequently asked about her unusual height, and will put an arrow through the next person who mentions the Stone.

Ideas on who she should romance?  

Patch 7 has been released and it's huge!

PC] Added new feature that allows users to sheathe and unsheathe their weapons. This feature can be accessed via the key-binding screen.
[PC] Fixed an issue which could result in fog looking wrong when running SLI/Crossfire configurations
[PC] Fixed an issue which would place the AOE targetting reticule to be placed in odd locations when using the mouse look toggle feature
[PC] Fixed some issues which could cause flickering when alt-tabbing while running the game under SLI / Crossfire.
[PC][Xbox 360][Xbox One] Fix for Dragon’s Bane Achievement to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
[PS3][PS4] Added trophies for the upcoming “Jaws of Hakkon” DLC
[PS3][PS4] Fix for Dragon’s Bane Trophy to unlock after killing any 10 High Dragons.
Added some thrones in Skyhold for players who own DA1 and/or DA2.
Added the ability to salvage multiple items at the same time in multiplayer. This can be done in the inventory screen or while you are purchasing packs.
Balance changed on Arcane Warriors. “Spirit Blade” now costs more and does less damage to Barriers and Guard in multiplayer. “Spirit Blade” no longer applies a damage bonus in both play modes.
Balance changed on Templar’s Wrath of Heaven ability in multiplayer. The stun will now be shorter.
Fixed a couple animals so they will now drop their research items
Fixed a few beards which did not align with player faces correctly
Fixed a few pieces of amour which incorrectly allowed Qunari to equip them and looked incorrect when worn by them. Qunari can no longer wear these items.
Fixed an incorrect message that indicated you did not have enough platinum to buy a pack when you had exactly the same amount of platinum as the purchase price.
Fixed an issue that allowed players to leave a multiplayer match then rejoin it and transfer the earned experience to the character they rejoined with.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck if they spoke to Cullen while doing Sera’s prank.
Fixed an issue that could cause the dragon in Jaws of Hakkon to get stuck on a perch during combat.
Fixed an issue that could occur when using Hail of Arrows followed by Leaping Shot
Fixed an issue that could trap the player on the first island in the final fight of the game.
Fixed an issue where a quest that was supposed to be removed from the game would start when purchasing the Avvar Heraldry. The quest will no longer start.
Fixed an issue where eyelashes on female Qunari do not align with their eyelids when using the eye shape furthest right on the slider in character generation
Fixed an issue where light conversation could break if fast travel was used while the conversation was still active
Fixed an issue where one piece of the Archdemon mosaic set would not appear on the wall in Skyhold.
Fixed an issue which allowed players to destroy a door that would result in the quest “For the Empire” becoming blocked in certain circumstances.
Fixed an issue which allowed players to get into Redcliffe before they were supposed to be there.
Fixed an issue which caused a couple creature research codex entries to not increment correctly.
Fixed an issue which caused characters using evade abilities to visibly pop to different locations in multiplayer
Fixed an issue which could cause the quest “Tomb of Fairel” to become blocked in certain circumstances.
Fixed an issue which could result “In Hushed Whispers” to not advance if players entered Redcliffe on a galloping horse.
Fixed an issue which could result in an infinite load when attempting to access the Challenges screen.
Fixed an issue which could result in enemies teleporting to some locations that players cannot reach.
Fixed an issue which could result in party switching becoming permanently disabled during looting.
Fixed an issue which could result in players late-joining into wave 5 spawning inside the airlock in multiplayer
Fixed an issue which could result in the “Wounded Chevalier” being non-interactive in certain cases which would block the plot related to him.
Fixed an issue which could result in the final combat breaking between stages
Fixed an issue which could result in the new host being stuck in a screen after a host migration occurs.
Fixed an issue which could result in the wheel in the tavern becoming permanently non-interactive in Crestwood and blocking the draining of the lake.
Fixed an issue which was causing missing banners to not be added to the appropriate store in Val Royeaux
Fixed an issue which would allow players to repeatedly stack the effects of “Fade-Touched Silk Brocade” until abilities and spells were free.
Fixed an issue which would prevent the Inquisition Banner Crown from unlocking if players collected the headpiece from the Storm Coast prior to capturing the keeps.
Fixed an issue with “All New, Faded For Her” which would not proceed correctly if players were mounted when the cutscene should have fired in the Exalted Plains.
Fixed an issue with Fade-Touched Imperial Vestment Cotton that would cause its effect to occur at fixed rates for players. It will now correctly fire at a random rate.
Fixed an issue with the Citadelle du Corbeau quest that can block the Revenant from reaching the player
Fixed Fade-Touched Silk Brocade to actually apply a 15% discount instead of 150%
Fixed item property descriptions on crafted weapons that had Bleed effects to say Sunder
Fixed the “Shadow Strike” ability being incompatible with the “I Was Never Here” and the “Knife in the Shadows” passive abilities
Fixed the issue where Deathroot appeared in the Nursery. The corresponding collection entry has also been updated to reflect that Deathroot is not counted towards it, and Deathroot seeds should no longer be found in the world.
Fixed the issue with Ice Dragon Bone and Veil Quartz giving 0 Armor Rating when crafting shields with those materials.
Improved Stability

