innotune said: Hmmm, have you posted on cmon? or putty&paint?

I’ve posted on cmon before under “webwaypainting,” but I have to psyche myself up every time I do. It’s very.. discouraging. :(

innotune said: I was just from a store nearby, trying to get my hands on Vallejo’s old gold. Too bad they ran out of the stuff. :( So can’t really comment Vallejo’s metallics, aside from Vallejo’s Model Air Metallics, which covers great!

How weirdly awesome that we were both on the same quest! And, similarly, I had a heck of a time finding a place to buy them. I eventually ordered from The WarStore, but if you’re in the UK, SNMStuff  popped up a few times for me.

Bored and needed something while I did chores around the house. 

Had Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files in the unread/listened too section. 

I am hooked now, plan to get through 12 of the books over the coming weeks.

Seems like a great series to listen to while I get my hobby on too. Now to finish up/repair a conversion for innotune and paint some Infinity for a mate.