so i've asked random korean exo fans and tumblr users to rank exo and this is the 'general' result (this is something inofficial btw i just got bored and asked random people)
  • korean ranking
  1. baekhyun
  2. sehun
  3. luhan
  4. chen
  5. suho
  6. chanyeol
  7. kyungsoo
  8. xiumin
  9. kris
  10. tao
  11. kai
  12. lay
  • tumblr ranking (or international ranking if you want so)
  1. baekhyun
  2. chanyeol
  3. kris
  4. luhan
  5. kyungsoo
  6. xiumin
  7. kai
  8. lay
  9. sehun
  10. chen
  11. tao
  12. suho

Inofficial Zola Jesus video, while waiting for a new official one.


Pink Floyd - Wish you were here


Robots don’t sleep - Happy People

anonymous asked:

I have a Kill la Kill related ask for you I hope it's okay I do it anonymous because I want you to answer it on your blog. I have noticed that you are the only one who constantly calls evil Ryūko 「Junketsu Ryūko」while everyone else calls her evil Ryūko. Are you aware of that? Is there a reason why you won't use the common fandom name? Do you perhaps dislike the name?

"Junketsu Ryuko" is the “common” fandom name and the inofficial pixiv tag for Junketsu Ryuko! I don’t know where the term “evil Ryuko” comes from because no one in the Japanese fandom ever called her that as far as I know. 

Just headcanon and my own opinion to JR: I don’t think she is really “evil”, she was brainwashed by Ragyo and only acted this crazy because of Junketsu. She was more mad than really evil imo, she lost her common sense and acted the exact opposite as the real Ryuko would have - she mainly hurted the three people she loved most in the world, namely Satsuki, Senketsu and Mako. That wasn’t just an act of random evilness, that was brainwashing at its finest and I believe that Junketsu was at fault for that. 

The real Ryuko probably screamed “not Satsuki, not Mako and not Senketsu” which made Junketsu to specifically target these three because Junketsu was trying to completely taking over and by eliminating the things that still bounded Ryuko’s humanity he hoped to slowly but surely turn her inhuman for real. For me the main factor for Ryuko’s “evil” side was Junketsu so I call her JR because I still don’t consider her “evil”. The whole JR storyline was tragic because of the fake happiness Ragyo forced on Ryuko and because it showed that Ragyo knew very well how a “good” mother should have behaved which makes the excuse of some people “maybe she was brought up the same way and didn’t know how a normal mother should have been” kinda invalid. She knows, and I do think that if Ryuko had grown up by Ragyo’s side Ragyo would have shown her the love she showed her in the fake memories, only that she would have educated her to hate humans and be obedient to the Original Life Fiber in addition. 

just got some rupru art recommended by tumblr i take this as my cue to go to bed before something even more disturbing appears on my dash

rhaegxr asked:

accidental affection

Nothing felt better than coming to her parents’ house
at a Wednesday night. Inofficially dubbed family night,
it was a tradition that Rhaenys would spend the evening
with her parents and — occasionally — even Aegon, cooking
dinner and watching a comedy movie. The comfort and warmth
of her home always lifted some of the stress off her shoulders,
so it was no exception tonight that Rhaenys wore a huge
smile on her lips as her keys unlocked the front door.

As she stepped into the house that would always be her
home, a frown appeared on her forehead, the absence of
soft music and steady rhythm of her parents’ voices leaving
an unfamiliar silence. Striding into the living room, the corners
of her mouth turned up once more to find her father dozed off
on the couch.

Gently, trying to make no noise to wake him, she settled on
the spot next to him, cuddling to his side while snuggling her
nose to his shoulder —- the simple yet comforting moment
reminding her of days in her childhood when Aegon and her
would crawl into their parents’ bed on Sunday mornings.


3. Eines Tages, Bran, wirst du Robbs Vasall sein und selbst,

7. i can make a funny noise with my tongue

19. Leuchtender Stern, twinkling star. I choose the name long ago, for my first email account. I love the name and told this one everyone on our first inofficial fellowship meeting and then i used it for tumblr.

30. right arm: a cussion left arm: my cat

43. kleine Hexe, i would like to get a new one. Any suggestions?

Glycine Airman - this is what i would like to call a proper, well used beater ✊⌚️✨ Inofficial Swedish Military gear by @matalm03 😉 Happy Sunday!
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A short (and inofficial) "Ode to the C-Bitch", to be sung by BC (with low sexy voice, keats-style)

[C-Bitch, behave

And put your stubborn head

In my dear Sophie’s lap;

You at least must,

As I unfortunately can’t.

Of course she will pull out

Each single one

Of your ugly nerdy hairs

With great gusto.

But, alas,

That’s what you get from being my

By and large unwanted, unasked for

Fan …]

Please continue if you (feel) like it