so i've asked random korean exo fans and tumblr users to rank exo and this is the 'general' result (this is something inofficial btw i just got bored and asked random people)
  • korean ranking
  1. baekhyun
  2. sehun
  3. luhan
  4. chen
  5. suho
  6. chanyeol
  7. kyungsoo
  8. xiumin
  9. kris
  10. tao
  11. kai
  12. lay
  • tumblr ranking (or international ranking if you want so)
  1. baekhyun
  2. chanyeol
  3. kris
  4. luhan
  5. kyungsoo
  6. xiumin
  7. kai
  8. lay
  9. sehun
  10. chen
  11. tao
  12. suho
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Inofficial Zola Jesus video, while waiting for a new official one.

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Robots don’t sleep - Happy People

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Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

I’m incredibly looking forward to post todays’ and sundays’ pics from Hong Kong Intl. including long exposures, evening light, beacon shots, take-off and landing shots and some special liveries!

First pic today taken out of the Lantau Island cable car: 2 Atlas Air and 1 Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747-8 Freighters parked at Hong Kong Intl.

(at Hong Kong Airport Inofficial Spotting Location)

anonymous said:

There were rumours last year in Munich that Sarah had an affair with Mario Gomez (which is supposedly the reason why Silvia broke up with him and why he had to leave Bayern). Apparently they have been broken up for awhile inofficially, but had to keep up appearances.

Seems reasonable.

A little saddening to my Basti/Sarah shipping heart, but pretty reasonable.

[ Headcanon - Leaders and the like ]

Culpa has a hatred for kings, queens, emperors, empresses, lords and all those who’d rule over others. She massively dislikes the fact one person would be at the top end of everything. Even if they have advisers and such, there is a danger she can’t ignore; one bad decision and countless people could feel the consequences. Seeing that the inofficial leaders of Monucath left this world to die- with full intention, or so thinks Culpa- she fears other worlds could become just like that, despite the fact that Monucath’s fate proves to be veeeery hard to copy. Still she takes it much more likely to happen, as she’s not used to something like an working goverment or good king. Arguing with her about any of this wouldn’t get you anywhere though, if anything she’ll ignore the other from that point on.


Beneath the great battles of dark witches and wizards throughout the ages, there’s been a much quieter, more controlled, and almost a bit more frightening development going on through North America during the last century - the rise of the dark dynasties. It isn’t certain on how big of a scale these families and their associates has manage to infiltrate prominent parts of the wizarding world, but they somehow manage to get away with almost every crime they do. The Aurors have for years tried to pin them down, but they somehow never have enough evidence to get them convicted for anything.

The most prominent of these families are the Mao family. They are the official owners of Mao Mercators (down Carnifex Court in Magpie Market), but inofficially their exact business is not fully known, but the members of the family has shown up in countless Wizengamot-cases in the last decades.Three years ago, the West Coast Auror Office was close to pinning down two of the family members - Everett and Drew Mao - for the murder of Orman Pittney, Head of Department of Magical Transportation. The case was closely watched by the media, but in the end the cousins walked away with nothing more than a mark for “Ill-Advised Apparation”.

||All I know of Free via my dash is literally

haru will attempt to swim in toilets
nagisas inofficial signature sound are police sirens
makoto is the mommy character that nobody values for some reason
rei has yet to realize that a butterfly with soaked wings frickin dies
rin is crying for a different reason in each season
someone pulled a reverse senpai on nitori

that’s it

anonymous said:

✚ : health headcanon

Officially Gideon just doesn’t like St Mungo’s. Inofficially, he’s absolutely terrified of hospitals and healers of any kind. He cannot explain what it is that he finds so off-putting about it, maybe it is because with every trip to St Mungo’s, his mother only seemed to get worse instead of better. So he tries to avoid having to go there. When he’s sick or injured, he usually deals with it himself. The one healer he trusts is Emmeline and if there’s really no way around getting professional help anymore, he’d rather contact her than check himself into the hospital. 

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