From the Bioware blog which you can check out here:

Playing around with some different brushes & trying to keep it sketchy so I don’t get too obsessed with the details. So. Hard. To. Do. !

So uh here’s my (first) Lavellan… I have another playthrough with another character but its not the same! I miss playing her. Hurry up for PS4 DLC ;_;

  • my first Inquisition playthrough
  • me:aight I'm just gonna figure out the story and maybe romance that gay mage over there, i don't need to find every party member and i'm not gonna worry about approval
  • me:ew, reading about iron bull online makes me not wanna recruit him, i'm gonna put him off for as long as possible
  • Iron Bull:Hello
  • me:
  • me:oh no
  • me:he's hot
An Unforgettable Night

In which Twigs employs unconventional methods to solve Lady Montilyet’s misfortunes.

Twigs Lavellan was in a bouncy mood. She and the others had just returned from a minor mission in the Hinterlands with no casualties and relatively little effort expended. It was a rarity these days, and she felt inclined to ask Lady Montilyet for another tutorial on Wicked Grace while the atmosphere around the fortress was light and carefree.

The scene upon entering the lady ambassador’s office turned her sunny disposition on its head.

“What the f…?” Twigs trailed off as she took in the scattered books and papers, overturned furniture, and deep gouges in the woodwork of the bookcases. The ambassador herself was in a similar state, her raven hair coming loose from its elegant coif, framing a face that was unusually pale and shaken. “Lady Montilyet, what happened?”

“It seems the House of Repose decided to pay a visit. The guards arrived in time, but… I should have guessed the assassins would infiltrate the servants.”

“Are you alright?” Twigs’s hands clenched into fists. She could feel a blaze of anger rising within her. How dare they attack one of my people? And in MY house, no less? She forced herself to loose the tension in her shoulders and crossed the room, approaching her political advisor. She tripped over a fallen chair in the process, but quickly regained her footing. Smooth.

“I am fine, Inquisitor. Do not trouble yourself,” Josephine replied, though her voice betrayed her frayed nerves. She swept a strand of hair from her face.

“I’ll tear them to pieces!” Twigs gritted. “They’re just a guild. We have an army. Why can’t we just wipe them out?”

“Inquisitor, the resources we have built are not for personal use,” Josephine admonished. “We will not risk the lives of our soldiers on such a trivial matter. Additionally, addressing such a delicate situation with brute force could destroy much of the political groundwork we have laid. The assassin’s guild is very old and respected. There is no telling who among our allies would withdraw support.”

“Your life isn’t a ‘trivial matter,’ Josephine,” Twigs replied, frustrated at her inability to beat the problem into submission. “but even I can see that you’re right. Just tell me what I have to do.”

“Tell me, why should I allow you to pollute the Orlesian nobility any more than it has already been muddied?” Minister Bellise asked. “What could you possibly offer me to make this favor worth my while?”

