Featured Illustr8or - Brittany Martin

Back on track with another Illustr8ed Artist feature - Brittany Martin!

Brittany is the talent behind Etsy Store: InnovativeMom. She is from Flat Rock, Michigan (between Detroit and Monroe).

Brittany signed up on Etsy in 2009 but did not start her Etsy selling journey until late last year (2011).

Brittany has always been involved in some form of art, she expanded greatly in high school doing art competitions and was accepted into advanced art courses.

Brittany creates Illustrations for Children " I love drawing when the subject is fun and uplifting and makes you smile, and I feel my Little Green Guy does just that!"

I certainly agree with that, the cute little green guy is Brittany’s main character that can be seen all through her store ( I am a mother of 5 - 4 of which are boys and this is something they would just love!)

Like a lot of us, Brittany finds her ideas and inspiration from real life - that of her children, she translates each amusing event from her children to that of her characters, something that I personally love, it helps us all relate to the art in a personal way.

Brittany is currently working very hard to get more products and art completed:

"I currently am stocking some more Little Goth Guy plush dolls, the first two sold within 10 minutes of being listed, then onto a custom birthday Plush, and then onto a custom bathroom print order and more Mason Jar Monsters *whew I better get started*

With such a cute and loveable character - it’s not hard to see why Brittany’s art is so popular.

So in the next year - what’s in store for InnovativeMom? Expanding her product line, Brittany is always trying to put out new products so in a years time she hopes to have more to offer.

When asked if she had advice for other artists she replied with:

"Believe in yourself. You don’t need the approval of others. If you do something and find yourself truly happy then that is where you need to be!"

Sound advice I think - Many new artists are spending too  much time trying to mimic other artists in the hopes for the same exposure - be who you are!

If you love monsters and want to laugh please do swing by InnovativeMom on Etsy. You can also find her at her website, blog etc:




Thank you Brittany for allowing us to take a peek inside the world of InnovativeMom!