well okay, I have always been good in my own skin since i was young. due to events like family death and friends death. even before all that I was always a outsider. I never went with the crowd, danced to my own beat. I have always been socially awkward but I never wanted to change that by being like everyone else. For me it was very hard because even in the sub culture you still have to look a certain way.. skaters still have to dress like a skater, a goth boy still has to have lip perching and tattoos. If a sub culture doesn’t expect a person then who does? for me maybe I’m just “plain jane” but i’m okay with that. It’s not like society puts out anything but What telling people what to like… ie why you start seeing everyone with tattoo’s or having sex and hooking up…or buying a coke. We in La are bombed with images 24:7 and I think its hurting us as a society: people are becoming more stupid, and all doing the same thing. We even watch reality tv and judge people yet we dont want to be judged. Some people say i’m negative but not really i just can’t understand why society has such odd standerds. For me I know I treat people as I want to be treated and I tend not to let people in my life.
—  Anthony,31
Honestly… I don’t let society decide how I feel. I see myself as a strong, smart, beautiful woman. I feel like people need to be more about themselves and not care what society thinks. I was in 2 abusive relationships before the age of 19 and after that I had enough. I always cared what they thought blah blah blah… And after the first relationship, and the second relationship he put his hands on me and I had Enough. So I ended up having enough hitting him, knocking him.out grabbing my stuff then took off. After that I truly didn’t take any shit from any guy from that point on. I realised how
strong, indpendent and beautiful I was. Girls need to not take shit from anyone especially guys. Oh and the fact that I can rock short hair for my uncle who was going thru chemo (has Since passed away) even though I get a lot of lesbian comments and I’m not that way at all. But I don’t let society get Me down that way. I have a had a lot of comments like that ever since my hairs been short.
—  Rebecca, 21