Twigs searched her mind for an answer. There were only three thoughts in it, as per usual, and one of them was “Ask Cole whether farts are actually spirits leaving the body.” That wouldn’t do.

“An unforgettable night,” she replied, arranging her features into what she hoped was a sultry expression.

“Forgive me, Inquisitor, are you having some…” The minister dropped her voice to a stage whisper, “intestinal difficulty?

Twigs dropped her sultry expression and tried for a roguish grin instead. “Hardly, Madame. I was imagining the… favors… I could do for you.”

Minister Bellise eyed the Inquisitor, unsure of whether to be amused, aroused, or disgusted. The offer was an intriguing one, she had to admit. Her husband was a bore, and the side benefits she had taken to bed had only so many tricks up their sleeves.

“Admit it, Minister… You’ve never before entertained someone quite like me,” the elf spread her fingers and bowed theatrically. “I could make your head spin.”

It was too good an offer to pass up.

What on earth is she doing? Minister Bellise watched the elf busy herself about the ornate bedchambers. Steel rods? Should I be worried?

The Inquisitor had shown up with an armful of claptrap and a sack full of carefully wrapped dinnerware, for reasons yet unknown to the older woman. Perhaps the Inquisitor was paranoid about being poisoned, and needed to bring her own dishes? It was not unheard of, but still…

“Prepare to be amazed!” The Inquisitor gestured with a flourish, a steel rod in her hand. Is she into consensual domination? Will she cane me with that rod? I’m too old for this shit! The older woman began to panic. Just as she was about to ring the bell rope for a servant to come put a stop to the ridiculous charade, Twigs Lavellan placed a dish on top of the steel rod and began to spin it.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Minister Bellise could not find the words to accurately describe her feelings, at least not out loud. If anything, it would disrupt the elf’s concentration and leave a mess of broken crockery for the servants to clean up.

Gradually, Twigs added more spinning plates to her act. She set two rods down, still spinning precariously, and picked up a spare plate with her right hand. With her left, she opened a very small rift. She hummed the plate through the green portal, closing it immediately afterwards. With a sly look, she opened a second rift on the opposite side of the room. The plate flew through it and was caught by the elf in a deft move that surprised the minister. She had no idea anyone could disrupt the veil for purposes of entertainment… How had she discovered this? Was it dangerous? She found the prospect positively thrilling.

Twigs closed the second rift and gave the other plates a spin, lest they slow enough to topple to the floor. She gave one a quick tip with her hand, flipping it into the air. A rift swallowed it instantly and closed, another opening in the floor. The plate fell upwards into Twigs’s hands. She collected each of the other spinning plates this way until she had the full stack in hand. Addressing her audience, she bowed deeply and proceeded to lose her grip on the pile of plates. They fell to the ground with a crash. Shards of crockery flew everywhere.

“Fenedhis!” cursed Twigs. “Oh, Minister, I am so sorry. I’ll clean this up.”

“I- There is no need, Inquisitor. Leave it for the servants.” Minister Bellise waved off the Inquisitor, shaking her head. What a strange elf this one is. How does the Inquisition accomplish even half of what they do?

“I suppose a lordship for the DuParaquettes is out of the question, now.” Twigs hung her head, shamefaced.

“Oh, no, Inquisitor… You delivered on your promise. It may not have been what I was expecting, but… I shan’t forget this night anytime soon, I can guarantee you that. I will ratify your documents in the morning.” The minister found herself oddly charmed by the Inquisitor’s glorious capacity for non sequitur. She would have a story to top all others at her next state dinner.

“You did it, Inquisitor! Minister Bellise granted the DuParaquettes a lordship, and now the contract on my life is nullified. I am relieved, truly… but…” Josephine hesitated, stray tendrils of hair blowing in the sea breeze. “I have heard that she is a… difficult woman to please. You must owe her a great debt.”

“Uhm, no, not really. I have… ways.” Twigs rubbed her neck uncomfortably. Had Val Royeaux’s docks suddenly become very warm? She wasn’t sure.

“You don’t have to tell me now, Inquisitor, but perhaps someday…”

“Oh, I’ll definitely show you at some point. I’ll… I’ll make your head spin.”