Random thought Ino and Sakura

Pairing Ino X Sakura / Sakura X Ino

*NOTE: I already stop watching Naruto a long time ago so I didn’t know what happened in shippuden and I mostly forgot the story*

Actually I was thinking of plot twist where Ino actually didn’t like Sasuke but pretended to like because she just didn’t want Sakura to be in bad situation (rejected by Sasuke) and end up crying. I mean Ino and Sakura are close friends when they’re small and I found it rather cute if actually Ino actually likes Sakura and hates Sasuke for taking Sakura from her. 

So Ino pretended that she’s offended/mad whenever Sakura tries to get Sasuke’s attention and act like a love rival meanwhile Ino just want to protect Sakura—-

Oh well whatever… bad grammar

Naruto Post

So, I’m watching Naruto Uncut on Toonami, and it’s the episode where Sakura cuts off her hair to defend Naruto and Sasuke. (Episode name: Sakura Blossoms!) And I don’t personally ship Ino/Sakura, well expect maybe as friends, but their history together gives me feels. I just, this episode makes me like Sakura so much, but then by next episode, I go back to not enjoying her.