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"I wasn’t blind per se, but I noticed that things were about to change. I was still very young and I didn’t have to wear glasses, but my eyesight steadily worsened for some reason. Many revolutionary wars within the States occurred in the 19th century, France and Spain had quite some quarrels about my place, that is the time when Mexico decided to butt in. When Mexico had a victory over Spain it was taken by him and claimed by Mexico to become Mexican Texas for fifteen years. Well, time doesn’t really matter to us nations, but the political circumstances have an effect on our body and I knew that in order to fix my problem I’d have to get Texas for myself."

Dear Papa God,

Please grant me a wonderful birthday today with my family and friends. Help me to become more wiser and have more patience as I gain another year of my life. Even though, I committed so many shortcomings this year; I ask you for your forgiveness once again. Protect me and guide me as I face upcoming bumps in life, but also give me the courage to get me through them. Motivate me as I might fail to be successful in a task. I neither ask for wealth or fame, but pure happiness. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the best family and friends who I have showered me with their love and care and getting me through the hardships that I have faced. Thank you for always being there when I need you and when my time comes; please hold me in your hands. May your light shed upon me and grant me peace in this life. AMEN.

Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times,it’s the only time we’ve got. Thanking God for another year of life. Good Mornight! :-*

Thank’s God I’m 19!

Lord. Patawarin niyo po ko. Hindi po namin (yung mga DJsters) na maging sobrang INLOVE kay Daniel Padilla. Hindi niyo po kami masisisi. Pag ngumiti siya.. grabe tunaw na kame. Marinig mo pa lang boses niya, grabe. sabog. kakamatay. Sorry po talaga :)) LOLS.
$10 Traditional Commissions

So guys, I REALLY need money for laptop replacement and here I go with traditional commissions.

Just for your info I can do things like this:

So if you want your character(or any fanart) drawn- contact me! My email is

I do really hope that you will help to achieve my goal, I believe in you guys!

My current progress is $10 out of $500, thanks yondamoegi for donation! Also make sure to check out her awesome web comic!

Ako na ang masaya :D

Makatulog na nga. At bago man pumikit ang aking mga mata, sasabihin ko ulit na AKO na talaga ang masaya :D Kahit Hindi Natuloy exams namin sa Philippine Constitution na sobra kong binigyan ng oras (super aral talaga ako ng article VIII)  at Masaya din ako dahil nasagutan ko nang may ‘confidence’ ang exam namin kanina sa Microbiology (Sana talaga mataas ang score ko) . At syempre, I’m so happy din kase nakaperform na din kami sa wakas sa Biochem ng puppet show style of presentation namin (sana kami ang mapili para sa exemption sa finals) . At higit sa lahat, masayang-masaya talaga ko kase nawala na yung bumabagabag sa kalooban ko, na-overcome ko na siya. I’m free from ‘stressors’. Yun lang naman po. Yehey! 

Tiwala lang. Magtiwala lang.

Good Night na! :D