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How is steve =/= cap? I get it but i kinda dont get it.... Im sorry if this infuriates you but i think youre the best person to answer it...

In the MCU, Steve Rogers is a person; Captain America is a character. 

In the MCU, Captain America was a character created to sell war-bonds. He was literally a product of war propaganda. Steve Rogers, the person playing Captain America, had no say in what the character said or did, so there is no way he can be portrayed as a reflection of Steve Roger’s opinions or desires. Steve was an actor playing a part and that part was defined by his employers 

When Steve went to the European Theatre and started actually participating in the war, he was not playing a character. He kept the name of Captain America, but he was acting as himself. He still had little to no say in how his image was used by the media or the news reels of him filmed in Europe. After the ice, Steve had absolutely nothing except for a character he played in the 40s. At that point, Captain America had 70 some years of mythos piled onto him by literally everyone except Steve Rogers. And literally everyone expected Steve to be Captain America. He didn’t have a choice in the matter, he was awake for a week and was thrown back into active duty, not as Captain Rogers but Captain America. When Fury greeted him as ‘Cap’, that wasn’t a shortening of his title, that was shortening of his stage name. 

In the MCU, Captain America has encompassed Steve Rogers to the point people don’t even see Steve Rogers anymore. I know that in the comics, its different, so I totally get the confusion, but no seriously. Steve =/= Cap. Steve can’t equal Cap, he has been given little to no chance to influence the character of Cap, and instead has been forcibly shoved into the role to the point where, in WS, he is fucking contorting himself trying to make his life work.

And it doesn’t because holy crap Steve is miserable

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have you only finished one character design for the book club? (sorry im kinda new to your blog >.<) she looks amazing *o*

So far I have 3 c: This isn’t the final product though. this is just to give myself an idea of how they would look like. I want to really define their body types but I’m having a hard time. From left to right: Barbara/Babs (petite), Karin (Alethic), Anita(slender). Karin has a grumpy twin brother :D

Thank you so much for asking! Nothing cheers me up more than getting questions about my OCs hehe

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I spin and do needle and yarn work as a hobby and for a little extra pocket change. I was wondering if there was something I could do to work magic into this. Maybe something to offer the wearer good fortune and peace. Do you know of something?

Hello there friend.

Perhaps you could sew/include some runes on them somehow?
Here are some that may be helpful:

With luck, Magpie.

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the government sends a man to his death only for him to return with a large group of mercenaries and they destroy the mexicans. guess what movie




also the grasshoppers weren’t mexicans they just lived down there during the dry season

ALSO they don’t “destroy” them and they’re not mercenaries, they’re circus bugs who Flik believes to be warriors due to their theatricality and the only grasshopper who can be considered to have been destroyed was Hopper and that was by being eaten by the bird, they simply scared off the others with their giant bird puppet (with the exception of Molt who later comes back, reforms and joins the circus)

also the council doesn’t send him to his death they use it as an opportunity to get rid of him for a few weeks so he won’t be a nuisance when they collect the second tribute for the grasshoppers

don’t try to outsmart me on a bug’s life son i live breathe and love this movie

granny queen month 2k15 starts in 5 days everyone spread the word

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klainers are gonna do power hours every 2 hours from 1 PM UK time, we need power hours or we' might as well give up. cool edits.

Thanks! yeah, i know. Personally i don’t wanna give up on this, we have to organize some power hours as well. We just went down by another 0.01% :/

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Do you think it's getting easier for writers to be published, or harder?

It’s difficult to say because there’s just so much that goes into publishing.

Sending queries and manuscripts over email has saved a lot of time and money and computers are commonplace, so it’s a lot easier to attempt to get published and it’s easy to self-publish, but all of this also introduces more writers and thus more competition. So while the opportunity is easier, making your work stand out is harder.

Then there are social changes that have affected the publishing industry. Again, this brings in more writers and thus more competition, but also more opportunities and a larger market.

Some things have become easier, some things have stayed the same, and some things have become harder.

But getting published traditionally is always going to be difficult. The actual probability of getting published traditionally isn’t going to change significantly any time soon.

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"Sure you can handle that broom, Potter?", says a grinning from ear to ear 13 year old boy while holding the said broom in a tight grip. Literally the most heterosexual child i've ever read about.

He’s literally so heterosexual I’m having an allergic reaction

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Hey it's not okay to discriminate against potheads either...

Being wary/not wanting to be around someone who is under the influence of a substance isn’t discrimination. 

-The Native One

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Can you explain how to install Sweetfx a little further than brntwaffles did? Because I tried installing it but my game didn't wanna start, but I'm not sure I did it right... Your pictures are amazing and I want it in my game so badly!!!

It is really quite simple. Extract the archive and you are given a folder. Go into that folder and you will find a bunch of individual files and 2 folders. select everything but the one folder that says x64 on it.

Then go to your desktop and find your TS4 icon. Right click and select “Open file location.” This will take you to Program Files (x86 if you are on a 64 bit machine like me)> Origin Games> The Sims 4>Game> Bin. If you chose not to have a desktop icon, use that path to fine the bin folder. It is here you drop those files you selected and copies earlier.

I do advise taking a copy of the bin folder before hand, maybe put it on your desktop in case it doesn’t work. My friend jorgha tried installing the first time and her game didn’t want to open. So the bin folder will look like this (the blue items highlighted is what has been added):

 Sweetfx does not modify any files, it only adds them, including that new folder. I did not add the x64 one as the word document stated it is for x64 games. TS4 as far as I am aware is an x32 game so shouldn’t need it. i couldn’t work out exactly where that one went either, but my game runs fine without it. If people know if it is adviseable to have it or not, please comment, but it works fine in my game without and my machine is 64 bit.

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Just because your balls only dropped a couple weeks ago doesn't give you license to disparage elders with more talent than you.


old people are grumpy, miyazaki’s current grumpy old man status doesnt discount all the fantastic things he’s achieved in the past. no need to pissed off, buddy, calm down.

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It's kinda weird, at warped it's like "DUDE YOU LIKE THIS SONG TOO?!, COOL NOW LET ME PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE"

remind me not to stand within 30 feet of you 

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Do you have any piercings?

I used to have a labret piercing and an eyebrow piercing, but I removed both of them three years ago. I found an old pic from my metal days with both piercings on display