The 5 founding principles of InPlaces


Places should have beautiful profiles. Like we do.

We see places as characters and we thought it would be terrible injustice to put these characters as just dots on a map or simply, aggregations. On the flip side, we wanted our users to not only find places but feel them. 

Tapping into local expertise

No one knows a locality better than the locals themselves and people who frequent it. That’s the theory behind most of our features. We are truly excited by the possible outcomes of crunching such data when it comes to local discovery. 

Beautiful & intelligent curation app

We truly value the purity of a place’s profile and that is exactly why we have placed strong emphasis on our curation layer. Beneath the simple UI one sees, there is a complex scoring mechanism that knows the kind of users the app should listen to!

In-store experience

The best things available at a place, moments from the past posted by you and your friends, recommendations from your friends and local experts, deals, coupons & recommendations from merchants

If you could consume all this in a very simple and instant way, that would make for an ideal in-store experience. And that’s what we want to offer.

As a Merchant platform

Merchants and small business owners can use the very same app & it’s features just like any other user to brand and market themselves. There is no separate merchant platform, no complex dashboards! Good riddance! 

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Windows 8.1 inplace upgrade

Windows 8.1 is the latest operating system release and not only an update to Windows 8. A change to Windows 8.1 thus means a new installation of the system and the loss of all installed programs, apps and settings. To avoid this, Microsoft offers an Windows 8.1 Inplace upgrade. For Windows 8 Pro…

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#Upgrade, #Windows81

it might be a corrupted user profile? idk all I know is I hope this doesn’t force me to make another inplace upgrade thing that was a pain in the ass.

also, I think I’m getting sick. it kinda hurts to swallow, the glands in my neck feel swollen, and my nose is stuffed up intermittently. so it’s either some kind of disease or it’s allergies. I really hope it’s not allergies, because I didn’t think I had any.

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