so i've asked random korean exo fans and tumblr users to rank exo and this is the 'general' result (this is something inofficial btw i just got bored and asked random people)
  • korean ranking
  1. baekhyun
  2. sehun
  3. luhan
  4. chen
  5. suho
  6. chanyeol
  7. kyungsoo
  8. xiumin
  9. kris
  10. tao
  11. kai
  12. lay
  • tumblr ranking (or international ranking if you want so)
  1. baekhyun
  2. chanyeol
  3. kris
  4. luhan
  5. kyungsoo
  6. xiumin
  7. kai
  8. lay
  9. sehun
  10. chen
  11. tao
  12. suho

Inofficial Zola Jesus video, while waiting for a new official one.


Robots don’t sleep - Happy People


Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

today i went to my crushs/inofficial boyfriends house after school and we basically spent the entire day making out in bed but idk we hadn’t seen each other for a while before and i didn’t really feel a thing it’s so weird i don’t know if it’s wrong to still do these things

Weh I’m really sorry I’m so inactive recently on this blog OTL I’m just currently really busy with school and christmas presents (since I’m making most of them myself) and it’s eating up most of my time, plus I’m gonna get a new project soon and just ugh.

Either way, does anybody have a suggestion for a new Time for Trivia of the Sins/Virtues? They’re fun to do and is there’s anything anybody’s interested in seeing with them I’d like to know uvu/

On a sidenote, Madeleine now has as many inofficial ships as Wrath has official one (well not technically official, but you get my point.) I can’t spill most of them since they are spoilers (for which blog, who knows, haha), but it’s a fun fact I noticed recently so I wanted to mention for no real reason.

5 random facts about me
  1. I don’t like coffee.
  2. When I google something, it’s in English at like 80 per cent of the time, despite me being German.
  3. I can listen to one piece of music infinitely, if I consider it a good one. Much to the distress of the people living with me.
  4. I have never seen the Harry Potter movies. Even though I love fantasy-ish settings, you know, magic and stuff is awesome.
  5. I am, indeed to one hundred per cent not sure what exactly it is I wanna do after graduating from school.

Inofficial 6th fact: I’m only doing this because a friend I also know outside of Tumblr asked me to. You may do this as well, I won’t ask ten specific followers because I love all of you and I just can’t pick any favorites. You’re great. Keep doing whatever it is you do. I will do the same.

Was that cheesy now, or what? :P

anonymous asked:

(No -he posted that he's *known* her for six months, and that in this time she's come to mean the world to him... I've *never* heard of purity rings, is that a thing people do, really? Neuer is officially inofficially gay? Is that really not just us shippers?? ZDF did a half hour feature on André Hahn, and they asked ChriKra about him -he gave a very cute quote, I'll look it up for you)

idk man, still seems strange to me everything that’s going on with her…. but no point going on and on about it. 

Yes, I’m 100% sure Manu is either gay or bi. Everyone knows him in GE and if it weren’t true the rumors would have died out a long time ago. He has been spotted in gay clubs, and I trust the people who told me about it to not be making it up, or quoting someone they don’t trust as well. 

And sometimes you can say by how a person acts, not always of course and I don’t expect all gays to be acting noticbly differently. But you can’t ignore the fact some do, and Manu deffo looks like it as well. 

Yes, purity, or maybe it’s called promise ring, it’s quite a known thing in the US. teenagers wear it as a promise they won’t have sex until they are married. 


Shlohmo - Things I lost (Visual performance, inofficial Video)